As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 760 - 760: Still Searching for the Heaven and Earth Pearl
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Chapter 760 - 760: Still Searching for the Heaven and Earth Pearl

Translator: 549690339

Still Searching for the Heaven and Earth Pearl

However, just as they were in trouble, Luo Feng’s phone rang again. It was a message from an unknown number.

The content was short and mysterious.” The Universal Guardians know what you’re looking for. They won’t let it go.”

This information made Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang even more vigilant. They realized that their actions had attracted the attention of a mysterious organization, and this organization seemed to have powerful strength and resources.

Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang exchanged glances. They both knew that this was a crucial moment.

However, they did not make a quick decision because they were well aware of the risks that came with it.

Everything had to go through a certain amount of careful consideration.

Luo Feng pursed his lips and finally said, ‘”‘ We can’t stop, no matter how powerful the Universe Guardian is or how risky it is.

Liang Zihan’s safety, the treasure map, and the mystery of the Emperor’s Seal, we must continue to pursue them.”

“Yes, we can’t retreat.” Zhao Jiang nodded in agreement.

However, we can’t fight alone. We need more support and clues.”

” I have a friend,” Feng Luo said after some thought.” He’s a very influential person in the antique industry. Maybe he can help.”

I’ll contact him as soon as possible.”

Zhao Jiang also suggested, “Perhaps we can find some professional detectives to help us find Liang Zihan.””

The two of them decided to divide their plan into two directions. They would continue to investigate the clues about the Universal Guardian and the Universal Pearl while they searched for support and resources to solve the current predicament.

The first mission was to contact Feng Luo’s friend in the antique industry, a boss named Tan Zhihong, who had a wide range of resources and connections.

Feng Luo called him and briefly explained the current situation. Tan Zhihong promised to provide all possible help and suggested that they come to his antique shop.

Feng Luo and Craftsman Zhao went to Tan Zhihong’s shop the next day. It was a spacious and bright antique shop. Tan Zhihong had a wide reputation in the industry.

Tan Zhihong warmly welcomed them and led them to a private reception room. It was a room full of antique collections, and the atmosphere was solemn and mysterious.

Luo Feng introduced their goals and difficulties to Tan Zhihong in detail. Tan Zhihong pondered for a moment and said,””l’ve heard of the legend of the

Universal Guardian, but legends about the Heaven and Earth Pearl are rare.

However, your goal seems to be very important, and I am willing to provide my support. ”

Chen Zhihong took out an ancient document that recorded some historical events related to the Universal Guardian. Although there were not many, it provided them with some clues.

“This is some information I’ve collected over the years. It might be helpful for your investigation.” freew𝚎bn𝐨𝘃𝐞𝗹.𝗰𝚘𝗺

Chen Zhihong said.

Feng Luo and Jiang Zhao were extremely grateful. They understood that Tan Zhihong’s support would be crucial in the upcoming investigation.

The second task was to find a senior detective to help them find Liang Zihan.

They consulted a reputable private detective in this field. The detective’s name was Liu Ming. He was experienced and was good at tracking missing people.

Feng Luo and Zhao Jiang met with Liu Ming and explained in detail about Liang Zihan’s disappearance.

Liu Ming accented the mission and promised to fully cooperate with their


Under the joint efforts of Feng Luo, Zhao Jiang, Tan Zhihong, and Liu Ming, their investigation gradually unfolded.

Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang continued to delve deeper into the legends of the Universal Guardian and the Heaven and Earth Pearl. Chen Zhihong provided more clues from historical documents, while Liu Ming began to track down Liang Zihan.

However, the investigation did not go smoothly.

They discovered that the information related to the Universal Guardian had been carefully erased, as if a hidden force was manipulating everything behind the scenes.

Liang Zihan’s disappearance did not leave behind many clues. It was as if he had been swallowed by the earth.

As the days passed, their anxiety and unease gradually increased.

However, they did not stop moving forward because they believed that the key to solving all the mysteries was right in front of them.

One evening, when they were discussing their next move in Tan Zhihong’s antique shop, Feng Luo’s phone rang again.

This time, the message was no longer text, but an audio. A cold and mocking voice came from it. “Are you still looking for the Heaven and Earth Pearl? Perhaps you should stop. Otherwise, your friends will pay the price for your stubbornness.”

Zhao Jiang frowned. They all knew that the owner of this voice was the mysterious organization, the Universal Guardian.

This time, the threat was even more direct, making them feel immense pressure.

“We won’t stop, no matter how much you threaten us.

We will continue to pursue the truth until we find Liang Zihan and the Heaven and Earth Pearl.”

The voice in the audio disappeared, but it left behind a deep threat.

Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang looked at each other. They understood that this investigation was becoming more and more dangerous, but they had no way out.

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