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79 Hold On

Looking at the Big Dipper formation above, the Phecda Star position had already lit up.

This Flying Cloud Meteor Sword was the same as Cheng Xu's Nine-Layered Flame Wave. Every time it increased by a star position, its power would increase by a level.

Once Phecda appeared, Xue Jingcheng was obviously powerless to resist!


The dazzling sword radiance fell like a meteor, leaving behind a dazzling light shadow.

Xue Jingcheng roared and tried his best to resist, but the sword light penetrated his body, and the surging black gas and mucus around him solidified.

In the next second, Xue Jingcheng's head fell to the ground amidst the cheers of the audience, turning into a headless corpse that stood proudly on the field.

However, just as the Righteous Sect thought that Yan Changfeng had won, the Blood Demon Sect Master and the others were not moved at all. Instead, they were laughing secretly.

"What do you mean? That person is still alive?" The Righteous Sect forces were shocked.

"Really? He didn't die?"

"No, Xue Jingcheng's body still seems to be breathing!"

While everyone was in shock, Yan Changfeng, who was on the field, also noticed the abnormality. His gaze was fixed on Xue Jingcheng's headless body, and his eyes were filled with shock.

He could feel a terrifying power gathering in Xue Jingcheng's body.

In the spectator stands, Fu Yunzi and the others stood up in shock, unable to understand the scene before them.


Xue Jingcheng's neck broke, and black sticky liquid gushed out like tentacles, wrapping around like a snake on the ground and dragging it back to its original position.

As the black mucus wrapped around and squirmed, Xue Jingcheng's body recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye. A trace of madness and malevolence appeared on his face.

"Yan Changfeng, right? You're very strong." Xue Jingcheng's body squirmed with black mucus. "Among the cultivators of the same generation that I've come into contact with, your attainment in the Way of the Sword is undoubtedly the strongest. Unfortunately…Your opponent is me."

Yan Changfeng hovered above the flying sword quietly. The Seven Star formation above his head was blinking. The strongest attack was still waiting for him.

"You deserve to be proud for the rest of your life for forcing me to use the Sky-Devouring Demon Technique!"

The skin on Xue Jingcheng's entire body cracked, and countless black mucus poured out like a flood. In the blink of an eye, it drowned half of the arena.

Then, amidst the uproar, a large amount of black mucus rolled up like a huge wave, forming a huge demonic shadow that covered the sky.

The specter opened its mouth wide as if it wanted to swallow the entire arena.

At this scene, the hearts of the Righteous Sect people rose to their throats.

Yan Changfeng could naturally feel the power of the demonic shadow, but there was no fear in his eyes. The Megrez Star position above his head lit up resolutely, and he turned into a shooting star with the sword light.


The surging black gas in the huge mouth of the demon shadow was forcefully broken through by the Meteor Sword Light, but in the blink of an eye, it was swallowed by the demon shadow that covered the sky and the sun.

"Senior Brother Yan!"

"Brother Yan!"


On and off the stage, everyone from the Righteous Sect voiced out their concerns. Fu Yunzi could not help but want to make a move.


A cold light pierced through the darkness behind the specter, emitting a dazzling sword light.

Xue Jingcheng's groans and screams were heard on the field. The huge shadow shrunk rapidly like a deflated ball, turning into a figure that landed on the ground in a sorry state. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

Obviously, he did not expect his Sky-Devouring Demon Shadow to be broken!

However, just as the Righteous Sect heaved a sigh of relief, Yan Changfeng's figure had already fallen onto the stage weakly. He stood proudly on the stage with the help of his sword. His entire body was stained with a large amount of black mucus, and his aura was rapidly weakening.

He circulated the Sword Technique with difficulty, trying to draw the Sword Qi into his body again.

Yes, even at this moment, Yan Changfeng still did not retreat!

Because he not only carried the glory of the Cloud Sect on his shoulders, but also the glory of the Righteous Sect of Mini Southern Heaven. Therefore, he could not fall in this battle no matter what.

At this scene, all the Righteous Sect members below the stage stood up to express their respect.

Even the Demonic Sect members led by the Blood Demon Sect Master could not help but reveal looks of admiration.

"Forget it…"

Fu Yunzi sighed and appeared beside Yan Changfeng, stopping him.

He knew very well that if Yan Changfeng drew the Sword Qi into his body again, the damage to his meridians and Vital Qi would be irreparable, and his future would be ruined.

