All My Disciples Suck!

Chapter 668: After the resurrection, it’s still Pippi Shrimp?
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Chapter 668: After the resurrection, it’s still Pippi Shrimp?

Two days later…

Inside the Pippi Shrimp King’s Palace…

“Ah!!!” With the last Pippi Shrimp guard falling to the ground and dying a horrible death, all resistance forces within the king’s palace had all been leveled!

“You guys actually betrayed this king!!!” The Pippi Shrimp King hissed angrily, raising his pair of pincers.

“This King has given each of your clans a Spirit Vein. Why do you still want to betray this King?” The King of Pippi Shrimp shouted angrily!

“Hahaha, King of Fools, you don’t know what is called a shrimp ticket, right?”

“Let me tell you! The so-called Shrimp Ticket is a brand new existence! God Pippi Noodles already said that a total of 100 million shrimp tickets will be issued!

“Each shrimp ticket is equal to one hundred millionth of the total assets of our Pippi Shrimp Race!

“Right now, the total assets of our Pippi Shrimp clan are worth a total of ten billion spirit stones!

“So each shrimp ticket is equal to one hundred spirit stones!

“But what about…

“After we kill you, overrun the Pippi Shrimp Palace, and take away all the spirit veins! The total assets of our Pippi Shrimp clan can be doubled into twenty billion spirit stones!

“In that case, each shrimp ticket would be worth two hundred spirit stones. It instantly doubles!

“And Lord Pippi Noodles gave us each a full million Pippi Shrimp tickets! Hahahahaha!”

A Pippi Shrimp Noble Lord stood out and said loudly in triumph.

“What?” The moment the Pippi Shrimp King heard this, he was dumbfounded.

“Wait, don’t kill this shrimp, this shrimp can also give…”


Not waiting for the king to finish, Beef Noodles already pulled out a Demon Blood Psionic Desert Eagle and shot the king’s head.

Shit, you’re already fucked up. Why so much bullshit!

“Everyone, from today onwards, Prince Pippi Ba reclaims the throne and becomes the rightful Pippi Shrimp King!!!” Beef Noodles then smiled in satisfaction and pushed Pippi Ba to sit on the throne.

“Thank you, Pippi Noodles. Without you, I would never have been able to retake the throne!

“From today onwards, you are my most trusted best friend!


“As the King of Pippi Shrimp, I appoint Pippi Noodles as the Pippi God of our Pippi Shrimp Race !”

Pippi Ba roared excitedly!

“God of Pippi Shrimp! Long live Lord Pippi Noodles!”

“God of Pippi Shrimp! Long live Lord Pippi Noodles!”

“God of Pippi Shrimp! Long live Lord Pippi Noodles!”

Inside the royal palace, hundreds of thousands of Pippi Shrimp warriors roared in unison!

“Hahahahahahahaha!” Beef Noodles couldn’t help but laugh in triumph.

It’s so comfortable!

This wave is just too comfortable!

After taking out the King of Pippi Shrimp and supporting Pippi Ba as the King of Pippi Shrimp, the entire Chaos Star Sea was now theirs!

One billion Pippi Shrimp under my command! Tens of billions of people!

All under their command!

It’s perfect!

“Heh heh heh heh, having such power… Why is my nose so itchy… Snap …

“With this kind of power, even Brother Ming is certainly not… Ah so itchy!

“Even if Brother Ming came, he would have to submit to… Ah, too itchy, what the hell? Hold the rass!”

Beef Noodles was still complacent when he suddenly felt that his nose was a little itchy, and the more he scratched, the weirder he felt.

He finally realized that his nose had hardened and seemed to be deformed!

So Beef Noodles hurriedly ran to a mirror to take a look.

“What the hell!!!”

What he saw was still a human carrying a shrimp shell. However, almost 90% of it had already transformed into a Pippi Shrimp!

“What’s going on?” Beef Noodles panicked, then looked down. He didn’t know when but his abdomen unexpectedly grew nearly a hundred shrimp feet.

Touching it, he felt a sensation. It was real!

“How did I turn into a Pippi Shrimp?” Beef Noodles was dumbfounded.

“Huh? Of course! Don’t you know? Any race that wears the shrimp shell of a Pippi Shrimp represents forgetting the past and choosing to become a Pippi Shrimp!” Pippi Shrimp said with a natural look on his face.

“WTF?” Beef Noodles was shocked and hurriedly tried to go ahead and remove the shrimp shell from his back.

