All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 497: Pippi Noodles, get out
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Chapter 497: Pippi Noodles, get out

Chapter 497: Pippi Noodles, get out

In a certain huge shrimp island…

“Pippi Noodles, get out!”

“Bastard, you actually used such a shameless method to deceive my spirit stone!”

“And those bastards of Pippimian are also liars! What kind of divine cup is this? It can’t even be sold as trash!”

At this moment, thousands of Pippi shrimp surrounded a small pavilion, filled with righteous indignation, and everyone exploded in anger.

Each of these Pippi shrimps had a lot of wooden cups in their hands!

No need to ask, it was obvious that the Pippi shrimps couldn’t find customers, so they collapsed again.

There were more than twenty Pippi Shrimp standing in front of the attic, each of them was a little flustered.

As the younger brother of Pippi Noodles, each of these Pippi Shrimp made a lot of profit, so when faced with the questioning of thousands of Pippi Shrimp, they panicked.

At this moment, with a creak, a figure appeared.

Wearing a crown and a large cloak, he raised his left hand, and five shiny space rings that were more advanced than storage bags shone brightly.

The body was even more luxuriously equipped with low-grade earthen equipment.

Don’t ask, it’s a local tyrant outfit!

It’s Beef Noodles.

“Brothers, shrimp! I already know your demands. In fact, this matter is very simple!” Beef Noodles smiled and spoke immediately.

“From today on, everyone, you will be my Pipimian’s subordinate, the second-level divine cup sales manager!

“You can take these Divine Cups and sell them on other shrimp islands in the distance, and I will cover all the round trip expenses! In addition, there are work-related injury subsidies, squeaky fish extra meals, and shrimp shell cleaning fees all in one! You are guaranteed to be worry-free!

“If you sell one divine cup, you can get a cashback of one spirit stone for each from the 20 first-level sales executives under my command!

“Everyone, do the calculations carefully. As long as you go out for a trip, you will get a lot of spirit stones. After you come back, you will get a lot of cashback spirit stones and a three-in-one subsidy! Ah, such a rich opportunity to make money. Fellow shrimps, what are you waiting for?” Beef Noodles’ speech shocked all the shrimpts.

These Pippi shrimps bowed their heads and began to count with their own shrimp feet. The more they calculated, the more ecstatic they were!

So soon.

“Pippi Noodles!”

“Pippi Noodles!”

“Pippi Noodles!”

Accompanied by cheers, more than a thousand Pippi Shrimp scattered in all directions, spreading to all the surrounding shrimp islands, and the sales of divine cups began.

“Pippi Noodles, is it okay to do this?” Pipi Ba was a little confused, such a big scene can be settled in a few words?

“Don’t panic! Trust me, it’s all right! By the way, is there any way to relax? I don’t have many other things to do now, and there are a lot of spirit stones!”

“Yes, there are shrimp feet kneading, as well as shrimp shell digging and cleaning, as well as shrimp heads water and fire massage! Pippi Noodles, you Which one do you want?”

“Don’t ask, I want them all!”

Chaos Star Sea, Nine Islands.

This was the main island of the Sea Race in the Chaos Star Sea.

The nine major branches of the Sea Race all established cities here.

Nine Islands was also extremely huge, with a radius of hundreds of kilometers, and there were almost countless huge buildings all over it!

However, at the edge of Nine Islands was the area where Pippi Shrimp lived, and there were many conch houses, large and small.

After all, in Chaos Star Sea, there were more money-hungry Pippi Shrimp than the Sea Race. They contract all the needs of the four powerful forces in Chaos Star Sea, such as house decoration, salvage, and information. Pippi Shrimp, that’s right.

The four major powers had never looked directly at these Pippi Shrimps, and had always treated them as slaves and younger brothers who they could drink around with a few spirit stones.

At this moment, countless Sea Races were continuously gathering on Nine Islands.

And in the two carriages pulling goods, a group of figures were staring at the street outside in a daze.

“Hold the grass, the silver deep sea king? The red lotus deep sea king? The dark deep sea king?”

“Hold the grass, does the deep sea king still have so many skins? Oh my god!”

“The king is so awesome, it turns out that the Deep Sea Kings are all little princes with skin!”

“Look, there are human races there! Wait, there are also demon races!”

“Hold the grass, hurry up, look at those young ladies, why do they have tails?”

“Oh my God! In addition to the Sea Race, there are demons and human races in this Nine Seas Island? Hold the grass! The plot of this Nine Seas Island is absolutely wonderful!”

