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394 Anger

Old Demon Qiu’s eyes narrowed as he spoke.

He was not angry. Rather, he sounded dignified.

Mo Ziqi stepped back in fear.

Even their elders had to be polite when they saw the higher-ups of the Network.

Even his ancestor, the sect master of the Immortal Feather Grotto-Heaven, was afraid of him.


When Mo Ziqi came today, even if he did not make this deal, he would have to pay the price. These were the rules of the Network. If he did not obey, even the Mo family would not be able to protect him!

Mo Ziqi took a few deep breaths and nodded. He gritted his teeth and said, “Alright, I agree! However, I hope that you can successfully kill Zhang Shan!”

Old Demon Qiu smiled. After all the items were presented, he waved his hand.

“Go! Find Zhang Shan and bring his soul back. Let Elder Mo have a good look at the capabilities of our organization!”

“Yes, sir!”

A gloomy voice rang out and Mo Ziqi’s heart trembled.

The representatives of the Gate of Seven Kills and Black Wind Mountain were even more frightened.

It was a bone-chilling cold that made people feel extremely afraid. 𝒻𝓇ℯ𝘦𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝓿𝘦𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝓶

In the corner, a shadow left.

How terrifying!

How was the Network so terrifying?

“Alright, in at most half a month, Elder Mo, you’ll be able to see Zhang Shan’s soul. Then, you’ll naturally be able to ravage him and take revenge for your son.”

He clapped his hands.

“Now, disperse!”


At Xiaoqian Mountain, Jiang Ming was refining pills.

The reason he had returned was that the other places were being searched by various factions. Although he was not afraid, he did not want to attract any trouble.

However, Jiang Ming sensed that something was wrong.

Jiang Ming squinted slightly.

“It should be the work of a terrifying force with a deep heritage and a long history,” the black sword said. “Otherwise, ordinary people shouldn’t be able to detect you with your methods.”

Jiang Ming was silent.

First, it was Holy Son Gu Chi. Now, a new terrifying force had appeared. Was his disguise that awful?

“Actually, I do remember having an even better disguise technique. However, it’s very incomplete. If you can learn it, you can even deceive the heavenly cultivation!”

What the hell?

Jiang Ming’s eyelids trembled.

He could deceive the heavenly cultivation?

How could he? It was above all living beings and dominated everything in the world!

Even if one cultivated to the level of a Saint and grasped all kinds of powerful cultivation techniques, they still could not be compared to the heavenly cultivation.

How could the black sword have mastered a disguise technique that could conceal everything and even deceive the heavenly cultivation?

“I need it!” Jiang Ming immediately said.

“I can give it to you, bro. However, I need something in return,” the black sword replied immediately.

“What do you want?”

“Find me a female sword.”

Jiang Ming was speechless.

Since when were swords divided into male and female?

He sighed and agreed.

“You have to swear an oath to the heavenly cultivation.”


Soon, Jiang Ming made the oath. The black sword did not go back on its words and immediately took out the incomplete technique. It was the Heavenly Covering Art.

Jiang Ming’s eyelids twitched.

Just the name alone was enough to see how extraordinary it was.

Unfortunately, the black sword only had an incomplete first-level mental cultivation technique!

However, even if it was the first level of the mental cultivation method, it was still countless times better than his previous disguise methods.

If he could cultivate it to the missing second level, its power would be even greater. If he cultivated it to the highest level, he would be unstoppable.

Jiang Ming put down what he was doing and immediately began to cultivate.

Three days later, Jiang Ming finally completed the first level and could not help but sigh.

“My aptitude is still a little bad.”

The black sword was speechless.

It really wanted to curse.

During its era, it took an entire month for their foremost genius to comprehend the first level of this technique!

Jiang Ming could not be bothered to dwell on this matter. He planned to master the first level of the Heaven Covering Technique first, and then consider refining the True Martial Foundation Establishment Divine Pill.

A month later, he had mastered it!

At the same time, black smoke rose from Xiaoqian Mountain and transformed into a black-robed cultivator.

“How is this possible? A month ago, I sensed that Zhang Shan was on Xiaoqian Mountain. Then, I spent three days coming over. In the end, the closer I am to him, the more I seem to lose track of him! No, impossible! Although the other party said that he has a disguise technique, it’s nothing compared to my tracking technique. How could he hide like this?”

This was none other than the assassin from the Network, Ying Sha.

He was the real shadow, and he could find anyone. Even if the other party had disguises, it would be useless.

However, this time, Ying Sha had clearly failed.

What was going on?

Ying Sha racked his brains but could not find any possibility. He did not even consider the fact that the other party had a stronger disguise technique because the only top-notch disguise technique was only available to their Network.

“That kid must be in Xiaoqian Mountain. He left his aura here before. I just need to find him!”

Ying Sha began to hide, constantly shuttling through various places on Xiaoqian Mountain, trying to find the real Zhang Shan.

“If I don’t kill this person, I swear I won’t return!”

One had to know that the hall master had said that he would find him within half a month. In the end, he had been delayed for a full month!

Then, another half a year passed.

Ying Sha was completely speechless.

“B*stard! Damn it! Zhang Shan, I must find you!”

Ying Sha had decided to do something big. He wanted to drown Xiaoqian Mountain in blood!

At the same time, Jiang Ming finally completed the refinement of the True Martial Foundation Establishment Divine Pill, and a gratified smile appeared on his face.

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