Beastmaster of the Ages

Chapter 2813 - One-Woman Extermination
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Chapter 2813 - One-Woman Extermination

The sword beams constantly exploded against the sphere of black stardust, splitting apart again and again and shrinking until they were tens of thousands of times finer than the smallest needle, allowing them to strike at every individual grain of stardust! In almost an instant, sword ki swallowed up the entire ball of stardust.

"What?!" It was only then that the ancestral world monster began to feel true terror. "Lass! We might have some kind of misunderstanding. You don't need to do this—I'm no threat to you! I can help you obtain Li Tianming's body! He holds the secrets to the ancestral world! Only I can help you!"

As usual, Yi Daiyan didn't respond. Her gaze was cold and ruthless, while her sword never stopped. The sphere of stardust shrunk more and more, causing the monster's voice to grow more and more shaky.

"I’m a chasmic starbeast! I can help you establish new territories in the ancestral world! Yi Daiyan! Listen! Yi Daiyan!" It had never met anyone like her before. "Why are you so violent even though I haven't wronged you?!"

The white-haired woman appeared before it all of a sudden. "You’re too noisy, so you deserve to die."

Unlimited sword ki blasted out, forming a wave of swords that bore the power of the foundation fortress, eradicating every speck of stardust.

The groans of agony and despair of the monster rang out nonstop. It felt nothing but resentment! Yi Daiyan's assault had come out of nowhere, and it didn't know how it even came to this. It was far too unfair! "What’d I even do?!"

Even though an apex being like it managed to revive itself and was plotting its resurgence to prominence, it was being reduced to this pathetic state. The sea of black and gold swords swirled down toward the creature like a vortex, continuing to wear away at the last of its constituent astrons.

"Aaaagh! Aaaah! Yi Daiyan, you’ll die, but never find eternal rest! Yi Daiyan! Curse you!" Thanks to the power of order, every single speck of stardust managed to be targeted by the sword ki within the cage. That was what a foundationeer was capable of! After one final horizontal sweep of the sword, the monster let out one final cry before completely disintegrating. It had perished in a most dramatic and laughable fashion. The cage of sword ki opened up again, but no speck of stardust was left.

"The monster... is dead... for good," Yin Chen concluded. Everyone in the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb was speechless. The monster had only ever been a threat to them, yet it’d been vanquished by their enemy.

"What should I make of this?" Tianming was probably just as confused as the monster was when it was on the brink of death.

"Didn't she just solve one of our greatest worries?" Feiling weakly suggested.

"Is she... perhaps your... secret mother?" Yin Chen said.

"That doesn't seem likely. If she doesn't attack us next, maybe we could see it as a warning with a display of might. You know, like killing a chicken to frighten the monkeys," Tianming said.

"Fortunately we're the monkeys, not the chicken," Meow Meow said.

"Hey, I'm a chicken and I’m right beside you," Ying Huo said.

"What?" Meow Meow froze.

When the sword ki turned and hovered above the Sun, their hearts began beating faster once more. The dust had scattered after the battle and brightness was restored to the astralscape. Though the white-haired woman was tiny, she seemed to shine much brighter than the sun thanks to her eyes and glowing sword. Like usual, she stared at the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb for a long moment. Right as Tianming was about to retreat, she turned and sped off like a meteor, leaving a trail of black and white.

"She's leaving just like that?" Tianming was surprised once more. Lin Xiao and the others didn't know what to make of it either.

"So she isn’t going to touch the Sun after all...."

"Perhaps she just got the Infinitum Stele not long ago and doesn't quite know how to use it yet, so she doesn't want to risk it."

"It's hard to say...."

Either way, Yi Daiyan had taken care of a huge problem for them. Even so, everyone was completely awed by the sheer might displayed by Yi Daiyan and the Infinitum Stele. She was far too powerful.

"We have to ask Xiaodao about this when he leaves seclusion," Dongshen Yue said.

"That's right. We have to get a good grasp of Yi Daiyan's true strength," Lin Xiao said.

Yi Daiyan was gone for now, much to their relief. But that didn't last long, as Yin Chen had a new urgent report for them. The information came from the Yin Chens that had just awakened in Ebonia. It was so rushed that it didn't speak in its usual bottlenecked manner and used its bodies to form words as quickly as it could. They read: 'Yi Daiyan is fighting on Ebonia! She had the Infinitum Stele expand and dropped it through the defensive formation of the sanctlighters! She charged in and started singlehandedly fighting the entire sanctlighter race!'

Once more, they were stunned into silence. It didn't take long before everyone's transmission stones lit up to report the same thing. The sanctlighters on the ebons' side were being wiped out by Yi Daiyan alone, no doubt to make an example for the Infinitum Regal Clans that sided with the ebons.

"Did she really attack alone without anyone else? What about the Greenhill Yushan Clan and the Yishkers?" Lin Xiao asked.

"She's alone," Yin Chen confirmed.

"How's the fight going?"

"It's just... starting up... but sanctlighters... already lost... countless people... near a... million of... them have... already perished." While that wasn't a huge loss, since many of that number included normal gods as well, it was only the start.

"Looks like this marks the start of war within the Infinitum Bodhimanda," Lin Xiao said, furrowing his brows.

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