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Chapter 15 - Monarch Member

These sounds made Sunn Ann's expression turn even uglier.

At this time, Yan Xue also took out the card she got yesterday and said, “I also have a hundred thousand!”

Yan Xue casually took out a hundred thousand yuan, which surprised everyone.

Si Qin thought for a moment and said, “I don't have that much cash on me, but I also brought my card. There should be twenty thousand in it!” 𝐟re𝚎𝘄𝚎𝐛𝚗o𝚟el.c𝐨𝚖

Everyone gathered some money, but it was still far from the two million.

Of the people present, only Ye Yu did not pay up.

It wasn't that Ye Yu didn't want to pay, but how could he have money on him?

“Ye Yu, you drank so much just now, you drank quite a lot of the wine here. Why, don't you want to gather some money to get it out?” Xiao Fen looked at Ye Yu with an unfriendly gaze.

“Yeah, Ye Yu drank a lot just now, so these debts should be blamed on Ye Yu!” Shen Liang's eyes lit up.

“That's right. Manager, if you're going to get even with someone, then it's Ye Yu. Don't look for us!” Huang Tao said again.

No matter what, Ye Yu was her nominal husband. The two of them lied to her. If this Longhu Hotel really listened to them and caused trouble for Ye Yu, then Ye Yu would be very wronged. After all, this was Sunn Ann's own fight with Ye Yu!

Ye Yu faked taking something out of his pocket, but in the end, he didn't take anything out.

On the contrary, a black card fell out of Ye Yu's pocket.

“Never mind, let me try to borrow some money from a friend!” Sunn Ann said.

“Wait a minute!” At this time, the manager's face suddenly changed. He picked up the black card and said, “Sir, this card of yours, can I take a look at it?”

“Of course you can!” Ye Yu answered.

The manager immediately took his card and left. Everyone was a bit confused and didn't know what the manager was doing.

Without further ado, he saw the manager walk in with an extraordinarily imposing man.

Seeing this man, Sunn Ann's expression changed. Wasn't this man the general manager of the Longhu Hotel, Su Ze? I heard that this Suze has some background, and he's not a merciful person.

Could it be that this time, he had already alarmed Su Ze? This was not as simple as just breaking a leg!

“This is Mr Ye Yu!” The manager who was leading the way pointed at Ye Yu.

“Mr Ye Yu, so it's you who came to our hotel. I'm the general manager here, Suze. I didn't expect to see you here. You're a member of our hotel's royal family, and can enjoy the best service from our hotel. Here's your card!” He saw the general manager respectfully hand over the black card.

Behind the Souser were the upper echelons of the hotel, and now they stood in a row in front of Ye Yu, bowing and calling, “Mr Ye Yu!”

This scene stunned everyone present.

Even Yan Xue couldn't understand what was going on. Her mind went blank, and for a moment, she couldn't think of anything.

“Emperor member?” Is he a member of this hotel's royal family? How was this possible? This Dragon Tiger Hotel only has five members, every single one of them are famous figures in the Jinghai, how could he possibly be a member of the imperial family here? ” Sunn Ann's heart shook. His eyes were filled with envy and jealousy.

Si Qin's gaze towards Ye Yu also changed. She felt that this man was even more mysterious. The Emperor's membership of the Longhu Hotel was not something that an ordinary person could obtain.

Yan Xue covered her mouth. She looked at Ye Yu with doubt in her eyes, as if she had never met Ye Yu before.

The other students looked at Ye Yu with respect. In their eyes, Ye Yu's status immediately soared, even surpassing Sunn Ann.

“Oh, I see!” Ye Yu answered lightly.

“Mr Ye Yu, do you want to change your room? This kind of room is not suitable for your identity! We have prepared a royal box for Mr Ye Yu, which will allow you to enjoy the treatment of an emperor! ” Su Ze continued.

“Forget it, we've already finished eating so there's no need to trouble you guys. Oh right, is this card worth 2 million?” Ye Yu asked.

“Sir, you must be joking. As long as you have this card, you can consume whatever you want in any of our hotels, and you don't need to pay for it!” Su Ze smiled.

2 million, free of charge. This Luminary Hotel was too generous, but to have this kind of black card, it was definitely different.

Everyone looked at Ye Yu differently. If it wasn't for Yan Xue, who stood beside Ye Yu, all of the female students here would feel inferior and have started to seduce Ye Yu.

After the meal, Sunn Ann felt that he had lost a bit of face, Ye Yu was the one treating and he had to get the meal back. Sunn Ann immediately said: “It's still early, it's only nine o'clock, how about this, I want to invite everyone to go to KTV, you guys won't refuse, right? This time, I have also hired a great character, the young master of the Jinghai Wang Family! “

“What?” Young Master Sun, which Wang family's young master are you talking about? Could it be that Wang family from Nansheng Beauty Group? “

“I heard that the CEO of this group is a great beauty and isn't older than us. Young Master Sun, is the young master you're talking about her brother, Wang Hong?”

“As expected of Young Master Sun, anyone that knows Young Master Wang are all important figures. If we can have a friend with Young Master Wang, it would be our honor!”


When these students heard this, they immediately revealed excitement and started flattering Sunn Ann again.

“Everyone is right, the one I invited this time is the Eldest Young Master Wu Tie. Everyone should be polite when you see him. As long as you have a good relationship with Young Master Wang, it will definitely be beneficial to you in the future!” Sunn Ann was happy to hear these people's words. He looked at Yan Xue, but Yan Xue didn't seem to hear him.

Right now, Yan Xue was chatting with Ye Yu. She asked softly, “Ye Yu, tell me honestly, where did you get this membership card?”

Ye Yu could only tell Yan Xue what he had prepared, “Wifey, I'll tell you, don't tell anyone, or my life will be in danger. I picked up this card!”

When Yan Xue heard that, she rolled her eyes at Ye Yu and said, “I knew this card couldn't be personally given to you by the Longhu Hotel. But you can't take this card out again in the future.

Ye Yu shrugged and didn't refute her. At this moment, Si Qin walked over and smiled, “You two are really in love. By the way, Xue Xue Xue and Sunn Ann want us to go to KTV together. What do you think?”

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