Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 790: A Cultivator Siege Battle
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Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

When the ten Demonslayer Cannons were pushed out, the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation immediately slowed its offensive, the golden light retreating and entering a defensive stance.

Master Zhu smiled. "This Chu Xitong is really sharp, and also bold."

"'Chu Xitong'?" Tang Jie asked, wondering why he didn't know this name.

"Godhead Palace's newly-appointed Human King, known as the number one strategist of Godhead Palace, and claimed to be able to lead an army of ten thousand in defeating a Violet Palace expert," Ming Yekong said after suddenly appearing. "A master in leading the mediocre to defeat the elite."

The six Sunfall Bolts had alarmed both the Violet Palace experts of the Seven Absolutions Sect and Ming Yekong. Hong Shenji and Tang Jie were both precious individuals that they couldn't afford to lose. Thus, Ming Yekong had rushed back. With him around, Hong Shenji and Tang Jie would be in much less danger.

If this Chu Xitong was newly appointed, it was no wonder that Tang Jie didn't know. Being in seclusion for one hundred years had left him too alienated from the world. He asked, "This sounds like a woman's name. Do they have a relationship with the former Human King, Chu Huailang?"

Tie Lian replied, "She is Chu Huailang's daughter. Seventy years ago, Chu Huailang attempted to break through into Violet Palace and died in the attempt. There were hundreds of competitors for the vacant throne, so nobody expected it to eventually fall into the hands of his daughter. Generals often rear up tiger daughters, and Chu Huailang succeeded in raising a fine daughter, who has now become the number one problem my Seven Absolutions Sect has to deal with."

"Every generation has its talents," Hong Shenji sighed. "Whenever invaders threaten a city, heroes will emerge. But no matter how heroic they are, nobody can go against the will of the heavens and the great cycle!"

Hong Shenji waved a small flag, and the ten Demonslayer Cannons activated in unison.

First, the spirit stones installed above the barrels flashed, and then a powerful light began to gather within the barrels.

This light became more and more compacted, condensing within the barrel into tiny points of light.

Each cannon shuddered, and a beam of light issued out from the barrel.

Ten beams of light descended from the heavens, crashing into the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation in an eruption of golden energy.

Within this golden eruption, ten targeted critical nodes were destroyed, and the remaining power of the barrage tore ten holes through the formation.

"Attack!" Hong Shenji pointed down below, and several hundred cultivators of the Seven Absolutions Sect's combat division charged into the gap.

However, Ji Qingfeng and the others didn't go in. The Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation wasn't on its last legs yet, so even if they went inside, they would have to deal with the formation's internal attacks, which had yet to be used and made going in incredibly risky. The combat division cultivators were heading inside primarily to interfere with the operations of the formation and create more opportunities for the Seven Absolutions Sect. Of course, they were basically guaranteed to die.

The Seven Absolutions Sect was willing to pay a high price to exterminate Godhead Palace.

After blasting open those ten holes, the Demonslayer Cannons began to gather power for their second salvo.

These cannons possessed stunning power, and their blasts moved much faster than the Sunfall Bolts. Their only flaw was that they gathered energy so slowly and were easily discovered. However, they were very suitable to use against immobile targets like formations.

Godhead Palace clearly understood that the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation would eventually be done for if the Demonslayer Cannons were allowed to keep firing.

Golden pillars shot out from the formation and toward the cannons, and other pillars shot at Hong Shenji and Tang Jie. Godhead Palace's strategist was clearly still determined to take down these two.

As the golden pillars emerged, Ji Qingfeng's group of five, Ming Yekong, and Tang Jie all worked together to suppress the golden light.

With the light mirror formation shattered, the seven Violet Palace experts had come forth to deal with 70% of the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation's power. Of the remaining 30%, 10% was dealt with by the chiefs, the Celestial Heart cultivators dealt with another 10%, and the rest was dealt with using the Seven Absolutions Sect's various art relics. This succeeded in neutralizing the formation's attack.

But as the golden light was blocked, tens of thousands of dark streaks erupted from Godhead Mountain.

These were needles crafted from rare and special materials, designed to pierce through barriers of spiritual energy.

Ji Qingfeng and the others waved their sleeves, creating a giant cloud-like formation in the sky that swept up most of the needles. But some of the needles got through and peppered the Demonslayer Cannons. As a result, four cannons were immediately destroyed, and one cannon that was already ready to fire detonated, the ensuing explosion devouring the twenty-some cultivators around it.

