Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 789: Sunfall Bolts, Immortal-Slaying Ballistae
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Chapter 789: Sunfall Bolts, Immortal-Slaying Ballistae

Godhead Mountain.

A fierce battle was still playing out.

While the offensive side was unrelenting in its assault, the defensive side held fast.

Occasionally, a flying sword or streak of light would emerge from the formation to attack the outsidersโ€”Godhead Palace had designed this formation to defend against attacks from the outside, so it naturally didn't block their own attacks.

But the Seven Absolutions Sect was not completely unprepared. There were disciples for both offense and defense. Numerous cultivators had assembled around Godhead Mountain, grasping two bronze mirrors each. These were the standard-issue art relics of the Seven Absolutions Sect. When used alone, they were of mediocre strength, but when used together, they were truly able to magnify the power of numbers.

These thousands of cultivators held up their mirrors, the beams of light emerging from them forming a formation of light.

This light formation was like a giant wall, blocking the attacks coming from Godhead Mountain and greatly reducing the damage the Seven Absolutions Sect sustained.

But while Immortals had more methods than mortals, when it came down to it, they weren't that different. For both types of people, there had to be attackers and defenders, with numerous exchanges where each side showed their mettle.

When the Seven Absolutions Sect took out their light wall formation, Godhead Palace pushed out a cart.

This cart was as large as a horse carriage and was being pulled along by two powerful Windroar beasts. Coiled around the cart was a rare fiend snake, the Violetscale Lightning Serpent, famed for its tenacity. It was tied around the cart like a chain, moaning in pain as its body crackled with lightning. Various formation lines had been carved into the cart, and in the very center sat a giant black arrow, tipped with a golden dragon decoration and fletched with the feathers of some extinct fiend. The entire arrow exuded the deathly gray energy of Slaughter, turning this arrow into a symbol of death and terror.

This arrow was called the Sunfall Bolt, and the cart was called the Immortal-Slaying Ballista.

Godhead Palace had rolled out four Immortal-Slaying Ballistae, each one holding three Sunfall Bolts.

The ballistae began to fire the Sunfall Bolts at the light mirror formation.

When the first Sunfall Bolt was fired, all of the Gargantua Plain seemed to darken.

The bolt slammed into the light formation like a spear being thrust into a fire, sending gouts of light splashing in every direction.

The rainbow light swept over the heavens and the earth. While today had already seen a lot of such light displays, this explosion was still particularly glorious and dazzling.

With the strike of this Sunfall Bolt, the impervious light mirror formation showed a crack.

A second, third, and fourth Sunfall Bolt followed.

Each collision was accompanied by a deafening shockwave and blinding burst of light.

In this chain of collisions, more and more cracks appeared on the light mirror formation, covering it like a spiderweb.

When the sixth Sunfall Bolt made impact, the light mirror formation finally shattered.

The 7600 mirrors in the hands of 3800 cultivators all shattered in unison.

Six strikes had destroyed 7600 art relics simultaneously, leaving Tie Lian wincing in pain. It was him and his disciples of the Forge Hall that had personally forged all of them. Although they were standard-issue art relics, their sheer quantity meant that they were extraordinarily valuable.

It was the elite versus the masses, quality versus quantity!

Godhead Palace had used the Sunfall Bolts to blast through the Seven Absolutions Sect's light mirror formation, but they still had six more of them.

The seventh Sunfall Bolt took aim at Hong Shenji.

They clearly understood that if they wanted to hold Godhead Mountain, they first had to deal with Hong Shenji. If Hong Shenji died, the Seven Absolutions Sect's ability to break the formation would be greatly reduced, and if they could get Tang Jie next, it would be perfect.

The eighth Sunfall Bolt was aimed at Tang Jie.

Hong Shenji and Tang Jie were both extremely close, so the two bolts fired one after another almost instantly locked onto them.

Master Zhu flipped over his hand to reveal a pile of talismans, which he liberally threw out. Countless wind walls, ice barriers, earth shields, and water prisons appeared, forming layer after layer of defense to block the two Sunfall Bolts.

The leading Sunfall Bolt blasted through all these defenses as if they were no stronger than the paper they were inscribed on. In shock, Master Zhu threw out another stack of talismans, and this was finally enough to block this Sunfall Bolt. But this strike had expended most of his talismans, leaving him nothing to deal with the second Sunfall Bolt.

Tie Lian roared and sent out his thirteen swords.

Tie Lian had spent many years forging these thirteen swords, and while they weren't divine treasures, their sword formation was comparable to a lower-grade divine treasure. A forging grandmaster had long ago surpassed the point where he relied on his materials to forge superb items. He was focused on the art of forging, seeking to forge high-quality treasures using lower-quality materials, and these thirteen swords were the quintessence of his forging art.

But the Sunfall Bolt immediately bashed through them, making Tie Lian almost faint from the pain and anger, and he threw out some more art relics. The Sunfall Bolt rammed its way through quite a distance's worth of them before finally stopping, having destroyed so many of Tie Lian's precious items that he almost wanted to die. Master Zhu was basically feeling the same. While his talismans were cheaper, he had used plenty of them.

Yet this was only two Sunfall Bolts.

