Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough

Chapter 875 Angry Elder Song
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"Nooo-! How can this be!? How did I lose when I rolled a five!?"

"Haha! Looks like I'm the one who is going to be staying in the sect! With this, I should have more than enough time to breakthrough to the Nascent Soul Realm and become an official sect elder!"

"Ah-! How is this possible, I rolled a one!?"

"Wow... Never expected someone to be that unlucky. Hehe, at least you ended up as my opponent!"

Arriving at the small pavilion where the group of elders had gathered together to find out who would stay in the sect and who would be leaving, Elder Song could only stare speechlessly at the group of elders as they were all rolling dice while loudly exclaiming every time, they rolled a dice.

Even if Elder Song had seen a lot of different things during the time he had acted as the person in charge of the Flying Sword Sect- and now the Star Shattering Sect's internal matter, this was still a first to him.

"What are all of you doing…?" Realizing that none of the elders had noticed him and come over to explain what was happening, Elder Song could only make his presence known as he asked this-

"Who- Ah!? Elder Song?!"

"What!? Elder Song is here!?

"Finish- We have to finish the game of chance and figure out who will be going and who will be staying!"

As a result, the elders who had been fully focused on rolling dice to figure out who would stay in the sect and who was going to leave, started panicking, as they scrambled to finish things up before Elder Song began to talk about the expansion of the sect and asking who would be willing to leave the sect to secure the new territory of the sect.


Seeing this, Elder Song who had just asked to figure out what the group of elders were up to, could not help narrowing his eyes upon seeing how desperate the group of elders were to finish the game of dice they were playing. Not understanding why these elders were so absorbed in the dice rolling game… But given that he was not too busy at the moment, he decided to wait for them to finish before moving on to what he was planning to talk to them about.

After all, he was the one who had suddenly shown up while they were in the middle of enjoying a good time together. However, as he continued waiting for them to finish their game of dice up, Elder Song could not help wondering why the elders had suddenly gathered together like this without him hearing anything about it.

Considering that so many elders were involved in this hangout event, it should have taken a few days to plan and spread around to make sure that the different elders didn't have something else to do. Not only that, but he could also hear them mention something about leaving the sect every time they lost or won-

Don't tell me…

Suddenly realizing something, Elder Song's face could not help darkening as he stopped waiting and instead made his way over towards the group of elders still busy rolling dice, causing most of the Nascent Soul Realm Elders to stop what they were doing before turning to look towards the approaching Elder Song.

"Hm? Elder Song is coming over!? Could it be we took too long, and he grew impatient?"

"Who knows, we can only wait and see for now…"

Under the observant eyes of all the Nascent Soul Realm elders present, Elder Song came to a stop directly behind one of the outer sect elders. Unfortunately for this outer sect elder, his strength was only in the Core Formation Realm, so he didn't notice the fact that Elder Song had appeared behind him and was still nervously rolling dice with another outer sect elder, who had similarly not noticed Elder Song.

"Greetings Elder Fire Lama, I just arrived and was wonder why everyone is rolling dice? Is it just for the fun of it, or is it because of something different?"

Hearing the question asked by Elder Song and the answer from the outer sect elder, all of the Nascent Soul Realm Experts watching from a distance could not help shivering as they suddenly realized what was happening. However, they did not have a chance to inform Elder Fire Lama before he answered Elder Song's question.

"Haha, of course not! It's to decide who among us will be the unlucky ones to leave the sect when Elder Song decides to- Wait… Y-you are- E-Elder Song!?" Happily laughing due to him just winning his match before answering the question of who he thought to just be an elder that had arrived late, the outer sect elder called Elder Fire Lama suddenly realized that the person behind him was none other than Elder Song.

"Hm… I see… To decide who is unfortunate enough to be the one to leave the sect…" Smiling ominously as he said this, all of the elders inside the small pavilion felt a shiver run down their spine as they understood that Elder Song was angry, something that rarely happened and only a few elders from back during the time of the Flying Sword sect had experienced before.

To be honest, these elders had never thought they would ever get to see a kind elder like Elder Song angry before and had doubted the few elders who had told them about it-

"Well… Seeing as all of you are unwilling to leave the sect and just want to stay here and laze around, I thought of a perfect way to arrange the upcoming allocation of who will be leaving the sect to stabilize the new territory. Hehe, it just so happens that the number of people present here should be just enough to stabilize the new territory that will become part of the sect over the next few years.

And now that I think about it, the alchemists from Alchemy Hall requested me to send over a few elders to gather some rare spiritual herbs and other materials for them. At first, I was wondering where I would be able to get any elders considering how busy we are going to get over the next few years, but… From the looks of it, all of you here won't have much to do before the new territory is under the sect's control, so sending all of you to work for a bit in the Alchemy Hall shouldn't be much of a problem.

Haha, I can already see how motivated all of you are, no need to thank me, I will get going and make sure to let the Alchemy Hall know about it."

However, as they watched Elder Song leave after saying this, they realized just how scary an angry Elder Song was!

Even if he didn't out right say how unhappy he was about them doing something like this in order to continue cultivating in the sect without doing anything to help out the sect, all of the elders in the small pavilion, were filled with fear as they looked in the direction that Elder Song had left in.

The few short words he had said before leaving had essentially doomed them to be outside the main sect for the next ten or so years!


However, among the group of elders gathered in the small pavilion, the one who had ended up losing the most, was the former grand elder of the half spirit race.

Although, he had been the one to gather all of elders to figure out who would be leaving the sect and who wouldn't, he had only done this under the request of another elder from the half spirit race, who didn't want to leave the sect because he was close to a breakthrough and wanted to make use of the qi present in main sect to speed up this breakthrough.

After all, with his strength at the Peak of the Nascent Soul Realm, he wouldn't have to leave the sect under normal circumstances and would not be among the elders required to leave the sect to help stabilize the new territory of the Star Shattering Sect.

Increasing his strength and possibly reaching the Domain Lord Realm was far more important and the current Star Shattering Sect did not lack Nascent Soul Realm Experts. Especially considering that a large number of the former Peak Core Formation Realm Experts from both the Flying Sword Sect and the Spring Flower Sect had managed to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm after spending a few years on the Seventh Star Peak.

Because of this, the former grand elder of the half spirit race was filled with regret as he looked in the direction that Elder Song had left in. Regretting that he had agreed to the request back then.

As for going against the arrangements set up by Elder Song? That was not something he dared to do… No matter what, Elder Song was still the current Vice Sect master!

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