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Chapter 10 - You Came Here Again

Yan Xue still harbored doubts about Ye Yu, but she couldn't deny that despite Ye Yu's shortcomings, he possessed a certain level of courage and independence. He wasn't a man who simply hid behind her.

Ye Yu lightly touched his nose and offered a helpless smile. He conceded that the Ye Yu of the past matched that description. However, circumstances had changed now. Yan Xue remained skeptical, and Ye Yu had little interest in explaining further.

“We're done picking out clothes. Let's head home,” Yan Xue declared, unwilling to dwell on the matter any longer.

The following day, Yan Xue instructed Ye Yu to send a box of high-quality tea leaves to her third uncle, Yan Zhiyao. In the evening, the two of them attended a classmate gathering.

With nothing else on his agenda, Ye Yu decided to pay a visit to Yan San's Martial School.

Yan San had two passions in life: martial arts and tea. Rumor had it that Yan San had encountered an Ancient Martial Cultivator in his youth, which had spurred his pursuit of martial arts.

After dedicating over 30 years to martial arts, Yan San had established the Yan Family's Martial School. Yan San had a son, Yan Wu, who diverged from his father's path, opting instead for a high-ranking corporate career.

Yan San's daughter, Yan Wen, happened to be Yan Xue's cousin. She possessed a keen interest in martial arts and had trained in it since childhood. Her martial talents were commendable, and she possessed striking beauty. However, her impulsive and headstrong nature caused her to aspire to take the Martial School to new heights, a desire that clashed with Yan San's traditional views, as he believed that only his son could inherit the school.

This dilemma left Yan San concerned about the Martial School's future.

Ye Yu's presence there was due to his interest in the Martial School. Drawing from the memories of the body's previous owner, he knew that Yan San had treated him kindly within the Yan Family. However, Yan San couldn't help but pity Ye Yu's circumstances as a “Son-in-law” of the family.

Yan Wu held nothing but disdain for Ye Yu, while Yan Wen had never even acknowledged his existence, despising men who relied on women for their livelihood.

Ye Yu's visit was spurred by his curiosity about the Martial School. As he approached the reception desk, a young girl in front of him cheerfully called out, “Big Brother Ye Yu, are you here to deliver tea leaves again?”

“Lei, you came to work again?” Ye Yu smiled.

The young woman standing before him bore the name Lin Lei, a college student taking on a part-time job here. While her beauty didn't quite match Yan Xue's, she possessed her own charm. Moreover, she exuded a cheerful and optimistic disposition, not to mention her figure. Even in her Martial School uniform, her ample bosom remained conspicuous.

Lin Lei sported twin ponytails, and her propensity for smiling was evident. When she grinned, her teeth peeked through, adding to her adorableness.

“Indeed, Elder Brother Ye Yu, it's been quite some time since you last visited. I've missed you!” Lin Lei beamed, her teeth peeking out as she spoke.

“I fell ill recently and spent some time in the hospital. Once I recovered, I decided to bring some tea for Third Uncle. Is Third Uncle here?” Ye Yu inquired.

Lin Lei scanned her surroundings and then whispered, “Elder Brother Ye Yu, we've got trouble brewing today!”

“Trouble? What kind of trouble?” Ye Yu asked, piqued by curiosity.

“Two days ago, someone came looking for Uncle Yao—or rather, Hall Master…” Lin Lei paused, playfully sticking out her pink tongue before continuing.

Yan San had instructed Lin Lei to address him as Hall Master outside to maintain an imposing demeanor.

Lin Lei proceeded, “That individual delivered a challenge letter to Hall Master. They're planning to challenge Hall Master today!”

“What? Challenging Hall Master?” Ye Yu expressed obvious astonishment upon hearing this news.

“It means someone is eager to challenge us. In response, Sister Wen has returned. The challenger is currently at the Martial Arts Hall. Word has it that several Martial School disciples have already been defeated!” Lin Lei relayed in a hushed tone.

“Such a thing actually exists? Count me in!” Ye Yu exclaimed.

“Really? Elder Brother Ye Yu, come on, let's watch it together. I've been wanting to see it for ages, but I'm afraid Hall Master will scold me if he catches me peeking!” Lin Lei's eyes sparkled with excitement.

With great enthusiasm, Lin Lei ushered Ye Yu along. As Ye Yu entered the martial arts hall, he witnessed a blond young man dressed casually engaged in a bout with a martial arts-robed young man.

As Ye Yu entered, the blond youth threw a punch that sent the martial arts-robed young man sprawling.

“Are Martial School folks all this feeble? You've truly let me down! Where's your Hall Master? Bring him out; I want him to witness that my Taekwondo is far superior to his Huaxia martial arts!” The blond youth boasted arrogantly.

“Dad, let me handle this!” A short-haired girl donning a martial arts robe stood up.

She was quite attractive and bore a resemblance to Yan Xue, albeit with a distinctly flat chest. She must have been Yan Xue's cousin, Yan Wen.

“No need, I'll handle it myself. Take Ming away!” A middle-aged man stood up and stepped forward.

It was Yan San, but he didn't seem to be in the best condition.

“Dad, your bronchitis hasn't completely healed yet. If something happens again, it'll be even harder to treat!” Yan Wen expressed her concern anxiously.

“I'll be fine,” Yan San reassured her with a nod as he moved forward.

“You're the Hall Master around here? Alright, as long as I defeat you, I'll prove that my Taekwondo is superior!” Yellow-hair saw Yan San approaching and expressed his joy.

“Hmph, this guy with yellow-dyed hair is no good news at first glance. Dad, you should give him a lesson!” Yan Wen coldly snorted.

“I doubt Third Uncle can handle him!” A voice chimed in beside Yan Wen.

Yan Wen felt a bit displeased. “It's you? You, a guy who relies on women for a living, what are you doing here? Did Sister Tang send you to deliver tea leaves again?”

It seemed like everyone in the Martial School knew he was often sent to deliver tea leaves.

Ye Yu wore a peculiar expression on his face as he nodded.

“If you don't understand, don't talk nonsense. My dad has been practicing this Fist Style for so long. How can Yellow-hair compare to him?” Yan Wen displayed a scornful look.

“Really? I sense something's off with Third Uncle. Is he unwell? I'm estimating Yellow-hair will defeat him in ten moves!” Ye Yu added.

“My dad has been dealing with bronchitis lately, but you claim he'll be defeated by Yellow-hair in ten moves. Isn't that going too far?” Yan Wen wanted to argue, but she noticed that Yellow-hair had just landed a punch to Yan San's chest. Yan San was momentarily breathless.

Yellow-hair intended to continue his attack, but Yan Wen rushed forward, with Ye Yu following suit. Ye Yu approached Yan San and patted his chest.

Yan San suddenly exhaled, perplexed by his sudden recovery. He saw Ye Yu and inquired, “It's you, Yu. Did you come to deliver tea leaves again?”

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