All Hail Cousin Brother

Chapter 650 - 650: Evil Dog
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Chapter 650 - 650: Evil Dog

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After a tedious bath and a cleansing, Yu Youyao changed into a green seven-layered dress with silk pomegranate flowers. She combed her hair into Feixian buns and wore a small crown with gold and other treasures. The long tassels hung from her hair to her shoulders. The rubies were striking as they hung on the tassels of different lengths.

The women of the Great Zhou Dynasty had a variety of clothes. They wore ruqun, yaoqun, liuxianqun, beizi and so on. The quju was considered formal. When attending some solemn events, they had to wear it. This ordeal lasted for two hours.

After everything was settled, Yu Youyao went to An Shou Hall.

When Old Madam Yu saw her granddaughter’s solemn and beautiful face, her turbid eyes couldn’t help but light up. “If you wear the county lord’s grand makeup, you’ll definitely look grand and beautiful.”

After a night, Old Madam Yu felt a little more relaxed.

Although the position of county lord was filled with schemes, from another perspective, there was a drought in the north. The Imperial Court was willing to help the refugees. No matter what, this was a good thing.

At this point, the Yu Residence naturally had to take on the responsibility.

At the very least, on the surface, it was a rare honor for Yao Yao to be conferred the title of County Head of Shaoyi. In the future, she would also be protected by the imperial family’s title. This was also a form of protection. 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

After a while, Zhou Linghuai also arrived. His gaze paused on Yu Youyao.

The material of the quju was a little heavier, making her look dignified and grand. The collar of the robe was layered three times, from the inside out. There were white, red, and green layers.

When the lapels reached her waist, they were suddenly tied up by a finger-wide belt. The heavy material of the clothes could not hide her slender figure. Her waist was delicate, and when the solemn clothes landed on her, there was an indescribable luxury.

Due to Old Madam Yu’s presence, his gaze narrowed slightly as he asked, “Was everything stable yesterday?”

Yu Youyao blinked and smiled. “I didn’t have another nightmare. Thank you for your concern, Cousin.”

Old Madam Yu was very gratified to see the scene of brother and sister being respectful.

When the entire family was present, Yu Zongzheng brought the entire family to the ancestral hall. After kowtowing to their ancestors, he brought the imperial edict to the ancestral hall.

After leaving the ancestral hall, Old Madam Yu held her granddaughter’s hand. “In a few days, when your seal is issued, you still have to wear your mingfu. After going through it again, send the seal into the ancestral hall.” Today was destined not to be a day of peace.

In the harem, the Empress Dowager was respected. In addition to the Empress

Dowager, there were four other concubines. In addition to Consort Xu, after Consort Xian was accused for murdering the Eldest Prince, she was removed from her position as concubine. Behind her were Consort Shu and Consort De.

Imperial Consort Lu had been demoted and conferred the title of Concubine Lan. According to her rank, she was considered a second-grade concubine, but her title was that of a concubine, even if she was one of the four concubines.

Of the nine concubines, only six were conferred titles, and the remaining three did not have them.

Not long after, Concubine Lan of the Lanyi Palace sent over a reward.

Right on the heels of that, Consort Shu and Consort De also gave out rewards.

The six concubines sent rewards one after another.

The rewards from the palace concubines were only symbolic. They would give her some top-notch headgear, cloth, spices, and so on.

Even so, the front hall was still full.

It was also a rare sight. It was enough for the capital to create a grand scene for a while.

Yu Youyao sighed softly. “To be able to survive in the palace, you cannot be simple-minded. How can a fifth- grade county lord be worthy of being the concubines of the harem? He’s just trying to wear dovvn the Emperor and the Empress Dowager’s intention to build momentum so that others can know that the emperor and the Empress Dowager dote on me.”

It was just to take them a step further and heat her up on the fire.

The more dignity the palace gave her, the more she had to pay.

Old Madam Yu shook her head. “That’s not all.’

As soon as she finished speaking, Qing Xiu came over to report, “Matriarch, Madam Xu is here.’

Only then did Yu Youyao remember that Imperial Concubine Xu had not sent a reward from the Forbidden Palace.

The Princess Consort of Rong County had taken responsibility for all her mistakes. No one dared to implicate the Third Prince. However, it was also a fact that she had almost lost her reputation because of the Third Prince in King Rongs Residence previously.

Since Imperial Concubine Xu couldn’t appear, the Xu family had to come over and comfort her on behalf of the Third Prince.

Old Madam Yu had already expected this. She said calmly, “Please come in!”

Qing Xiu received her orders and left. Not long after, she brought Madam Xu, who had her hair combed into a high bun and was wearing a pure gold peony, into the house. She looked luxurious and solemn.

Behind her were a few maidservants, all of whom were carrying gifts.

As soon as they entered the house, Madam Xu smiled and stepped forward to greet Old Madam Yu. “I’m relieved to see that Old Madam is much better.”

Only when Old Madam Yu’s health recovered could she say her sentence.

How could Old Madam Yu not understand? She only nodded. “Other people have had Yang issues and fallen to the ground. They’re most likely either dead or paralyzed. Fortunately, I have a filial granddaughter who learned some tricks from a doctor. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come today to pay respects to me, but to my coffin.”

Consort Xu had many schemes outside the palace, but it was impossible for her to surpass the Xu Residence.

It was time to play with what needed to be played.

Madam Xu’s smile was a little forced. “Matriarch, you’ve been eating vegetarian food and chanting Buddhist scriptures for many years. With Bodhisattva taking care of you, you’re a good person. You’re blessed. You can’t say such inauspicious words.”

Old Madam Yu waved her hand. “I don’t eat vegetarian food and pray to Buddha for myself. It’s all for the family to accumulate good karma. I hope that they’re doing well.” After saying that, she looked at Yu Youyao, who was standing at the side, and her smile deepened. “Especially the one beside me. I’m always worried that she’ll be bullied. I always want to protect her more and let her live well.’

She was still pretending to be innocent after taking advantage of her! Madam Xu was embarrassed and forced herself to maintain her smile. “The county lord of Shaoyi is filial, pure, kind, and respectful. Even the emperor and the

Empress Dowager praise her. Everyone else would want to praise her in time. How can they bully her?” No matter how beautifully she said it, she was implying that since Yu Youyao had obtained the title of county lord, it was time for the matter of the Duke Rongs Residence to pass. “You should relax and recuperate carefully.”

After recuperating, she shouldn’t faint and scare others.

Old Madam Yu’s expression darkened, and even her voice turned cold. “I was chased and bitten by a vicious dog, but instead of being bitten, I fell and picked up a piece of gold. Do I have to thank that vicious dog for almost biting me? Do I have to be grateful to that vicious dog?”

At this point, it could be said that they had fallen out.

She was just short of naming Consort Xu as that vicious dog.

The Duke Xu’s Residence had not come over sincerely to send an apology.

They were here as a distant relative high up in the air to put on an act for the Emperor and the Empress Dowager in the palace..

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