Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse

Chapter 371 371 - Rescue Part 1
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Tian and the zombie girl searched around for a long time. Frustrated Tian tossed the toy to the ground and growled. The temptation to burn the whole place down came about but seeing the joy on the zombie girl's face she stopped herself.

'I can't waste time...'

"Little girl. I need that stone right now. If I don't find it I won't be your friend."

The girl who was playing with her little bunny toy dropped it instantly. She ran over to her with a slight look of anger. "eee…"

"I want that stone right now! If you can't find it I'm leaving." She pointed to the door.

The zombie girl slightly pouted and held up a small stone to her.

Tian looked at it in shock. "This is it? There is no more?"

The girl shook her head.

Thoughtfully Tian gazed up at the huge broken ceiling. When the meteor shower happen a huge chunk of it must have fallen through or else there would not have been such a huge gaping hole in the ceiling.

'Is this really all?" she took it from her.

The girl gripped her skirt and guiltily looked up at her. "squee…." she motioned to her mouth.

it was apparent that she ate the rock.

"Thanks for giving it to me. I'll be right back and lay with you okay." She rushed to the door.

But the girl ran along with her clinging to her shirt. "eeppp!!"

"I will be back." Tian gazed at her. But knowing that the girl could only understand a few words she sighed. "Fine come along if you want. but if you try to hurt any of my family members, I will kill you without a second delay." She held up her dagger as a warning.

The zombie girl tilted her head.

"Do you understand?"


"I assume that is a yes." Tian ran out along with a small zombified girl in tow. Reaching the car, she noticed that a certain stupid guy was awake and massaging his head.

She jumped into the passenger seat and picked up the zombie and placed her on her lap. "Drive.

"What the heck! What is this! Why are you….." he vigilantly held up a metal-formed dagger at the zombie girl's face.

The little girl simply gripped the tip of it and bent it wither strength. "eppe~ squee." She proudly looked up at Tian.

Tian nodded. "Good job. You, start the car right now!"

The moment they reached the house Yue was in Tian rushed out without even a word. Even the zombie girl in her lap was ignored.

Pouting the little gris ran in after them.

Shao was still vigilant about her so he carefully formed a huge metal wall around the surrounding of the building caging the zombie girl outside.

But to his source, he saw a small fist break through the wall and the little girl literally crawled through the small break she made and with a pout she glared up at him. "emuopp!"


Scoffing she walked into the building.

"Um, Tian! this girl is following us! What if she is dangerous!!" Shao hurriedly overtook the girl and ran in.

Inside the small bathroom, Tian was squatting down on the side with Fan and the little child named Chen. They all were talking in hushed tones.

The rat he had seen was showing around a small seed to them. And it seemed like everyone was trying to guess what it was saying.

"Do you want is to crush this?" Tian said hurriedly.

The rat hugged the seed tightly and squeaked as if rejecting her idea.

"Then what else? You need the rock right." She took it out of her pocket and handed it to it.

The little rat placed both the seed and the rock close together. And to his surprise, he watched the small seed sprout out right in front of their eyes. After the seed let out a small sprout the roc that was attached to its leaves turned into dust.

The rat confusedly gazed at the seed and at them.

"Is that it? will this save Yue?" Fan anxiously gazed at Trexa.

Trexa scratched her head and shook the sprouted seed slightly. "Squeak…." She even took out a zombie nucleus from her cheek pouch and placed it by the root.

The plant absorbed this as well turning it to dust. but it didn't even grow an inch.

"Do you need a zombie nucleus? We have a zombie here." Shao gazed at the zombie girl.

Fan, who was absorbed by his lover's state finally noticed that there was actually a threat close by. He hurriedly tried to attack it with his lightning bolt.

But Tian grabbed his hand stopping him. "She is not bad. And we can't use her. she is conscious…"

"She is a zombie."

"She is a child…zombie." Tian sighed. "I'll find you more zombie crystals. Will that help Yue?" she gazed at Trexa.

Trexa nodded.

"I know where to find one." Shao ran out.

Tian followed after him leaving the family of three behind.

the zombie girl who was following around Tian ran after her with a soft giggle.

Shao ran to his car and opened the back of the car to reveal at least five zombies lying there in a sleeping state.

Tian gazed at him in shock. "These are alive? How?"

"No time to explain.

Shao transformed a small knife out of the metal and started to cut into the zombie's head.

The zombie girl who was watching this came close.

Shao vigilantly moved back. "Move back."

The girl simply raised her hand and plunged it into the zombie's head and pulled out a crystal. She then handed it to Tian. "eepp…"

"Good job. Can you do the others too" Tian gestured for the other zombies.

With a giggle, the girl cracked the skulks like she was opening up a walnut or something and took out the zombie crystals.

With twenty crystals in hand, Tian ran back into the house and handed them to Trexa.

The little rat placed the sprouting seedling in the crystal pile. And soon the seed grew up two more lotus leaves.

Trexa sighed. "Squeak! Squeak!" she pointed to the dust hurriedly.

"We need more? How much more?"

Trexa held her small paws apart gesturing that they need a lot more.

"I'll get it for you guys. Stay with Yue." Tian rushed out again with a mission to bring back as many crystals as she could.

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