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Chapter 8 - He's the Real Divine Doctor!

“I see it now, Mr. Ye, your medical skills are truly exceptional. It turns out that the person who truly rescued Yuh is you!” Lee Ya expressed her gratitude.

Lee Ya felt indebted to Ye Yu. Without Ye Yu's intervention, Chen Yu would have perished long ago!

“Everyone, I'd prefer to keep this from my wife. Can I count on your discretion? What do you say?” Ye Yu wore a somewhat disheartened expression. Wang Hao's disclosure meant he could no longer keep this secret to himself.

“Mr. Ye desires a peaceful life, so let's not disrupt it, shall we?” Wang Hao advocated on behalf of Ye Yu.

Wang Hao's statement left the members of the Chen Family exchanging puzzled glances. They had seen individuals who led modest lives, but they had never witnessed someone who remained so unassuming while possessing such remarkable skills. They had no intention of prying into his affairs.

“So, you're solely interested in learning this acupuncture technique. If that's the case, I'll teach you,” Ye Yu pointed his finger at Wang Hao's forehead.

Wang Hao immediately felt a series of Needle Techniques flood into his mind. Overjoyed, he promptly remarked, “Thank you. Even if you don't want to formally take me as your disciple, you'll always be my mentor. From now on, I'll proudly call myself Mr. Ye's apprentice.”

“Up to you!” Ye Yu said carelessly.

“Mr. Ye Yu, do you grasp the significance of this Needle Techniques?” Wang Hao inquired once more.

“The significance of this Needle Techniques? Isn't it to heal and rescue people?” Ye Yu responded.

Wang Hao regarded Ye Yu with a mix of emotions in his eyes. If this set of techniques were to be made public, it could fetch millions, even tens of millions, but Ye Yu intended to pass it on to him without hesitation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) posed a formidable challenge to continue, given its vast knowledge and the necessity for innate talent. One of the major barriers to TCM was its reluctance to be shared with outsiders. If anyone else had acquired the Three Needles Walton, they would have guarded it with their life and never shared it.

Yet, Ye Yu had imparted it to him so willingly. In Ye Yu's perspective, the value of this Needle Techniques lay solely in its capacity to heal and save lives, not in monetary gain. Ye Yu was the genuine embodiment of a miracle-working physician!

“Mr Ye, you cured Yuh this time. I…” Chen Ning stepped forward and said.

“Let's put money aside; I have no shortage of it,” Ye Yu waved his hand to halt Chen Ning.

For Ye Yu, acquiring money was a straightforward matter, but carrying such a burden wasn't his style. He had no intention of carrying cash around, especially without an explanation to Yan Xue if she were to discover it.

Chen Ning was taken aback but then smiled warmly. “In that case, I have a card here. It's a VIP card for the Chen Family's hotel. Mr. Ye, feel free to use it whenever you visit our establishment. Please accept it.”

“Well, then I won't decline!” Ye Yu glanced at the black card presented before him. While it might resemble an Emperor Card, it held no special significance to him.

Just then, Yan Xue entered the room, her expression still not entirely recovered. However, in the presence of the Chen Family and Wang Hao, she concealed her emotions. Yan Xue managed to muster a smile and said, “Mr. Old Chen, Vice President Wang, we have other matters to attend to, so we'll take our leave. If Yuh has any further questions, Mr. Chen, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll definitely respond!”

Chen Ning looked at Ye Yu and nodded. “I will. Chen Hu, escort Dr. Yan and Mr. Ye out.”

“Certainly!” Despite Chen Hu's irritable nature, he held deep gratitude towards his daughter's benefactor.

After Ye Yu and Yan Xue departed, Chen Ning inquired, “Vice President Wang, did he truly cure Yuh?”

“Absolutely, without a doubt. Moreover, this Three Needles Walton technique is an almost extinct needle technique. Why would he selflessly share it with an outsider like me? He doesn't care about his reputation either; he practices medicine quietly,” Wang Hao sighed, adding, “Old Chen, Ye Yu is a genuine miracle worker!”

Chen Ning nodded and refrained from further comment. Witnessing how all of Chen Loong's associates had knelt before Ye Yu, and considering that Ye Yu had mended Chen Loong's broken legs with mercy, it was clear that Ye Yu possessed extraordinary abilities. Without Ye Yu's intervention, Chen Loong would never have been able to stand again.

Was he really as simple as a doctor?

Chen Ning's thoughts were of little concern to Ye Yu at the moment. He had been led to a bustling shopping mall by Yan Xue because Yan Xue's college classmates were planning a reunion for the following night, and they all wanted to meet Ye Yu. Yan Xue was determined to give Ye Yu a makeover.

Yan Xue meticulously selected a suit for Ye Yu to accentuate his physique. To her astonishment, when Ye Yu emerged after changing into the outfit, he left her utterly speechless.

Ye Yu had a decent appearance to begin with, but after taking control of his body, his demeanor underwent a profound transformation. The original, unremarkable Ye Yu would go unnoticed in ordinary attire, but in this suit, he stood out distinctively.

Ye Yu possessed striking facial features and exuded a pronounced masculine charm. His face bore an elegant smile, giving him the air of nobility. However, what captivated people most was his impeccably sculpted physique.

Yan Xue had never anticipated that Ye Yu would be so remarkably handsome, even if she begrudgingly admitted it. Her heart raced uncontrollably.

“Madam, your husband is exceptionally handsome. This outfit complements him perfectly!” The saleswoman gazed at Ye Yu with excitement in her eyes. She had encountered attractive men before, but Ye Yu's charisma was exceptional, stirring even her emotions. If not for him accompanying Yan Xue… perhaps she would have pursued him.

“You should try on this outfit first. I'll do the same!” Yan Xue's cheeks flushed slightly. To mask her momentary loss of composure, she retreated into the fitting room.

Ye Yu curiously surveyed the clothing on display. He had undoubtedly seen such garments before but had never paid them much attention.

At that moment, a shrill voice pierced the air behind Ye Yu. “Where did this handsome man come from?”

Ye Yu appeared not to hear it, but the click of high heels reached his ears. He turned to see a heavily made-up woman approaching him. A burly man with an alert gaze followed closely behind. His eyes scrutinized Ye Yu.

It was evident that this man was accompanying the heavily made-up woman. However, now, this woman was gazing at Ye Yu with sparkling eyes. “You're incredibly handsome, darling. Would you be interested in becoming my boyfriend?”

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