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Chapter 40 - My System Can Upgrade

When the owner of the scarlet eyes revealed his true appearance, Ji Fu finally recognized that they were mutated beasts, the Double-headed Dog. He had seen them in textbooks and videos before.

Furthermore, based on the size and characteristics of the six Double-headed Dogs, Ji Fu could determine that they were mutated beasts at the Level 1, Stage 8.

He had to admit that the Double-headed Dogs in the wilderness were much more terrifying than the Shadow Cats in the hunting ground.

The Double-headed Dogs had an indescribable fierce aura, as if they were going to pounce on him and fight him to the death in the next moment.

The Double-headed Dogs were completely different from the Shadow Cats reared in the hunting ground.

Ji Fu suddenly realized how important this special training was.

“These Double-headed Dogs are all mutated from the dogs in the past.”

Principal Tan calmly glanced at the Double-headed Dogs who were about to attack them and continued, “Therefore, the human base forbids the rearing of pets.”

“You have yet to see the ferocious beasts that mutated from wild beasts. They are much more ferocious than these Double-headed Dogs.”

As if he could see the nervousness in Ji Fu's eyes, Principal Tan's tone became a lot more relaxed. “Of course, don't think too highly of them.”

“As long as you have enough strength and are more ferocious than these beasts, you can suppress them to the point that they don't dare to raise their heads.”

After saying that, Principal Tan, who had been restraining his aura, assumed the posture of a tiger.

Ji Fu immediately looked at Principal Tan seriously. He saw that the chest of this old man who was over eighty years old was undulating like a wave, and an invisible force was transmitted to his throat.

Immediately after, Principal Tan opened his mouth wide and let out a loud roar that shook the surroundings.

This roar was no longer human, but more like the roar of a tiger. It contained the dignity and arrogance of the king of all beasts.

Although Ji Fu had already covered his ears in advance, he still felt his head buzzing, and his hands and feet were a little weak.

He looked at the Double-headed Dogs that had gathered in the surroundings. Ji Fu found that the Double-headed Dogs that were extremely fierce just now were actually groaning in a low and pitiful manner, and then they ran away without looking back.

“So scary. Is this the true power of the Tiger Roaring Arts?” Ji Fu was secretly surprised.

At this time, Principal Tan had already stopped using the Tiger Roaring Arts, and he said indifferently with his hands behind his back, “This is only 10% of the power of the Tiger Roaring Arts.”

“If I had used all my strength to use the Tiger Roaring Arts just now, these mutated beasts would not have escaped, but would have been scared to death.”

Ji Fu was slightly stunned, and he realized that he had still underestimated this Top Grade martial technique.

“Alright, this area is considered to be quiet. There will definitely not be any mutated beasts that dare to come here tonight.”

“Let's cultivate here.”

After Principal Tan used the Tiger Roaring Arts to chase away some mutated beasts, he started to officially teach Ji Fu the Tiger Roaring Arts.

Just as Principal Tan had said, the most outstanding part of the Tiger Roaring Arts was not the sound wave attack, but the tempering of the Martial Artist's spirit and will.

Just like Principal Tan's roar just now, the sound wave attack was just an appearance. The real thing that made the mutated beast afraid was actually his spirit.

If this went on, it would naturally make his own spirit stronger.

This was the true essence of the Tiger Roaring Arts.

With Principal Tan's guidance, Ji Fu's Tiger Roaring Arts cultivation speed was actually much faster than when he was cultivating the Golden Cicada Robe.

“The Tiger Roaring Arts has been guided by a master, and its cultivation speed has doubled.”

“The Tiger Roaring Arts has sensed your diligence, and its cultivation speed has increased exponentially. It has stepped into the Great Completion Stage.”

When it was eleven o'clock that night, Ji Fu's Tiger Roaring Arts had actually successfully entered the Great Completion Stage.

“Alright, let's stop here for tonight. I have to go back and sleep.”

Principal Tan was shocked by Ji Fu's excellence. He hurriedly stopped Ji Fu from continuing to cultivate the Tiger Roaring Arts and brought him back to the fortress without saying anything.

Principal Tan could not help but sigh in his heart: “In just one night, he has already cultivated the Tiger Roaring Arts to the Great Completion Stage. Is Ji Fu still human?”

Principal Tan suddenly understood why Chiang valued this student so much. He also understood why Ji Fu was able to cultivate so many martial skills to the Perfection Stage.

Not to mention Principal Tan, even Ji Fu himself felt that it was a little strange. He did not expect that his Tiger Roaring Arts would be so smooth.

What made him even happier was that when his Tiger Roaring Arts reached the Great Completion Stage, a notification sounded in his mind once again.

“Master, the Energy Accepting Spell has sensed your spirit's excitement, and its cultivation speed has doubled.”

“Master, the Golden Cicada Robe has sensed your spirit's excitement, and it's cultivation speed has doubled.”

This was definitely an unexpected surprise. Ji Fu returned to the tent in a daze. He still did not understand why the cultivation speed of the Energy Accepting Spell and the Golden Cicada Robe had suddenly increased.

At this moment, he suddenly exclaimed, “Could it be because of the Tiger Roaring Arts?”

Ji Fu suddenly reacted. This was because the only change he had made in the entire night was that he had cultivated the Tiger Roaring Arts.

Ji Fu's eyes lit up. He thought to himself, “To be exact, it should be the Tiger Roaring Arts that has improved my willpower, so the overall level of the Automatic Cultivation System has increased.”

Ji Fu felt as if the program had been updated and upgraded fundamentally, so his martial arts cultivation speed had increased overall.

“In other words, I can use a similar method to upgrade my cheat system?”

When Ji Fu thought of this, his heart was filled with joy. This solved the biggest worry he had been worrying about recently.

If that was the case, then even if his cultivation level increased and the martial skills he cultivated became stronger and more difficult, he would not have to worry about his cheat system becoming useless.

“The Tiger Roaring Arts is too important to me.” Ji Fu was secretly overjoyed.

At this moment, Ji Fu suddenly felt a warm current flowing into his body, followed by a long-awaited feeling of hunger.

Ji Fu quickly looked at his personal panel and thought, “My cultivation has broken through.”

Then, he saw his own information: “Name: Ji Fu.

Level: Martial Disciple Stage 9 (1%).

Martial Skill: Nine Shadow Step, Perfection Stage.

Wind Splitting Leg, Perfection Stage.

Golden Cicada Robe, Arcane Stage (58%).

Tiger Roaring Arts, Great Completion Stage (1%).”

“Great! I finally broke through to the Martial Disciple Stage 9.”

Ji Fu was overjoyed. Most importantly, he had just solved the problem of upgrading his cheat system.

Even if his cultivation had broken through to the Stage 9, the speed of his cultivation would not be too slow.

Moreover, as he cultivated the Tiger Roaring Arts to a deeper level, his willpower would continue to grow stronger, and the speed of his cultivation would also increase, forming a virtuous cycle.

“That's great! This alone is worth it.”

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