As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 757 - 757: A More Complicated Secret
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Chapter 757 - 757: A More Complicated Secret

Translator: 549690339

A More Complicated Secret

Chen Ruoshui also stood up.” I hope that you won’t regret your decision today.’”‘

Feng Luo smiled and didn’t reply. He turned around and walked out.

After leaving the cafe, Luo Feng’s mood didn’t relax.

He realized that this seemingly simple treasure appraisal mission might actually be hiding more complicated secrets and dangers.

At this moment, his phone vibrated. It was a text message.

He opened it and saw that it was from Liang Zihan.”Mr. Luo Feng, some things have changed and we need to meet immediately.”

Feng Luo was shocked. Did Liang Zihan know something too? He quickly replied, “Okay, I’ll be right there.””

Feng Luo’s heart skipped a beat. He immediately called a taxi and sped towards the address Liang Zihan had provided.

Forty minutes later, he arrived at a high-end restaurant called ” The Imperial


The decoration was elegant and the lights were warm, as if the hustle and bustle of the bustling city was isolated outside the door.

The waiter politely pointed him in the direction, and he walked along the carpet inlaid with bronze patterns into a relatively hidden private room.

As soon as the door opened, Luo Feng saw Liang Zihan sitting there with a few documents and a laptop in front of her.

“You’re here.”

Liang Zihan looked a little anxious, but when she saw Luo Feng, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“What happened?” Feng Luo sat down, picked up the teapot, and poured himself a cup of hot tea.

“Things might be more complicated than we expected.”

Liang Zihan went straight to the point. She opened her laptop and showed an email to Feng Luo.

After Feng Luo read it carefully, his expression changed slightly.””Does this mean that there might be other information hidden on that map?”

“Yes, I found a few experts to analyze it. They think that there may be other encrypted information on the map.”

Liang Zihan frowned.

“Then what should we do now?”Luo Feng’s gaze became even sharper. “I suggest that we don’t act rashly.

He should find a safer place to study the map and the imperial seal in detail.”

Luo Feng pondered for a moment, then said,””l met someone this morning. He also reminded me that this matter might involve an ancient organization, the Qiankun Sect. ”

When Liang Zihan heard this name, her expression instantly became very serious.”You mean the Qiankun Sect? How did you know?”

“That’s not important. What’s important is that if we continue to delve deeper into this matter, we might be in danger.”

Luo Feng’s tone was firm.

Liang Zihan looked at Feng Luo as if she was weighing whether he was trustworthy or not.

Alright,” he finally nodded.” In that case, we need to be more careful.” The two of them agreed on the next step of the plan, and Luo Feng prepared to leave.

Luo Feng,” Liang Zihan suddenly said,” Do you believe in fate?”

“Fate can sometimes be changed. ‘”‘

“I hope so.”

Liang Zihan sighed.

Feng Luo had just walked out of the ” Imperial Palace ” when his phone vibrated again. It was an unknown number.

“Hello, is this Mr. Luo Feng? I am Zhao Jiang, a professional appraiser.

I heard that you have a very special project recently. I think we might have the opportunity to cooperate. ”

Luo Feng’s heart skipped a beat.

He had never heard of this name before, but his intuition told him that this unfamiliar appraiser might be the key to solving all the mysteries.

Zhao Jiang’s voice revealed an imperceptible urgency.””Can we meet tomorrow?

I think it will be worth your time.”

Feng Luo hesitated for a moment, but eventually agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Feng Luo’s alertness was stronger than ever.

Feng Luo pressed the button on the window of the taxi, letting the cold night wind flow into the building.

He closed his eyes, as if he could see every corner of the city at this moment. It was full of opportunities, but at the same time, it was also filled with killing intent.

The taxi slowly stopped in front of an old building.

This was Danqing Pavilion, an inconspicuous but rather prestigious appreciation shop. It was the place where Zhao Jiang had arranged to meet him.

Luo Feng paid the fare and walked into the building that blended classical and modern.

The doorbell rang and a middle-aged man walked out.

He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He smiled and nodded at Feng Luo.

“You must be Zhao Jiang?” Feng Luo asked. “Yes, I am Zhao Jiang.”

The middle-aged man smiled.” This way, please.””

Zhao Jiang led Feng Luo through a wooden screen and arrived at a small exhibition hall.

There were all kinds of antiques and cultural relics in the exhibition hall, from ancient porcelain to calligraphy, and even some rare stone carvings.

“Please sit.”

Zhao Jiang pointed at a chair beside a mahogany coffee table.

After Feng Luo sat down, Zhao Jiang picked up a teapot from an exquisite tea tray and poured him a cup of green tea.

I heard that you have a very special project recently,” Zhao Jiang said and gently pushed the teacup in front of Luo Feng.” I think we might have a chance to work together.””

Luo Feng picked up the teacup and took a sip. Then, he said,””ln fact, this project is not simple. The things involved may put me and my partners in danger.”

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