As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 759 - 759: The Secret Contained
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Chapter 759 - 759: The Secret Contained

Translator: 549690339

The Secret Contained

Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang flew through the night sky of the city with heavy hearts. Their destination was Liang Zihan’s residence.

They tacitly divided their work. Feng Luo was in the driver’s seat, holding the steering wheel tightly with a firm gaze. Meanwhile, Zhao Jiang was looking at a map at the side, trying to avoid possible traps.

Along the way, Luo Feng did not receive any more news, but his heart was still immersed in nervousness.

Liang Zihan was his friend. He would not sit idly by.

At the same time, the secrets contained in the treasure map and the Emperor’s Seal became more and more mysterious and strange.

Finally, they arrived at Liang Zihan’s residence, a modern high-rise apartment.

The security guards downstairs were a little suspicious of their identities, but under Feng Luo’s insistence, they were allowed to enter the building.

Liang Zihan’s residence was located on the top floor. As soon as he entered, Luo Feng felt an oppressive atmosphere.

The living room was in a mess. There were obvious signs of an intense struggle. Books and papers were scattered all over the ground.

“Liang Zihan! “Luo Feng hurriedly called out his friend’s name, but he didn’t get a response.

Zhao Jiang hurriedly looked around and finally found a clue in the bedroom. A piece of paper was carefully left on the bed. On it was written: “Don’t look for me.

I’ve already been taken away.

“Liang Zihan’s handwriting.

Luo Feng gripped the note tightly, the worry in his heart growing heavier.

He understood that Liang Zihan’s life might be in great danger, and all of this was related to the secret they were pursuing.

“We have to find him, Zhao Jiang.

‘ Feng Luo’s tone was firm, and his eyes were filled with determination. “Yes, we can’t let him be threatened.” Zhao Jiang nodded.

However, the only thing we can do now is to continue searching for clues.”

The two of them began to search Liang Zihan’s residence carefully, trying to find any possible clues.

They carefully flipped through the books, documents, and records on the computer, but they could not find any detailed information about Liang Zihan being taken away.

“Maybe we should contact the police and report Liang Zihan’s disappearance.’”‘

“No, we can’t get involved in this now.” Luo Feng shook his head.

We need more time to understand everything.

Liang Zihan’s safety will be entrusted to us.”

Zhao Jiang understood Luo Feng’s worries. They decided to leave Liang Zihan’s residence first and report the situation to the owner of the antique shop. They would also continue to wait for the appraisal results of the antique shop.

When they returned to the antique shop, the owner was already waiting in the exhibition hall.

When he saw Feng Luo and Zhao Jiang’s solemn expressions, he could not help but frown.

“Liang Zihan went missing, and we found a message.”

We need your help to decipher the other information on the treasure map as soon as possible. Perhaps this will provide us with some clues.”

The boss nodded.” I understand. I’ll study it as soon as possible, but please understand that it may take some time.”

“We’re not in a hurry. We just hope that we can find some clues about Liang Zihan and the treasure map.”

The owner took the treasure map and began to study it carefully with a focused expression.

He used a magnifying glass to carefully observe every detail on the map, making marks from time to time.

Time seemed to have stopped at this unique moment. Feng Luo and Jiang Zhao anxiously waited for the boss to discover something.

Finally, the boss put away the magnifying glass and looked up.

I found some clues,” the boss said, his voice slightly excited.” There is indeed more information hidden on this treasure map, but it needs to be further deciphered before it can be fully revealed.”

“Then what clues did you find?” Luo Feng asked impatiently.”

The boss smiled mysteriously and said, “”These clues involve an ancient legend, a legend about a lost treasure and a mysterious organization.”

“Can you tell us more about this legend?” asked Zhao Jiang nervously.”

The boss thought for a moment and said,””Legend has it that there’s an ancient organization called the Universal Guardians. It’s said that they guard an extremely important treasure called the Heaven and Earth Pearl.

This bead was believed to have mysterious power that could change the fate of the world.’

Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang exchanged glances. This legend seemed to have some connection with the clues they were pursuing.

But the boss continued,” But this legend has never been confirmed. Many people think it’s just a fictional story.”

Luo Feng decided to understand this legend in depth. Perhaps it could solve all the mysteries.

They agreed to wait for the boss’s further research results before leaving the antique shop and returning to Feng Luo’s residence.

Back at his residence, Feng Luo turned on his computer and started searching for information about the Universal Guardian and the Heaven and Earth Pearl.

He found that this legend was not common in history, but some ancient documents mentioned similar content.

Zhao Jiang also joined the search. They tried to find more information from various channels.

However, they soon discovered that this legend seemed to have been carefully hidden, and it was difficult to find any conclusive clues.

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