Dad, Please Try a Little Harder

Chapter 40 - 40 Rewarding You with Mastery in All Vehicle Classes!
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Chapter 40: Chapter 40 Rewarding You with Mastery in All Vehicle Classes!

After receiving input from the experts, Li Zihe communicated with his junior Zhao Baiyu and shared with her the information about his sister's friendship with Qian Quan. He also expressed his concern.

Zhao Baiyu said, "In November, there will be an intercollegiate newcomer competition in Azure Bay. If he participates, I'll give it a try."


"But, I still choose to trust my own judgment and intuition. When I first met him, he was definitely a beginner. If there really was such a martial arts master in my hometown, how could there be no news at all?"

Li Zihe replied, "I might have overthought it. He gained the upper hand in our meeting that day, and it made me suspicious these past few days."

"You're overthinking because you care too much."

"Perhaps. Let me know in advance when the newcomer competition starts, and I'll be there to support you."



On Wednesday, Guo Hongyi finalized the roster for the 3+2 basketball match.

There were five male players, including Qian Quan and Guo Hongyi himself. Surprisingly, there were fifteen female sign-ups. Guo Hongyi screened out ten of them based on free throw tests.

In the afternoon, Guo Hongyi took the team to the court for their first practice session.

Before the official training, Guo Hongyi first explained the rules to a few female players while Qian Quan demonstrated on the side.

"Firstly, carrying the ball while running is a foul. You have to dribble while walking. Also, once you stop dribbling, you can't continue..."

The female students listened attentively, and one of them asked, "What is offside then?"

"That's soccer. Basketball doesn't have offside. Also, you can't use your feet to kick the ball in basketball."

"I see."

"Let's continue..."

It took Guo Hongyi about fifteen minutes to go through the basic rules of basketball.

The female students indicated that they remembered.

However, during the group training, except for two who already understood basketball, the other three played as they pleased.

There were those who ran forward with the ball shouting, aggressively snatched the ball from the opponent's hands, and pressed their arms against their opponents to defend...

Ignoring rules and tactics for now, the girls outshined the boys in terms of aura and a belief in victory.

In any case, several boys watched with a mixture of confusion and amusement.

After finishing the daytime class training, in the evening, Qian Quan had to go to the basketball gym for the school team's practice and a friendly match against the visiting Fudan University team.

This match had been brewing since he returned from Fudan University on Saturday.

The two games Qian Quan played at the Fudan University basketball court had been talked about more and more mysteriously, affecting the morale of others.

The fact that two key players from the Fudan University team were humiliated by a freshman from Seacoast Normal University had become quite embarrassing. They were made to look like kindergarten kids in front of him.

Captain Han Xun thought it over carefully and decided to lead the team to visit Seacoast Normal University to reclaim their pride.

After all, basketball was a team game of five players. Even if Qian Quan was as formidable as the legends said, he couldn't single-handedly defeat their entire team.

At worst, they could use a box1 strategy to lock him down.

Double-team him whenever he got the ball!

Before coming to Seacoast Normal University, the Fudan University team had prepared three plans and six sets of tactics.

However, they still missed one thing.

On that day at the Fudan University basketball court, Qian Quan held back and didn't give his all.

And yes, basketball was indeed a team game of five players. But if there was one player who could activate the other four and coordinate the entire team, these five players could unleash a combat power beyond imagination.

Therefore, from the moment the game started, with not many spectators present, the tone for this match was already set.

Qian Quan didn't attempt a shot in the first three minutes of the game, but he managed to deliver five assists and made two steals.

As the opponents were planning to adjust their defensive strategy slightly, Qian Quan hit three consecutive shots, all of which went in.

By the halfway point of the game, Seacoast Normal University was leading by 15 points, and the opponents began to show signs of restlessness, with their actions becoming more aggressive.

The match was becoming more intense.

The opposing center, who stood two meters tall, showed a fiery demeanor, shouting angrily at the defensive players after every score.

In one offensive play by the Fudan University team, the tall center received the ball and was about to make a layup, but suddenly, Qian Quan swiftly cut in, executed a fast counterattack, and scored.

"Foul play!"

In his frustration, the tall center cursed.

"He cut the ball away very cleanly!" Yu Liangce corrected.

"Fine! So, this is how you want to play, huh? Fine!"

The tall center was clearly agitated. In the subsequent offensive play by the Seacoast Normal University team, he watched as Qian Quan dribbled into the paint and easily got past him. Just as Qian Quan was about to go for a one-handed layup, the tall center pushed his waist from behind.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

Seacoast Normal University team's other players quickly shouted to stop the situation.

Qian Quan managed to put the ball in and adjusted his balance in an instant, stabilizing himself just as he was about to fall.

If it were an ordinary player, they would have definitely taken a hard fall this time.

Getting up, without saying a word, Qian Quan walked through the crowd and swiftly pushed the tall center to the ground with a palm, causing him to slide back more than two meters.

Before he could get up, Qian Quan moved like a swallow skimming over the water, chasing him and pressing his knee on his chest, fist suspended above him.

"You're no good at basketball, and you're even worse at fighting."

As the words fell, a punch landed on his nose.


The tall center let out a pained cry as blood gushed from his nose.

"Qian Quan!"

Others hurriedly stepped forward to intervene.

Qian Quan had already stood up, saying, "Using such career-ending moves on the basketball court, you don't deserve to play basketball."

His punch just now hadn't used much force, serving as a warning.

However, everyone was stunned by Qian Quan's skill and presence. They hadn't expected him to be not only skilled at basketball but also fierce in fighting.

Seeing him about to leave, they automatically cleared a path for him.

The tall center was also scared by Qian Quan's actions, silently dealing with the nosebleed without saying a word.

Being two meters tall, he was easily pushed by Qian Quan, and when Qian Quan's knee and fist suppressed him, he lost all courage to resist. It was too frightening.

That scene was probably something he wouldn't forget for the rest of his life.

From now on, whenever he considered starting a physical altercation on the court, he would remember that bitter punch.

The visiting match eventually ended on a sour note.

Han Xun felt deep regret; he had created an opportunity, but it ended up in a loss both in the game and reputation-wise. He was worried it would cast a bigger shadow over his team.

The next morning, Qian Quan received an apology from Han Xun and the tall center. He didn't hold a grudge against them.

For him, this incident had already turned a page last night, not something worth lingering on.

His current concern was his father's subject four driving test today.

After achieving all three subjects with perfect scores, his dad aimed to obtain his driver's license by October and planned to pick up the car on October 1st.

At 11 a.m., his dad hadn't shared any good news in their group chat, and the system unexpectedly gave him a notification.

[Ding! The system detects that your dad passed the C2 driver's license test, rewarding you with mastery in all vehicle classes!]

In the next moment, it felt as if Qian Quan had put on a pair of AR glasses, entering a virtual driving space.

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