In the carriage, the players huddled together and passed through the cages one after


Nine Islands was the main island of the Sea Race, and it is naturally well built.

In addition, the four major forces in the Chaos Star Sea had been at a stalemate for thousands of years, and it was difficult for anyone to easily eliminate each other. Therefore, most of the time, they were free to come and go and trade with each other.

God King Enel was also stunned and couldn’t help but look up.

In the sky, there was a huge black two-headed dragon that was a thousand meters in size, exuding a monstrous demon energy, and slowly descending.

Immediately, more than a dozen powerful demons with strong aura and more than 20 demon marks all walked down slowly, and were quickly picked up by a group of respectful Sea Race.

There was also a flying boat. On the flying boat, there were nearly a hundred human cultivators, each with a strong aura. There was also a star-like pattern on the flying boat.

Those human monks were also amazingly strong, and the weakest ones were at the early stages of Sea Wheel Realm!

And on the streets, you could also see some figures that look like humans and animals, such as the unique monsters with cat ears and cat tails. The beautiful woman also had a figure with a tiger’s head and a human body. It was estimated that she was the Beast Race mentioned by Jin Wu.

“OMG!!!” God King Enel was shocked.

This game is really explosive!

God King Enel originally thought that the sect and the surrounding Extremely Desolate Regions were opened during the first test period, and at most a copy of Haotian Academy would be opened, which would almost give a complete picture of the whole world.

Unexpectedly, in the second test, the plane channel was opened, and the demon race appeared!

In the third test era, not only the players started to explore in the edge of the world of demons, but even established the War Demon City!

Now, it was opened again. Other than the new map of Chaos Star Sea, it was also a huge worldview where the four major civilizations of the Sea Race, the Demon Clan, the Upper Realm Human Race, and the Beast Race coexist.

This game is really great!

“Look, are those new slaves?”

“Should they be sent to participate in the gladiatorial fight in three days’ time? Hehe, these weak chickens are probably all dead in the first round!”

“That’s right, the Death Canyon, the number one arena in the Chaos Star Sea, is not for nothing!”

At this time, many passers-by from the Sea Race and the other three major Clans saw the God King Enel and others, and they were all shocked. It seemed that they were all used to it.

God King Enel also found that not far away, there was also a small cart similar to the carriage of himself and others, and there were many figures on it, and they were miscellaneous.

There were people, there were demons, there were sea race, and there were even…

Pippi Shrimp?

God King Enel was confused.

But it seemed that the Death Canyon arena was probably bigger than he imagined!

The number of gladiators, or slaves, who participated in the battle must be an astonishing number.

Corresponding to this, it also meant that this would be an extremely bloody and desperate death fight!

“This is it, you only have three days! Train well!” God King Enel and others were quickly taken to a dilapidated courtyard. Jin Wu, the Golden Deep Sea King, arranged for a few subordinates at the peak of the Sea Wheel Realm to come over, and then they left in a hurry.

“Brothers, there are only three days, we must practice the unity of human and demon powers as soon as possible!”

“That’s necessary, hold the grass, this chaos star sea has such a big layout!”

“Yes, there are so many delicious foods on the street, if I die and go back, won’t I be able to eat them?”

“Yes, there are so many misses. Hold the grass! For these girls, I will fight!”

I have to say that after seeing a lot of good things on the street, these third test players, at this time, all of them are on the verge of war!

“Brother God, so to speak, we mainly cultivate to develop a strong combat power, and then become a blockbuster in the arena?” At this time, Red Hair, one of the Four Emperors, asked curiously.

“Are you stupid?” God King Enel was speechless.

You are so stupid.

You really think you are a gladiator!

“Let’s improve our strength first, and after we figure out the rules of the arena, we will take the opportunity to persuade all the slaves and gladiators to rebel together, take advantage of the opportunity to defeat the rule of the Sea Race, and let those gladiators and slaves go out and deal with the Sea Race, buy us time, and then we will take advantage of the situation to build a teleportation array, and let Brother Ming and others arrive!

“This is the correct way!” God King Enel said solemnly.

“???” Red Hair had a question mark all over his face.

“This, this is similar to my plan of becoming stronger, showing off in the arena to win the favor of a few young ladies, and then taking a flight in the middle of the night… It seems to be similar! Well, I am worthy of being myself! Brother God is really awesome!”

Red Hair stretched out his thumb and said in admiration.

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