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Chapter 11 - Master Please Accept My Bow!

It appeared that even Yan San understood his purpose was merely to deliver tea leaves.

“Wen won't stand a chance against him!” Yan San wore a grim expression as he surveyed the surroundings. “Who among you dares to challenge him?”

The students from the Martial School, gathered around Yan San, cast their eyes downward. It was a ludicrous proposition. They had no desire to confront Yellow-hair again, uncertain if they'd emerge unscathed from such an encounter.

Yan San had anticipated this response, so he sighed resignedly.

“Uncle, I've learned a bit of martial arts from you in the past few days. It should be manageable. Why not let me give it a try?” Ye Yu suggested.

It seemed that Yellow-hair wasn't prepared to back down easily, and Ye Yu didn't mind imparting a lesson.

“You? Yu, do you think mastery of martial arts can be achieved overnight?” Yan San shook his head. “Even Wen and I can't handle him, so how can you?”

“Indeed. Elder Brother Ye Yu, please don't act impulsively. What if you get hurt?” Lin Lei chimed in quickly.

It was true that Yan Wen was no match for Yellow-hair. She had barely made three moves before Yellow-hair's palm struck her right shoulder.

Yan Wen's complexion paled slightly, and a palm materialized behind her, shielding her from further harm.

Yan Wen turned to find Ye Yu standing behind her, her gaze filled with disdain. “What are you doing here?”

“Yan Wen, you're not a match for him. Let me give it a try,” Ye Yu calmly suggested.

“You? What good is your meager skill?” Yan Wen retorted disdainfully.

“It doesn't matter who steps up. If any of you can defeat me, even if it means I have to kneel, I'm up for it!” Yellow-hair displayed remarkable arrogance and continued, “But as I see it, you're all just worthless trash! It's high time you shut the door and stopped misleading others!”

“You!” Yan Wen's impulsiveness led her to consider rushing forward once more.

The Martial School represented her father's dedication and hard work. With Yellow-hair challenging them, the school's reputation was on the line. If no one could handle Yellow-hair, numerous students might be forced to drop out of their training.

Ye Yu restrained Yan Wen, stepped forward, and proposed, “I've also spent some time learning martial arts at the Martial School. How about a bout with me?”

“Kid, I doubt you've had any real martial arts training. Are you certain you want to face me?” Yellow-hair sneered upon hearing this.

“Has Ye Yu lost his mind? Does he truly intend to confront Yellow-hair? Is he seeking death? Yellow-hair could finish him off with a single blow!” Yan Wen, despite her dislike for Ye Yu, didn't wish to witness his demise, particularly at her father's martial dojo.

“Yu is being overly impulsive. He's never behaved like this before. What am I going to say to Xue if he gets hurt?” Yan San also grew anxious.

“Big Brother Ye Yu, even though you want to assist Hall Master and Sister Wen, you've only been training for a few days. This is far too risky!” Lin Lei watched Ye Yu with deep concern.

Other students from the Martial School who were present recognized Ye Yu as well. He had married a beautiful wife and was now the Son-in-law of the family. This news had spread far and wide, causing many to underestimate him.

However, Ye Yu unexpectedly stepped forward to challenge Yellow-hair. Their peers were taken aback, doubting Ye Yu's ability to defeat Yellow-hair.

“He'll come to regret this. Even the Hall Master struggled against Yellow-hair. I bet he'll be defeated in no time!”

“Let's just watch him make a spectacle of himself. How many moves do you think he can last against Yellow-hair?”

“I doubt he can even endure three moves!”

Standing face to face with Yellow-hair, Ye Yu extended his palm, a move that caught Yan San's attention.

“This stance feels oddly familiar!” Yan San remarked, expressing his surprise.

“Dad, isn't this one of the positions from the Fist Style you've learned? Why does it appear slightly different?” Yan Wen inquired with curiosity.

“Never mind that. Since you, young man, are eager to meet your end, I'll be happy to oblige!” Yellow-hair sneered as he lunged with a punch aimed at Ye Yu's face, intent on breaking his nose.

The punch was heading straight for Ye Yu's face, threatening to shatter his nose bridge.

In that very moment, Ye Yu sprang into action. His movements might not have appeared swift, but he executed his strikes in the blink of an eye, landing three consecutive blows to Yellow-hair's chest.

Within the following second, Yellow-hair was sent hurtling through the air by Ye Yu, blood instantly trickling from the corner of his mouth.

The entire hall was silent!

Nobody had anticipated this outcome. It was widely believed that Ye Yu would suffer a resounding defeat. Yet, to their astonishment, it was Yellow-hair who was sent hurtling through the air by a single blow from Ye Yu!

“That's the Sea Eagle Three Strikes. How did it become so formidable in his hands? Dad, do you have any idea?” Yan Wen inquired hastily.

“I'm in the dark as well, but, you see, I'm the one who passed down this Fist Style to him. I had hoped to propagate it. I've practiced it for over 30 years, yet it pales in comparison to Yu's technique!” Yan San's expression bore an air of disbelief.

“So powerful. Did Elder Brother Ye Yu win?” Lin Lei, the most innocent of the bunch, was only aware that Ye Yu emerged unscathed and victorious. With this outcome, the Martial School could carry on, and she could continue working there.

“I concede! Master, please accept my bow!” Yellow-hair, surprisingly, knelt before Ye Yu and performed three respectful kowtows. When he raised his head, his eyes blazed with fervor.

Ye Yu was well aware of the intent behind those eyes. Yellow-hair was a martial arts enthusiast who had come seeking better martial arts. Now, he had witnessed the might of Ye Yu's martial arts.

“I have no interest in taking you as my disciple, but my martial arts were passed down to me by my Third Uncle. If you wish to learn it, pay the tuition fee to the Martial School,” Ye Yu remarked, waving his hand.

“Him? He can't compare to me. Fine, he can be my teacher, but you're still my Master!” Yellow-hair initially intended to argue but swiftly changed his tune when he met Ye Yu's gaze.

Yellow-hair promptly went to Lin Lei to settle the tuition fees, officially becoming a student at the school. This development surprised both Yan Wen and Yan San. The two of them returned to the living room with Ye Yu. Yan San inquired, “Yu, did you employ the Sea Eagle Three Strikes just now?”

“Indeed, Third Uncle. I learned this technique from you before, but over time, it seems I may have forgotten some details, so I practiced it casually. I believe it's somewhat similar to what you taught me in the past. I hope you don't mind!” Ye Yu admitted with a hint of embarrassment.

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