Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse

Chapter 372 372 - The Miracle Lotus
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After fifteen minutes, tian came back with a small t-shirt filled with zombie crystals she carefully poured them onto the ground. "Enough?"

Chen gazed at Trexa for answers.

Little Trexa just jumped down from the bathtub and placed the lotus sapling on it. The small leaf that sported grew in size but after that, it did not show any exponential difference,

Tian frowned. "How long does this take? his heartbeat is slowing down by the minute."

Trexa squeaked softly.

"She says that this seed is taking long to sprout…" Chen translated her squeak for them.

Fan pulled Zi Chen off the blood-soaked floor onto his lap and hugged him anxiously. "Will this relay cure Yue?"

Trexa nodded again and again.

Chen gazed up at him. "She says it can definitely cure Dad but she needs at least three sees or so."

"don't you have more?" Murong Shao had already lost his patience and started to prance around the small bathroom

Trexa dully looked his way.

Chen sighed. "She says that if she had more, she would have saved Dad by now."

Fan Xui gazed at Tian who was softly panting. Her whole body was covered in sweat and blood. "Watch Chen. I'll find more crystals."

"No, you wait, here. Yue needs you," Tian stood up unsteadily.

Fan shot up. "don't put yourself at risk Yue would never forgive me if something happened to you. Just stay here. I'll take care of this."

"You can't! Yue needs you! I don't know how to take care of someone Fan! I.. I just Yue to be safe and sound!"

"I want that too!"

"Arguing is not going to help!" Murong Shao shouted from the side.

Chen scooted into the corner holding his dad's cold hands. "Dad….. I'm scared..." he had been trying his best to be brave but seeing his father panic, he couldn't hold back his tears.

Silently he sobbed, hugging his dad's hands.

"Qui…" a soft whisper pulled him out of his desperate state.

The little zombie girl was beside him curiously gazing at his face. her pale hands touched his cheeks wiping away a rogue tear that had run down his face. "Qui?"

Chen worriedly looked away. "I just want my dad….."

The little zombie girl gazed at him and then at the young man who was laying still in the bathtub. She did not understand anything. She did not know why these people were being loud. And why this child was shedding water.

"qui.." she handed him her favorite teddy bear.

Chen shook his head hugging his dad's arm tightly. "I only want my dad."

"qui…" she pouted softly. Soon her eyes fell on the small green seedling in the little creature's paws. It had a slight scent similar to the food she grew up eating.

Curiously, she crawled close putting her nose close to it.

The little rat swatted her face away with a squeak.

Frowning she plucked the seedling off its hands and plopped it in her mouth.

mouth wide open Chen gazed at her. "d-did you just eat it?"

The clamoring room fell into a deadly silence.

Zi Chen gazed back at his father sobbing. "S-she ate it! She ate it!!!"

Tian and Fan did not know what to do. "Shall we cut it out of her?" Fan suggested with a deep frown.

Tian was conflicted though. She sat down before the girl and made her open her mouth. she did not find the trace of the seed. "we might have to….. maybe we can sew her up after that." she worriedly touched her face.

the little girl actually cast a small smile her way.

"I'm sorry but this is going to hurt," she hardened her heart and pulled out the dagger from its sheath ready to cut into her stomach.

But to her surprise she watched the girl open her mouth and out came a small green sprouting leaf. The leaf crept out and spread its beautiful jade green leaf. Soon many such leaves started to sprout out of her face from her nostrils and from her ears wounding its way up her head.

They watched in astonishment as a huge bud crept out of her mouth and it soon bloomed into a beautiful pink lotus.

"Squeak!!!!!!!!!" Trexa excitedly called out.

Chen shot up excitedly. "it's the flower! Trexa says we need the seeds!"

Right before their eyes, the bloom matured and soon a huge seed pod was left in its place.

Trexa excitedly jumped on the zombie girl's face and started to extract the seed.

But a small pale hand stopped her.

The little zombie girl took one seed out of her hand and plopped it back into her mouth.

"w-what is going on? This is too bizarre." Shao whispered with a grimace.

"Don't care what it is. But it helped." Fan took the seeds from Trexa. "How do we feed it to Yue?"

Trexa simply asked him to break open the hard casing and grind it into a paste. she then plopped the soft flesh into Yue's mouth. She fed him three.

Fan anxiously watched his lover dry swallow the seeds. "Will he wake up now?"

Trexa nodded

They all watched with rapt attention on Yue. Soon changes started to happen visibly. Yue's pale skin regained a bit of its flush. The black veins started to disappear and it was as if something was cleansing it.

his breathing became much more even.

Fan hurriedly cane his pulse. "he.. he sounds good…."

But Yue didn't wake up yet.

Frowning, he gazed at the ten more seeds in his hand. "Should we give him more?"

Trexa jumped on him and took the seeds from his hand. In a second, she plopped it back in her mouth and magically they all seemed to have disappeared.

"Trexa!" Fan glared at her.


"She says that only three is enough. Using more will hurt Dad." Chen picked up Trexa and placed her in his pocket.

Now they waited.

An hour later Yue's lashes trembled ever so slightly, and he slowly opened his eyes.

His black pupils had turned a bright shade of pink.

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