Two more came hot on their heels.

Seeing that there was no other way to stop them, Yiyi suddenly laughed and said, "Let me deal with them."

With a wave of her hand, a floral palace appeared, protecting everyone within its walls. She also threw out the Treasure Cosmos Formation diagram, the light of countless treasures focusing on the ninth Sunfall Bolt. The two energies collided, and the ninth Sunfall Bolt was obliterated.

Another figure appeared in front of Yiyi: the Mother Cloud combat puppet. After entering Violet Palace and achieving the Immortal Spirit Body, Tang Jie had less need of the combat puppet, so he had given it, the Treasure Cosmos Formation, and the bean soldiers to Yiyi so that they could protect her. With these around, even an Infant Tending expert would find it difficult to kill Yiyi.

The lines on the puppet shone with starlight as it pushed out its arms at the tenth Sunfall Bolt.

There was another powerful clash of energies. The Sunfall Bolt punched through the starlight formation and slammed into the puppet, sending it flying in an intense explosion. Everyone was dumbfounded, but then they saw the puppet walk out of the smoke, seemingly fine. The massive hole left in it by the bolt began to slowly heal, while the lines of the starlight formation began to dim.

At this moment, another two bolts came flying out. Godhead Palace was dead set on taking down Hong Shenji and Tang Jie, sending its last two Sunfall Bolts.

Yiyi frantically said, "Big Brother, Big Brother, we can't block them anymore!"

Tang Jie finally raised his head. "As expected of the Sunfall Bolts said to even be able to slay Violet Palace experts. But alas, they're no use against me."

Staring at the Sunfall Bolts, Tang Jie produced a golden shortsword.

The Sovereign Blade!

The original body had a Sovereign Blade, and so did the avatar.

This weapon had no fixed form.

As a special weapon made from countless golden grains, the Sovereign Blade could change its form, so it naturally could be taken apart and used separately. Originally, when Tang Jie had nurtured the Sovereign Blade to the point where it was a complete weapon, he had stopped using the Weapon Mantra, for he felt that there was little point. It was only later that he realized how mistaken he was, after which he had begun to use the Weapon Mantra again. The new golden grains could be used to make the original Sovereign Blade larger, but they could also be used to make a new one, which was the one the avatar was holding.

It was a shortsword primarily because Tang Jie had preferred peace in the last two hundred years and hadn't been in many fights, and those golden grains he had gotten were all from scrapped items. The Freedom Celestial Sovereign currently had a reputation in the Basking Moon Sect for collecting scrapped art relics.

Tang Jie thrust the Sovereign Blade at the Sunfall Bolt.

When the bolt and Sovereign Blade clashed, the impact almost blew Tang Jie up. Fortunately, with his ability to thought cast, he instantly applied 27 shields on himself, just barely holding off that terrifying shockwave. Meanwhile, the Weapon Mantra made the Sunfall Bolt shatter, leaving behind a single golden grain.

Tang Jie thrust his weapon at the final Sunfall Bolt, once again activating the Weapon Mantra. The power of the Weapon Dao assailed the bolt, breaking it down. At the same time, Tang Jie's body flashed with light as barrier after barrier was broken. This time, however, Tang Jie failed to so easily neutralize the power of the Sunfall Bolt, and with a boom, his arm exploded under the pressure, and his body was thrown into the sky.

"Big Brother!" Yiyi shouted in alarm.

"I'm fine." Tang Jie casually walked back, his arm already starting to regrow. The avatar didn't have the original body's vigorous vitality, so this swift recovery was accomplished through the power of life force, expending lifespan. Wine Immortal Lu swiftly passed a rare pill to Tang Jie so that he could expend less of his lifespan.

Looking down below, Tang Jie said, "The Sunfall Bolts lived up to their name. If there had been one more, I would have been heavily injured if not killed, and if there were four bolts, this body would have never been able to block them. No wonder they say that they can shoot down Immortals and fell suns. However, among the six major sects, it is the Seven Absolutions Sect that is famed for its skills in the auxiliary field. It would be rather shameful if Godhead Palace managed to outdo you in this aspect."

Wine Immortal Lu laughed. "Freedom Celestial Sovereign, rest easy. If our Seven Absolutions Sect could be beaten in this aspect, we wouldn't be the Seven Absolutions Sect."

Nearby, Tie Lian grunted, "Forge Hall disciples, where are you?" ๐–‹๐”ฏ๐”ข๐”ข๐”ด๐–Š๐”Ÿ๐”ซ๐–”๐–›๐–Š๐–‘.๐” ๐”ฌ๐”ช

"Hall Master, give your orders!" a group of Forge Hall cultivators called out.

"Bring out the Demonslayer Cannons!"

"Yes!" A horn sounded, and in the distance, several dozen disciples pushed forward ten carts.

Each cart carried a black cannon.

The cannons seemed unremarkable, but as a professional, Tang Jie could see that each cannon was covered in formation lines that were brimming with power. With one glance, Tang Jie could tell that these were extremely powerful weapons, on par with the Sunfall Bolts.

Hong Shenji indifferently said, "Let Godhead Palace have a taste of our methods."


The cannons fired.

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