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Chapter 7 - You Aren't Qualified to be My Disciple

“Don't move!” Yan Xue's heart raced when she witnessed the situation, her anxiety threatening to push Ye Yu away. These silver needles wielded formidable power, and any slight error could prove fatal.

Fueled by shock and anger, Yan Xue snapped at Ye Yu, “If you're clueless about this, spare me the trouble. Leave immediately!”

Wang Hao, too, felt a growing sense of urgency. Observing Ye Yu's actions earlier, he grasped that Ye Yu's treatment of Chen Yu was as routine as a daily meal.

Yet, Yan Xue's intent to send Ye Yu away bewildered Wang Hao. It seemed utterly nonsensical.

Wang Hao contemplated speaking up but noticed Ye Yu's quick departure. After a moment's thought, he decided to follow suit.

Unnoticed by anyone else, Wang Hao departed alongside Ye Yu.

Ye Yu had completed his task, and even without his intervention, Chen Yu would recover.

Ye Yu couldn't help but be surprised when he realized that Wang Hao had caught up with him.

Ye Yu turned to Wang Hao, who hesitated briefly before asking, “Mr. Ye, did you employ the Three Needles Walton just now?”

Ye Yu expressed surprise, inquiring, “You're familiar with Hua Tuo's Three Needles, too?”

Initially, the Three Needles Walton possessed nine needles capable of reviving the deceased, but only three had been passed down. Hua Tuo's legacy seemed rather limited.

Upon Ye Yu's admission, Wang Hao found himself at a loss for words, his excitement rendering his speech somewhat incoherent. He stammered, “Mr. Ye, I couldn't help but notice that although Dr. Yan is knowledgeable about acupuncture, she doesn't appear as proficient as you. Your ease with the Three Needles Walton… well, it's quite…”

Ye Yu responded calmly, “My wife is a skilled healer, whereas I'm merely a humble son-in-law.”

Wang Hao appeared puzzled and asked, “But why did you do this?”

Considering Ye Yu's abilities, ascending the ranks of the Hua Country's TCM Society would have been a straightforward path, yet he chose to remain as the son-in-law.

Ye Yu explained, “I simply want to shield our tranquil life from any disturbances.”

Wang Hao couldn't help but twitch his mouth at Ye Yu's response. He struggled to comprehend Ye Yu's peculiar way of thinking. Did experts' thoughts often diverge so significantly?

Ye Yu's statement mirrored his innermost desires. He yearned to experience life in the mortal world, with his identity holding little significance to him.

“We should go back now!” Ye Yu said again.

Wang Hao nodded and followed Ye Yu. He looked hesitant.

Ye Yu and Wang Hao returned to the ward and discovered that Chen Yu had fully recovered. The members of the Chen Family were overjoyed and expressed deep gratitude to Yan Xue.

Yan Xue still couldn't grasp the nature of Chen Yu's illness, but as long as Chen Yu was well again, that was sufficient.

“Dr. Yan, we would like to offer you a consultation fee. There is a hundred thousand on this bank card, and the PIN is 3456,” Chen Ning presented a bank card and said, “It may not be a significant amount, but please accept it as a token of our appreciation.”

“I cannot accept such a substantial sum of money. I am a doctor, and it's not appropriate for me to take it,” Yan Xue quickly shook her head upon hearing this.

Ye Yu interjected, “My dear, if it's their heartfelt gesture, you should consider accepting it.”

“Mr. Ye is absolutely right. Dr. Yan, please accept this modest sum. It's a small price compared to Yuh's life, and we did inadvertently cause you some distress.”

Yan Xue could only accept the bank card.

Chen Ning reiterated, “I will request the driver to take both of you back to the clinic now.”

Just as Yan Xue was about to consent, she heard her phone ring. Glancing at the caller ID, her expression shifted. Yan Xue explained, “I'm sorry, I need to take this call.”

Yan Xue exited the ward and answered the phone, her voice tinged with frustration. “Yang Zhi, how many times must I tell you not to contact me again?” 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

From the other end of the line, a voice persisted, “I've always had feelings for you, ever since I first laid eyes on you…”

Even outside the ward, Ye Yu could clearly overhear the conversation between the two individuals. It seemed someone was harassing his wife.

In that moment, Wang Hao finally gathered his courage and said, “Mr. Ye, I have a somewhat audacious request. I hope you can consider it.”

“What request do you have?” Ye Yu asked curiously.

It marked the first occasion when Chen Ning witnessed such a complex expression gracing Wang Hao's countenance. She was genuinely intrigued by Wang Hao's intentions.

“Mr. Ye, I humbly request to become your disciple,” Wang Hao declared, kneeling before Ye Yu.

In that moment, the Chen Family members were left in a state of disbelief. After all, Wang Hao was renowned for his expertise in internal medicine in Jinghai and was also a highly regarded TCM Master. Yet, here he was, prostrating himself before Ye Yu, seeking acceptance as his disciple.

What was even more astonishing to them was Ye Yu's succinct response, “You lack the qualifications to be my disciple.”

Was this world crazy?

The members of the Chen Family wore bewildered expressions. What prompted Wang Hao's desire to become Ye Yu's disciple, and why was he met with rejection by Ye Yu?

Chen Ning inquired, “Vice President Wang, could you shed some light on this?”

“In truth, the one who just cured Chen Yu is Mr. Ye. The Needle Techniques he employed are a long-forgotten treasure of traditional Chinese medicine. It was this revelation that spurred my aspiration to become Mr. Ye's disciple,” Wang Hao explained with a rueful smile. “Regrettably, it appears fortune does not favor me in this endeavor.”

Wang Hao's words triggered an immediate shift in the expressions of Chen Ning and her companions. Until that moment, they had believed that Yan Xue was responsible for Chen Yu's recovery. Now, they had been disabused of that notion. The true healer was none other than Ye Yu!

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