As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 761 - 761: This Legend Is Too Mysterious
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Chapter 761 - 761: This Legend Is Too Mysterious

Translator: 549690339

This Legend Is Too Mysterious

Feng Luo and Craftsman Zhao sat in Tan Zhihong’s antique shop. The oppressive atmosphere was heavy, as if a dark cloud had shrouded them.

Not only did the threat of the audio not make them retreat, but it also inspired more determination. They decided to continue pursuing the clues, no matter how high the risk was.

” This organization, the Universal Guardians,” Tan Zhihong said after a moment of silence.” They seem to be very powerful. They have a deep background and resources.

We must be careful to ensure our own safety.”

Zhao Jiang nodded. They had already realized that this investigation might lead to a dangerous struggle, but they were unwilling to stop.

Their goal was to find Liang Zihan and solve the mystery of the treasure map and the imperial seal. All of this was closely related to their mission.

” We need more clues,” Feng Luo said.” Tan Zhihong, do you have any other information that can help us, no matter how small it is?””

Tan Zhihong thought for a while and then said, ‘”‘1 know of an antique trader. He once talked about a legend related to the Heaven and Earth Pearl. Perhaps you can go to him and see if you can get more information.”

Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang accepted this clue gratefully. They knew that every clue could be the key to solving the mystery.

After that, they split up. Feng Luo went to look for the antique trader while Jiang Zhao continued to delve into the history of the Universal Guardian.

The antique trader’s name was Wang Xin. It was said that he was very influential in the antique industry and had a wide network of contacts.

Feng Luo quickly found Wang Xin’s antique shop, a shop called Mingbao Pavilion.

The shop was filled with all kinds of antiques, from ancient porcelain to calligraphy and paintings. Every piece exuded a historical aura. Wang Xin was a middle-aged man, dressed elegantly and with sharp eyes.

He welcomed Feng Luo and invited him to sit down.

“I heard that you are interested in the legend of the Heaven and Earth Pearl?”Wang Xin asked.

“Yes, I heard that you might have some relevant information. ‘”‘

” The legend of the Heaven and Earth Pearl is very old,” Wang Xin said with a smile.” It’s said that this is a gem with extremely mysterious power.

Legend had it that the Heaven and Earth Pearl could control nature and change fate, but it could also cause disasters.

This legend was thought to be part of ancient culture, but few people could find conclusive evidence.”

“Then do you know the connection between the Universal Guardian and the Heaven and Earth Pearl?” asked Luo Feng.”

Wang Xin thought for a moment and then said, ‘”‘ I heard that the Universal Guardians is a mysterious organization. They are said to guard some important ancient relics, but there is little conclusive evidence about their true existence.” Luo Feng’s heart skipped a beat. This information might be able to help them take a step forward.

” Thank you for your information, Mr. Wang Xin.” Feng Luo expressed his gratitude.” If you have any new clues or information, please contact me at any time.”‘

Wang Xin nodded and said,” I will try my best to help you with your investigation. But please be careful. The Universal Guardian is a dangerous organization.’”‘

Luo Feng left the Mingbao Pavilion. He felt that he was one step closer to solving the mystery.

Zhao Jiang had also gained something. He had discovered some historical events related to the Universal Guardian. Although the information was still limited, their investigation was gradually deepening.

When Feng Luo returned to Zhihong Tan’s antique shop, Zhihong Tan had already prepared a document that recorded some legends about the Heaven and Earth Pearl and the historical events of the Universal Guardian.

This information might help them find more clues.

However, when they began to study the documents carefully, they suddenly felt an uneasy atmosphere.

Tan Zhihong’s antique shop suddenly became abnormally quiet, as if something was quietly approaching.

Feng Luo looked up and saw an unfamiliar man standing at the entrance of the shop. He was wearing a black suit and had a cold expression. His eyes revealed a dangerous aura.

This stranger had similar characteristics to the members of the Universal Guardian they had met before.

Tan Zhihong also noticed the abnormality, and his expression became nervous.

The stranger slowly walked into the shop, his gaze locked onto Feng Luo and Zhao Jiang.

“Are you investigating the Heaven and Earth Pearl?”The stranger’s voice was cold and mocking.

Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang exchanged a glance, and then Luo Feng replied, ‘”Yes, we are interested in the legends of the Heaven and Earth Pearl and the Universe Guardian.

Who are you?”

The stranger’s lips curled into an evil smile.”l’m a member of the Universal Guardian. You can call me Albert.

The two of you have already caught our attention. Now, we need to talk.”

Tan Zhihong tried to stop the stranger from taking further action, but the stranger easily dodged him. His movements were swift and fierce, and no one could underestimate him.

Luo Feng and Zhao Jiang also frowned, preparing to deal with any danger that could happen at any time. They knew that this conversation could be a key turning point in their investigation, but it could also be a dangerous confrontation.

In the midst of the tension, all of them were quietly waiting for Albert’s next move.

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