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Chapter 17 - Master Why Are You Here?

All the students looked at Ye Yu with sympathy and pity. These people originally thought Ye Yu was some rich family's son, but they later found out that Ye Yu had no job and was a jobless nomad. Most importantly, Ye Yu was Yan Xue's son-in-law.

Such a person actually possessed the King of the Dragon and Tiger Hotel's VIP. Everyone was very envious of Ye Yu and looked down on him. After all, Ye Yu was just a pushover.

Now Ye Yu had actually offended Wang Hong in front of so many people. Ye Yu was clearly courting death!

Sunn Ann shouted first: “Ye Yu, shut up, do you know who this Young Master Wang is? “You actually dare to talk to Young Master Wang like that, why aren't you apologizing to Young Master Wang?”

“Ye Yu, are you crazy? Wang Hong is not someone that you can offend. Can you not say too much? ” Yan Xue's expression turned ugly.

“This person is indeed Wang Hong. Ye Yu, quickly go over and apologize. Otherwise, if he gets angry, you'll be in trouble. Wang Hong himself is a martial arts fanatic. If he gets angry, even five or six men won't be able to stop him!” Si Qin whispered.

When Wang Hong saw Ye Yu, his expression changed and he walked towards Ye Yu.

When Sunn Ann saw this, he immediately thought that Wang Hong was angry. He immediately shouted: “Ye Yu, why aren't you kneeling down and admitting your wrongs to Young Master Wang?”

A trace of ridicule flashed across Sunn Ann's eyes. Ye Yu had previously humiliated him, but now Ye Yu was in trouble. If Ye Yu wanted to offend Wang Hong, he would probably have to pay a price to get out of here.

“Shut up!” Wang Hong slapped Sunn Ann in the face and shouted loudly, “You dare to talk to my master like that? Are you looking to die? “Be careful, laozi doesn't want you to walk out of the door!”

Wang Hong was completely stunned by Sunn Ann's slap. He didn't know what happened at all, but after hearing Wang Hong's words, his face was filled with confusion: “Young Master Wang, you're saying …” Who did you say is your master? “

“Of course it's this one!” Wang Hong walked towards Ye Yu and respectfully said, “Master, why are you here? But it's really great to see you again, I've been looking for you for a long time! “


Sunn Ann was stunned!

Yan Xue was also stunned!

Si Qin and the others were also stunned!

Ye Yu is Wang Hong's master?

Seeing how respectful Wang Hong was towards Ye Yu, it didn't seem fake. However, how did Ye Yu come into contact with Wang Hong?

Sunn Ann's eyes reddened with jealousy. His current identity was trying to curry favor with Wang Hong, but right now, Wang Hong treated Ye Yu with such respect. He wished he could exchange with Ye Yu. He was so outstanding, why was he inferior to Ye Yu?

Ye Yu waved his hand, “I am not your master, and you are not qualified to be my disciple!”

“This… “Master, I heard you say that as a student of the dojo, how could you not be my master?” Wang Hong touched the back of his head and said awkwardly.

It turned out that this Wang Hong was the Yellow-hair that Ye Yu had seen in Third of Yan Martial Arts School during the day. However, Yellow-hair, who was so arrogant during the day, was like an ordinary young man in front of Ye Yu.

“Although your physique is not bad and is also a material for martial arts practice, you still need time to hone yourself. You can go back first and I will take some time to visit the dojo. If you really want to cultivate, then I will guide you!” Ye Yu said calmly.

“Alright then, master, we have a deal, you can't lie to me this time!” When Wang Hong heard this, he immediately said happily.

He was indeed very happy to see Wang Hong leave so quickly. At least this time, Ye Yu agreed to give him some pointers.

The crowd did not expect the arrogant Wang Hong to turn into this in front of Ye Yu. They were still in a daze.

Sunn Ann's face was now red and swollen. He originally wanted to show off using his identity as Wang Hong, but now, all his limelight had been snatched away by Ye Yu. He was sulking at the side while Huang Tao and Shen Liang were lively on the side.

Yan Xue and Si Qin were also curious about Ye Yu and Wang Hong's matter. Yan Xue asked, “You know Wang Hong?”

Ye Yu recounted what happened this morning. However, he changed his move to accidentally hitting Wang Hong's weakness. After that, Wang Hong wanted to acknowledge him as his teacher.

“So that's how it is. It seems that your luck is too good this time and you actually hit Wang Hong's weakness. However, your courage is too big. If you hit Wang Hong's weakness, he might kill you!” Yan Xue rolled her eyes at Ye Yu.

Blame Ye Yu's luck on winning over Wang Hong.


Si Qin sized up Ye Yu. She felt that this matter wasn't that simple.

At this moment, someone pushed open the door and entered. The person in the lead was baldy, and the people behind him were all men wearing suits and sunglasses. This immediately made everyone in the room quiet down.

When the people in the room saw this group of people, they all felt quite shocked and didn't know what were these people doing here.

At this time, the bald man pointed at Sunn Ann and said, “I found it, it's you, this dog couple, who hit me just now!”

“You … Who are you? ” Sunn Ann's expression couldn't help but change as he replied.

“Who are you asking me? I am the leader of this east side of the city, everyone calls me Brother Qiang! ” “Kid, you and that slut just hit me. Tell me, how are you going to compensate me?”

Sunn Ann and Xiao Fen immediately remembered what happened in the washroom. Their expressions changed drastically. They never thought that they had offended such a big shot!

This Brother Qiang was known as the baldy, but he was a cruel and merciless person. He heard that someone offended him in the past and then disappeared the next day. Such a cruel person had actually appeared here!

Everyone's eyes were filled with fear. They were in deep trouble this time. If this baldy wanted to cause trouble for them, none of them would be able to leave this place.

Sunn Ann's voice trembled a little: “You …” You are Qiang-ge? Brother Qiang, I accidentally offended you just now, so please forgive me. My dad is Sun Ping, you should know him, right? “Why don't you let me go on account of my dad!”

“Sun Ping? Even if your father was here, he didn't have the qualifications to ask me for this face. Kneel down and apologize to me right now, then compensate me with one million yuan and leave your woman here. Serve me well tonight. The bald expert sneered repeatedly.

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