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Chapter 98

The story took place after Dr. Y’s forces had been defeated, when Lei Dun and the rest committed to the the new alliance led by Zhang Zhiyin, the former captain of Thunder Unit who was rebuilding the new world.

The latest progressions happened in Tianshui City located at the North. The city had been rebuilt and residents were gradually moving back. Zhang Zhiyin was extremely elated to hear this news, and it wasn’t only because of the reconstruction, but because Tianshui City was a very significant and meaningful place for him. As the recent situation was relatively stable, he simply gave himself a few days off and intended to head to Tianshui City for a tour.

He didn’t take many people with him. It was just him, Yin Nian, Xiaoxiang, Meng Kali, and Ah Kong’s family of three, who were utilizing this vacation to go for a holiday. Ah Kong had gotten married many years ago, and her child was seven years old now.

After all, it was still the apocalypse. The average people wouldn’t travel as often as they used to before the apocalypse. Most of the inns in the reconstructed cities were opened by the alliance to provide convenience for the alliance’s forces on business trips. However, Yin Nian became unhappy shortly after they arrived at the inn.

The root of the cause was because Yin Nian had developed a habit of drinking a packet of milk every day in reality, and had brought this habit to <Tomorrow>. However, Zhang Zhiyin gave his last bag of milk to Ah Kong’s child just now and Yin Nian felt that he had been neglected by his lover, so he became moody.

Zhang Zhiyin was very helpless. “Yin Nian, can you stop being so childish?”

Yin Nian glanced at him with a wronged expression and did not speak.

In order to cater to the design of the ultimate villain boss, the adjectives used on the official website to describe Yin Nian’s eyes were “unfathomable depths”, “secluded like a cold pool” and “dark as the eternal night”. When such a pair of eyes looked at him, Zhang Zhiyin only felt that his heart were going out of rhythm.

He was frightened.

Zhang Zhiyin could only look through the Item Store. “The Item Store should sell milk, I’ll see whether they have it.” Milk was now a limited product, even if Tianshui City had any store, they might not necessarily sell it.

He opened it, “found”.

“I can’t do anything about it. You aren’t fixing it either. You can’t blame anyone for not being able to drink milk.”

Yin Nian puffed up his cheeks. “Because they fired me, so if the Item Store couldn’t connect, they can’t blame me.”

Zhang Zhiyin could only change the subject, feeling resentful as he continued to reason with him. “Ah Kong’s child is only seven years old, how old are you? Can’t you give in to a child?”

Yin Nian opened his mouth and glared at him. “So he’s reasonable because he’s young?”

Zhang Zhiyin pulled a straight face and nodded.

Yin Nian frowned and thought for three seconds.

So, Zhang Zhiyin watched as he shrunk himself into a three to four years old toddler.

The white lotus-like small arms and legs, with big black eyes and those slightly perkly red lips, that standard three heads tall body was like a perfectly carved jade. Together with his innocent and pure smile, it was an indescribable cuteness.

Zhang Zhiyin held out his right index finger and pointed at him. “You, you, you...” After holding the words in his mouth for a long time, he finally surrendered to boss completely.

Facing this appearance of his, he was speechless.

Yin Nian was happy for two minutes before black clouds shrouded his head, and he lowered his gloomy face.

My family’s Zhiyin is so much bigger than me, unhappy.

Boss frowned for another three seconds before he had another idea again.

Zhang Zhiyin blinked only to discover that Yin Nian had changed himself to a cat.

He was frantically moving his soft and white body indignantly when he saw Yin Nian striding toward him with his short legs. He stooped down, swiftly carried him in his embrace, and even stroked his fur. “Mimi, I will bring you out to play.”

Yin Xiaoxiang who had been crouching at the window ledge watching this scene felt that it had just watched another entertaining show and auwo-d. It happily sneaked out from the window and went to play by itself.

In Tianshui City’s most flourishing business street at the moment, an extremely pretty toddler was holding onto an equally beautiful white cat, attracting numerous eyes.

Most of them were pondering about which family this child belonged to, he’s so cute, but there were also those who were concerned about the lack of adults near him. Those children following their elders were also jealous of the white round cat in his arms— in the apocalypse, there were few families that had enough luxury to keep a pet.

A little girl tugged at her father’s sleeve and kept looking at the cat. “Daddy, I want that cat too.”

The man hesitated for a while. He was a relatively good ability user, and being able to bring his family back to the reconstructed areas earlier was the proof of this. Supporting his family wasn’t a problem, and now that their life was gradually stabilizing on the right track, a cat shouldn’t eat much. There wasn’t any reason for him not to get a cat for his child to play with.

He brought his girl forward and kindly lowered his head to ask the little boy, “Uncle would like to ask whether you could sell your cat to Uncle? Uncle could exchange crystal nuclei and many food for it.”

However, the little boy didn’t even look up as he firmly shook his head. “Mimi is my wife, I’m not selling it.”

Mimi also firmly bit his white and delicate finger.

But Yin Nian warmly touched him. “Mimi are you hungry? I will take you to find food.”

Yin Nian thought that he had ample experience in raising Cat Zhiyin, however, after walking around Tianshui City, he still couldn’t find any suitable food such as fish soup and rice milk for his family’s Mimi.

But Boss was non-human with quick reaction time and sharp agility.

He swiftly made a decision, and transported themselves to the nearby Tiantu City. 𝗳re𝗲𝚠e𝐛n𝗼v𝗲l.c𝐨𝐦

He remembered that Yu Huo was here for a business trip in order to help with the construction.


When Yu Huo saw the toddler appearing in mid-air, his confused and stunned gaze turned into reverence and terror.

He shivered. “B-bo-boss...”

Under Brother Lei Dun’s guidance, Yu Huo knew about the truth, what Bai Mang Associate and Dr. Yin, it was all fake. What was left was only their boss, but now, he had shrunk himself into being three heads tall, but it was still the Lord Boss who the world looked upon in disdain.

Yin Nian carried the cat and ordered Yu Huo with a cold voice, “Get something for Mimi to eat.”

Mimi made ceaseless efforts to claw at him.

Yin Nian: “Mimi, stop it.”

Yu Huo was going to cry. After so many years, don’t think he didn’t know that the cat called Mimi was Comrade Zhang Zhiyin. Boss wasn’t understanding either, he never even tried to show restraint in front of subordinates, it wasn’t easy for him to pretend all these years that he didn’t know ah.

However, it was all futile.

Yu Huo still swiftly ran to prepare food for Mimi with unshed tears.

The world did not have a wall that doesn’t let the wind pass, when the boss had temporarily stopped at Yu Huo’s side, someone saw this. So, in the unofficial history, there was also another legend saying that although Dr. Y was dead, he left a son behind, and he was raised by Yu Huo.

After carrying Zhang Zhiyin and wandering around, Yin Nian went back full of satisfaction.

However, he had a feeling that Zhang Zhiyin might punch him when he turned back to human.

So Yin Nian decided to tell him this before he changed back to human.

He rubbed Zhang Zhiyin’s soft ear and rested his chin on his fluffy head. “Mimi ah, let me tell you something.”

Zhang Zhiyin momentarily stopped hitting him with his paws and raised his head to listen to him.

Yin Nian smiled as he touched Zhang Zhiyin’s pink nose. “Zhiyin, I have controlled the company that researched about me previously, so... I am now the boss of that friend of yours called Dayi.”

Zhang Zhiyin: “...”

I just feel that you, Y, has done something behind my back again!

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