Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 1505 - 1505 Tu Xiaoba! Su Jianchen! Black Cape! (3)
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1505 Tu Xiaoba! Su Jianchen! Black Cape! (3)

The Second Prince: …

Strachey suppressed his anger and spoke in a chilly tone, “Wang Teng, do you have a death wish?”

“Huh? Are you angry?” Wang Teng pretended to be afraid. He reminded the other, “Don’t fool around. The match between me and you hasn’t started. If you make a move now…”

He didn’t complete the sentence but everyone knew the rules. They would be eliminated if they fought outside.

The Seven Stellar Academies wouldn’t allow them to behave inappropriately.


“Hmph!” Strachey’s expression changed many times. However, he snorted in the end, sat down and closed his eyes.

Wang Teng shook his head in pity.

The Second Prince: …

What’s there to feel pity about?

The competition continued. Half a day passed by, and more warriors were eliminated.

The remaining candidates were extremely powerful. Their ultimas and battle techniques had reached extremely high stages.

Furthermore, all of them were seasoned fighters.

This made every single duel exciting from that point onwards. All sorts of battle techniques were thrown out, and different ultimas swept through the skies.

The audience was excited. Their enthusiasm and ambition were ignited as they dreamed that they were the ones standing there and fighting with all the talents.

They would have no regrets in life if they could participate in the competition. This was a golden era.

Many warriors charged their way through the revival round and continued their journey to fight for the top thousand spots. Some were still eliminated, but others braved difficulties and dangers and managed to continue.

Three days passed. The top thousand candidates were finally revealed.

Many talented warriors entered the crowd’s vision after displaying their true powers, gaining a bit more attention and support.

For instance, Yue Qiqiao, Tu Xiaoba, and Su Jianchen were some of the new favorites after the arena battle.

Most people were surprised that Tu Xiaoba could enter the top thousand.

However, she managed to reach the top thousand with speed and unpredictability. It was perplexing.

Wang Teng was also shocked. This made his interest in her grow.

His guess was that she was a mutated rabbit.

He was also stunned to see that Parkers’ warriors no. 2 and no. 3 managed to squeeze into the top thousand.

They weren’t eliminated in the first round, even managing to pull through to the end of the second round.

How tenacious.

Furthermore, the Parkers had two warriors who got the bye: Strachey and Landon. Both were sitting close to Wang Teng since they had entered the top ten in Zone 1.

The Parkers family trains their martial warriors well! Wang Teng pondered. His gaze turned sharp. No, the top thousand have the right to enter the Seven Stellar Academies. I need to trick them again.

This thought entered his mind and stayed there.

He was narrow-minded in this regard. The Parkers had tried to kill him at every chance they could, so he had to pay in kind.

He wouldn’t allow them to grasp such a good opportunity.

Killing was allowed in the battle arena. Punches have no eyes.

The black caped guy had done it before.

It should be possible, as long as he killed the opponent before the protection mechanism kicked in.

Parkers’ warriors no. 2 and no. 3 felt an evil intention looming over them, sending chills down their spines.

What’s going on? Is the black cape guy looking at us?

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