Crossdressing To Survive An Apocalypse

Chapter 373 373 - After The Treasure
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Yue's ears were ringing with undisguisable sounds. He tried to stand up abruptly but slipped on the slippery bathtub.

Fan caught him and steadied him. "Yue…" he hugged his waist tightly. "How do you feel?"

Yue gazed down, blinking at his lover. Everything he saw was in high definition. He could not explain it but his vision was too vivid. He wiped his eyes again. "Fan… something is wrong with my eyes,"

Fan cupped his face and peered into his beautiful pale face. Noticing the pale pink pupils, he frowned deeply. "Can you see properly?" he held up his fingers. "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Two." Yue said blankly. even when he was looking straight ahead, he was able to see peripherals. He could actually see the dirty wall to his back. "I can see well… too well…"

"Dad!" Chen hugged him tightly. "I was so scared...."

Yue picked up him and hugged him tightly. "let's get out of here."

The bussing sound in his ears was slowly starting to clear. He could hear clamoring steps, hurried breathing, grunts, and groans coming from everywhere.

Frowning he cupped his ears tightly. it was fucking loud.

"Yue? Yue! What's wrong? Is it your head/" Fan anxiously hugged him close. "Does it hurt? Trexa... I think something is wrong." He gazed back at the tiny rat.

Yue shook his head. "it's too loud… its…"

It has been two years since he lost his hearing ability. He would usually copy Peng Peng's ability to transform into his animal form to hear anything, but as years progressed his hearing ability improved drastically. He was able to hear a whisper of conversation.

But not this clear.

It was like a huge block was removed from his ear.

He could hear everything.

He could even hear Chen and Fan's rushed heartbeats, Shao's loud sighs, and Tian small pants. He could hear them all with accuracy.

He frowned deeply gazing at the iron wall up ahead of him. He could hear a lot of footsteps rushing toward them and the grunt and growls were too annoying to listen to.

Cupping his ears, he gazed at Fan. "We need to go. They are surrounding us,"

Fan looked at the door. "Its fine. We can handle it."

"no... there are too many," Yue counted the number of footsteps. "at least a few hundred and they all sound very strong. We have to go." He turned back and punched the wall behind him. The concrete wall shuttered creating a huge gaping hold.

For a second he gazed at his fist in surprise,

His strength ability has not developed a lot in these years he was only able to create a small hole if he tried but only after a lot of punches, he would be able to create an entrance like this.

But now with a simple punch he created a gaping hole like this.

He gazed back at Fan gaping. "Something is terribly wrong with me,"

"Your fine babes," Fan kissed his cheeks. And lifted the little girl up in his arms. "let's go!"

Everyone rushed out.

Yue curiously looked at the little girl in Fan's arms. She was obediently hugging his neck but the weird leaves wounding around her neck were moving around. "Who is this?"

"a zombie I picked up," Tian said with a grin. "Welcome back to the land of the living,"

Yue grinned. "You look like shit,"

Tian wiped the blood off her face. "This buddy, this is all due to you,"

Yue's smile faded slightly. "Are you hurt?"

"Nah zombie blood," Tian ran up to him and patted his back. "don't follow pig teammates you are guaranteed to get hurt or even lose a limb."

"I'm so sorry Yue!!" Murong Shao sobbingly while taking down a bunch of zombies.

Yue weirdly looked at him. "Wow you look so ugly when you cry,"

Shao whimpered. "I'm so sorry... we shouldn't have come out with so little protection. We shouldn't have ventured far…"

"Hey it's fine," they all were running into the roadways.

The zombies that seemed to be scared initially were rushing at them with gusto.

It was very unlike the zombies he met.

Frowning he looked around. 'What is the difference?'

Only the new zombie girl was the difference. But even that shouldn't have induced the zombies like this.

"What is going on? They look…... crazy" he asked the question that was irking him.

"Well, I don't know," Fan mumbled with a grunt. he kicked the zombie that was rushing up ahead of them. "The car. We need to get to our car,"

"it's not possible," Tian said cursing under her breath.

In a span of few minutes, a few thousand zombies had come out of nowhere and were surrounding them. "We have to fight back…"

"Fuck why do they look like rabid creatures? They usually don't act like this," Shao whispered, wiping his face.

Yue held Fan's hand whilst hugging Chen close to his body. "What is making them act out?"

"Squeak!!" a small squeak interrupted him.

"Trexa? Hey baby, you're here too." He felt a small thing squished in between himself and Chen. It was likely Chen had placed Trexa in his pocket. "its not the time to squirm around baby." He squirmed as Trexa's movements brought a slight tingling sensation.

"She says they are after the lotus," Chen shouted out loud.

"What lotus? We don't have a lotus." Yue questionably patted Chen's back.

"We do!" Fan held up the zombie girl. "Fuck they are after her,"

"Should we just drop her?" Shao whispered dreadfully.

Tian glared his way. "Shut your trap. We can fight our way out of this,"

"We are fucking surrounded by thousands of these things and you think we can fight our way out. It's impossible," Shao shouted as he pushed a group of zombies with his metal door-like structure.

Yue carefully observed these zombies. They did not seem to be using their powers. Only pushing forrad towards them. It was wild behavior for sure.

"They seem reluctant to use powers. Fan give me your hand," he held his lover's hand thereby copying his ability. "let's burst them out of our way. we can't die right here. not today,"

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