The Seven Absolutions Sect countered with a barrage from numerous art relics, making the formation sway and shudder.

This was a cultivator siege battle.

One side had Violet Palace experts leading a powerful army, and the other side had a powerful formation they relied on like city walls.

The Seven Absolutions Sect focused its power on destroying the formation, much like how mortal attackers in a siege battle attempted to overcome or destroy the walls. Meanwhile, Godhead Palace used its advantage in terrain to deal heavy damage to their foes in the hopes that the enemy would back off. To these ends, the battle began to intensify.

Besides the Demonslayer Cannons, the Seven Absolutions Sect also produced several other powerful formation-destroying weapons.

Moon-Sniping Chain Ballistae, Lightning Chariots, Violet Radiance Statues… It was a feast for Tang Jie's eyes.

This cultivator battle was one born out of revenge, but it was also a chance for Tang Jie to gain experience and understand the difference between sects.

He had to admit that the Seven Absolutions Sect was truly superior when it came to the auxiliary fields, able to produce numerous Immortal tools of incredible power. Tang Jie had never even seen or heard about them before, and if it weren't to attack Godhead Palace, the Seven Absolutions Sect might have kept them stashed away, perhaps to be used to give some unlucky fellow an unpleasant surprise in the future.

Now, however, all these hidden cards were being displayed to Tang Jie. As Tang Jie looked at them, he noted their shapes and properties, analyzing the plausibility of copying them and how he might deal with them.

At the same time, Godhead Palace was also taking out everything it had. They didn't have as many hidden cards, but with the protection of the formation, they could freely attack their enemies, and they managed to deal more damage than the Seven Absolutions Sect did to them. That Chu Xitong was also a capable commander, her every move striking a critical point.

Although this woman had yet to appear herself, thanks to her, the Seven Absolutions Sect had already lost eight Demonslayer Cannons, four Moon-Sniping Chain Ballistae, and five Lightning Chariots. Even one of those apexes of puppetry, the Violet Radiance Demon Statues that cost exorbitant amounts and stood two thousand feet tall, had been lost, and the remaining one, still bellowing and punching with its giant fists, was covered in injuries. When night fell, this giant statue also collapsed.

Tang Jie calmly had Yiyi sow some bean soldiers to go onto the battlefield and collect the remains of that statue. The bean soldiers rushed out like ants, carting those giant fragments back like they were morsels of food.

Perhaps because he had sent too many bean soldiers, Hong Shenji spotted them. He coughed and whispered, "You're still a Celestial Sovereign, so mind yourself a little."

Tang Jie laughed. "Curiosity, purely out of curiosity."

But he ordered the bean soldiers to move even faster.

Hong Shenji could only shake his head and pretend not to see.

The battle remained hotly contested

This cultivator war had already reached a fever pitch.

Under the frenzied barrage of the Seven Absolutions Sect, the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation was on the verge of collapsing. Although Godhead Palace had already cleaned out all the spies, and the formation masters were desperately repairing the damage, the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation was losing power far faster than it was recovering.

The formation currently had only 20% of its power left.

While this 20% was sufficient to stop the attacks of most cultivators, it could no longer threaten Violet Palace cultivators.

Ji Qingfeng and the other True Lords were already starting to turn some of their energy from defense to offense, which hastened the collapse of the formation. To deal with this, Chu Xitong was forced to send waves of Godhead Palace disciples out of the formation to do battle.

They weren't there to kill the enemy, but to break up the enemy forces, hindering them and buying time.

Although they succeeded in affecting the offensive of the seven Violet Palace experts, this made the losses of Godhead Palace skyrocket, with basically everyone who was sent out dying. This was also a sign that Godhead Palace didn't have much left to deal with the situation.

In truth, Chu Xitong had pulled off an incredible feat in leadership and tactics in lasting this long against an army led by seven Violet Palace True Lords, living up to her title as the Human King.

But humanity's thousands of years of history had proved that no matter how favorable the terrain, when the offensive side had three times the number of the defensive, in the majority of cases, it was the offensive side that won.

The same was true for cultivator wars. Moreover, the seven Violet Palace True Lords and the internal damage made the gap in strength more than just three times.