"Brother. I can still fight!" Yan Changfeng still had an unyielding look on his face.

"It's good that you did your best. It's okay if you lose."

Fu Yunzi smiled gently and injected his Dharma power into Yan Changfeng's body to protect his meridians. He then turned to Xue Jingcheng, who was on the other side, and said coldly, "Devil brat, the Righteous Sect admits defeat in this battle. Hurry up and remove your black water!"

Xue Jingcheng took a deep breath and stepped forward to extract the black water from Yan Changfeng's body. He then cupped his fists slightly at Yan Changfeng to show his respect and approval.

Yan Changfeng's loss was not embarrassing.

10:35 𝒻𝓻𝘦𝑒𝓌𝑒𝓫𝓷𝑜𝓋𝘦𝓵.𝓬𝘰𝓂

Many orthodox disciples were infected by Yan Changfeng's valiant fighting spirit, and their eyes Yan Changfeng's loss was not embarrassing.

Many orthodox disciples were infected by Yan Changfeng's valiant fighting spirit, and their eyes turned red.

"Brother Yan is indeed worthy of the title of the number one prodigy of the Righteous Sect."

Huyan Lie and the other two looked at each other, completely convinced by Yan Changfeng.

On the Medicine Celestial Valley side, everyone admired Yan Changfeng, including Cheng Xu.

Although he had some complaints about the Cloud Sect, Yan Changfeng's character was indeed impeccable.

In Cheng Xu's opinion, if Xue Jingcheng did not have the help of the black sticky liquid, he would not be a match for Yan Changfeng at all.

"Hahaha, as expected of Heaven's Favorite of the Cloud Sect. You're indeed outstanding!" The Blood Demon Cult Master laughed and stood up. He first praised Yan Changfeng, then his eyes fell on Fu Yunzi. "This time, the fiends won by a narrow margin, but we also recognized the name of the Demon Suppression Martial Competition!"

Fu Yunzi gestured for the disciples of Cloud Sect to help the weak Yan Changfeng down. He looked at the Blood Demon Sect Master calmly and said, "I keep my word. Since the devil's pride is stronger, I'll give this to you."

"Haha, Fellow Daoist Cloud Sect is a man of his word!"

Blood Demon Sect Master and the others were overjoyed. Their eyes were fixed on Fu Yunzi's hand.

It was a palm-sized bronze magic treasure fragment. Its surface was engraved with fine and unique patterns, and it emitted shocking spiritual energy fluctuations.

Seeing Fu Yunzi helplessly hand over the treasure, the Righteous Sect members sighed with regret.

As for the fiends, they were all grinning from ear to ear.

However, just as the Blood Demon Cult Master was about to step forward to take the bronze fragment, he was interrupted by a young voice below the stage.

"Wait!" Cheng Xu slowly walked out of the line.

All eyes were on Cheng Xu, not knowing what he was going to do.

A strange look flashed across Fu Yunzi's eyes as he quietly put away the bronze fragment.

"What are you trying to do, kid?" The Blood Demon Sect Master was furious."

"Speaking of which, the competition between the two sides hasn't ended yet, right?" Cheng Xu asked with a faint smile.

The crowd gasped as they understood Cheng Xu's intentions.

"What do you mean? Cheng Xu still wants to fight?"

"Are you kidding me? How can he be Xue Jingcheng's match?"

"If he was in the Mid-stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, he might have a chance, but he's only in the Early Stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage!"

The crowd couldn't understand Cheng Xu's actions, including the demonic cultivators.

Seeing that he was about to get the item, the Blood Demon Sect Master was so angry that he gritted his teeth when he was suddenly interrupted by Cheng Xu.

In the spectator stands, Dan Yang and Chi Yao were furious.

"Little Cheng, what are you doing! Leave quickly!" Daoist Chi Yao said anxiously.

"Master and Senior, please rest assured. I know what I'm doing." Cheng Xu smiled and glanced at Xue Jingcheng. "He's only in the Late-stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm. He might be able to fight."

Hearing this, the crowd exclaimed and whispered.

Some people thought Cheng Xu was arrogant, while others thought he was brave.

Cheng Xu's thoughts were also very simple. As long as he defeated Xue Jingcheng, the champion of the Suppressing Demon Martial Arts Competition would naturally be him. He could also get a reputation of turning the tide, so why not?

Most importantly, he and "it" were both very interested in the black mucus in Xue Jingcheng's body.

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