It turned out that…

He couldn’t take it off!

This shrimp shell, it was almost as if it was growing on his body!

“How can this be?” Beef Noodles was confused.

Damn, this Pippi Shrimp shell is toxic!


Don’t panic!

Small problem!

“Fellow Pippi Shrimp brothers, this shrimp intends to close down for a few days! All things, for the time being, King Pippi Ba is in charge!” Beef Noodles instructed a few words to the group of Pippi Shrimp.

Then Beef Noodles told Pippi Ba that he would send someone to pick him up in Yan Huang Sect!

With that, he made some simple arrangements, and then found an unoccupied room and drilled in.


“Ice Fire Red Lotus Explosion!”

Without saying a word, Beef Noodles directly exploded!

“Hahahaha, when things don’t work out, Resurrection Great Hall!” Standing within the Resurrection Hall, Beef Noodles had a smug and arrogant face.

“Eh? Hold the grass, why is there a Pippi Shrimp here?” However, a player’s shocked voice suddenly came from beside him.

“WTF?” Beef Noodles turned his head and saw a third-test Demon player.

But that wasn’t the point!

Beef Noodles looked down.

His abdomen was still full of shrimp legs and feet, and behind him, there was clearly a thick shrimp shell.

“Hold the grass!!!” Beef Noodles really panicked this time!

“After death and resurrection, I am still a Pippi Shrimp?” Beef Noodles was completely dumbfounded…

“Brother Ming! Good news, major good news!” He Yiming was making his rounds in the main hall when a group of players ran over excitedly.

“What?” He Yiming froze.

“Beef Noodles has turned into a Pippi Shrimp and is now being boiled in a pot! A Bite of China asked me to ask you if it’s safe to cook im?” This player said with an excited face.

“???” He Yiming’s head was filled with question marks.

What the hell is this talking about?

He Yiming then quickly arrived at the sect square, only to see that a cauldron was being placed on the sect square.

Strongest Fire Spell was vigorously urging the five fireballs to cook the cauldron.

Inside the cauldron, there was Beef Noodles who was leaning back with a sad face.

“Beef Noodles? How did you turn into a Pippi Shrimp?”

When He Yiming saw Beef Noodles’ form, he didn’t understand it at all.

“Brother Ming! It’s me!!!” Seeing He Yiming appear, Beef Noodles’ sudden desire for survival came back. Jumping up in the air, he skillfully hugged He Yiming’s thigh.

“Huh? Brother Noodles, didn’t you say that you wanted us to cook you so that the brothers could have a good meal together?” At this moment, a group of players were confused and asked.

“Nonsense! You guys aren’t afraid of dying!” He Yiming waved his hand and spoke in a domineering manner.

Beef Noodles: ???

“Tell me slowly, what happened! Don’t miss any details!” He Yiming spoke faintly.

Before, He Yiming had detected some sort of change in Beef Noodles’ body, and now that he had witnessed Beef Noodles begin to change from a human to a Pippi Shrimp, he was finally convinced that his previous sensation was not an illusion.

In Beef Noodles’ body, there was some sort of mysterious power that was penetrating Beef Noodles’ body little by little, changing Beef Noodles’ race from the molecular level!

Changing a human being into a Pippi Shrimp!

It’s too unbelievable!

“It’s like this…” Beef Noodles didn’t dare to hide anything, and said everything.

“Hold the grass, is Brother Noodles so cool?”

“Hold the grass, this is my brother Beef Noodles!”

“Hold the grass, Brother Noodles has been my dad since the beginning of time!”


“By the way, no one seems to know what Beef Noodles’ intention is all this time!”

“Can you guys be normal?”

The first and second test players moved a little farther away from these lunatics from the third test, who continued to watch the show.

“…… ”

After quietly listening to what Beef Noodle said, He Yiming finally understood everything!

He Yiming then spoke.

“Die once first!” After He Yiming finished speaking, he raised his hand and slapped Beef Noodles to death!

Soon, there was a flash of light within the Resurrection Hall.

Beef Noodles, who was still in his Pippi Shrimp form, appeared abruptly.

“Hold the grass!” This time, many players were shocked!

After dying and resurrecting, he’s still Pippi Shrimp?

“It’s really not simple!” He Yiming’s complexion sank and his gaze condensed!

Right behind Beef Noodles, he saw a black mist of countless distorted shadows floating vaguely…

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