In these circumstances, a comeback from Godhead Palace was basically impossible.

At this moment, Godhead Mountain suddenly began to radiate an awe-inspiring energy.

It was majestic, profound, and ancient, an infinite vastness that filled the heavens.

The entire world seemed to darken, as if some terrifying existence had come to preside over this land.

Everyone's impression was of being ants looking up at an elephant, mortals gazing up at mountains.

So majestic as to stop one in one's tracks!

A human figure appeared on Godhead Mountain.

There was no dazzling golden armor or dominating aura. It was just an ordinary middle-aged man wearing a high crown and a long robe, grasping an Immortal text in his hand.

Yet he seemed to tower into the heavens.

At that moment, Godhead Mountain was him, and he was Godhead Mountain!

"The Guangfa Godhead!" Tang Jie's eyes narrowed.

He was very familiar with this appearance. It was none other than the form of the Guangfa Godhead that He Chong had manifested.

But this manifestation seemed much more real.

Tang Jie instantly realized what was going on.

The Divine Will Golden Body!

Godhead Palace must have activated all of the Divine Will in the golden body to produce such a grandiose phenomenon.

He Chong had only needed a tenth of the Divine Will to bring himself to Violet Palace, draining all light out of the world with one finger, and this was all of the Divine Will!

Moreover, this was Godhead Palace's home turf, which probably had many ways to magnify its power.

The moment it appeared, its majesty reigned supreme over all the Violet Palace experts present.

This was Godhead Palace's most powerful move, and its activation meant that they were in desperate straits. If the Guangfa Godhead's Divine Will failed to stop the enemy, Godhead Palace would face only annihilation.

For Godhead Palace, this was a desperate matter, and for Tang Jie, it was a nightmare.

He suddenly realized that the Divine Will Golden Body wasn't inexhaustible.

The moment the Godhead's manifestation had appeared, the Divine Will had begun to be consumed.

Theoretically, so long as the Divine Will was not completely consumed, it could return to the golden body and recover. But once it was completely used up, it would be like a plant that had lost its seeds. There would be no regrowth.

And it seemed like Godhead Palace was prepared to burn everything down rather than leave anything behind for their enemies.

Tang Jie grew frantic. He was attacking Godhead Palace precisely for the Divine Will Golden Body, as this was the only object that could help the Cloud Ancestor break through. If the Divine Will were consumed, then the only thing he would have achieved was his revenge. According to his agreement, only the golden body would belong to the Basking Moon Sect, with the rest of the spoils going to the Seven Absolutions Sect. This was the only way to get the Seven Absolutions Sect to so heedlessly attack, for they knew that they could get back everything that they had lost from Godhead Palace. Otherwise, even hatred wouldn't make them so crazed and reckless.

Now that Godhead Palace was using up the Divine Will in the golden body, what reward was the Basking Moon Sect going to get?

At this moment, Tang Jie saw a crafty light in Hong Shenji's eyes.

Startled, Tang Jie knew that he had fallen for the trap. The Seven Absolutions Sect had probably expected Godhead Palace to do this, which was why they had agreed to Tang Jie's conditions. Perhaps they had even left behind a spy to propose this plan at the critical moment so that the Basking Moon Sect was left with nothing.

Although the two sects had joined together against their common foe, that didn't mean they couldn't scheme against each other.

Tang Jie was filled with remorse, realizing that he had been too focused on being upright and frank, neglecting the scheming side, which had led him to be schemed against.

But he wouldn't take back his actions. It was the underdog that relied on schemes and thinking. When one was strong, one should walk the open and upright path. To always rely on scheming was not the correct path, nor was it a permanent one.

Upon realizing this, he didn't complain. After some thought, he pointed at a node and said, "There! Four cannons, fire in unison!"

The Seven Absolutions Sect was already used to receiving his orders.

The remaining two Demonslayer Cannons and two Moon-Sniping Chain Ballistae fired, punching open a large hole in that part of the Jade-Cleansing Golden Sunset Formation.

Tang Jie immediately rushed into the gap, Yiyi following him.

Hong Shenji was a little too slow to react, only able to watch as Tang Jie disappeared through that gap without a word. After a momentary daze, he suddenly shouted in realization, "Not good! He's going after the golden body!"

At the same time, far off in the distance, Tang Jie's original body howled and began to fly toward Godhead Mountain.

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