Dad, Please Try a Little Harder

Chapter 43 - 43 "Southwest Phoenix" Lin
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Chapter 43: Chapter 43 “Southwest Phoenix” Lin


The next day, before Qian Quan and his father set off for Pearl Town to look at cars, he secretly called his cousin.

His cousin had opened a car parts shop in Pearl Town and also worked part-time at a local Automobile Trading Center as an intermediary, helping connect customers and handling the purchase of used cars.

“Hey, just be honest with me. If 1 have a budget of 150,000, what’s the best value-for-money car I can buy from you right now?”

Didn’t Uncle say the budget was 100,000? Why is it 150,000 now? Even if you’ve added an extra 50,000, there’s no need to be in such a hurry,” his cousin laughed.

Never mind what my dad said. Just tell me, with a budget of 150,000, which car can get you the highest commission and give us the best value?”

If you buy from me, don’t worry about my commission…

That’s impossible. When we buy from you, on the one hand, we want to avoid pitfalls, and on the other hand, we want to boost your performance.”

“Alright, 1 get it. With a 150,000 budget, rhe Geelystar is a good choice. It’s domestically produced but equipped with a Volvo 2.0TD Engine with a 7DCT Combination and uses the McPherson front suspension…”

Okay. Stop right there!

Qian Quan occasionally watched luxury car reviews in short videos. After all, everyone in those videos seemed to have a Ferrari. But he only cared about the exterior design, interior screens, and special features like the starry roof. He had never seriously studied the technical specifications.

He wondered if those who truly owned luxury cars cared about those details.

Did 1 lose you? Occupational hazard,” Qian Quan’s cousin laughed on the phone.

Just explain it in a way 1 can understand.”

Okay, it’s a high-quality domestic sedan. And I can get the maximum commission from it.”

Deal!” Qian Quan trusted his cousin.

I want to discuss something with you. Later, you can recommend this car to my dad. Regardless of the final price, deduct 50,000. I’ll transfer the money to you later. As for the contract and pitch, you can figure it out. But please, keep this a secret from me.”

Buying a car from the Automobile Trading Center was different from directly going to an Automobile Dealership. There was a lot more flexibility in the process.

What do you mean? Where are you getting all this money from?

Didn’t you see the video shared in the Love and Unity Family1 chat group?”

“I’m sort of a celebrity now. I’ve joined the Content Creator team and have made new videos. The feedback is great. Asking for an advance on my salary shouldn’t be an issue.”

Then why do you keep it a secrecy?”

It’s like a loan. If my parents knew, they’d disapprove. Just help me out this once. 1’11 treat you to dinner later.”

His cousin hesitated for a moment, then said, “Okay, for your good intentions, I ll help you this time.”

Great, see you later.”

After hanging up, Qian Quan sighed softly. He needed to start making money. He wanted to buy things for his parents openly and generously.

In his imagination, he would’ve taken his father straight to the BMW Dealership that day, swiped his card, and driven a beautiful car back home.

He shouldn’t have to be sneaking around just to get his dad a slightly better car.

Upon arriving in Pearl Town, they first visited the cousin’s shop. Qian Quan and his cousin exchanged a knowing glance. The cousin gave a slight nod, indicating that everything was under control.

Later, the cousin drove them to view cars.

Along the way, he took on rhe persona of an insider and recommended the Geelystar to Qian Wenlin. He even fabricated an internal promotion for the National Day.

I have only one slot for this National Day internal promotion. I’m not planning on buying a car anytime soon. So, Uncle, it s up to you if you want it. With the same budget, you get a car worth 50,000 more.”

You’re saying we can get a 150,000 car for under 100,000, right? Itrs not second-hand, is it?” Qian Quan voiced his disbelief.

“Rocky, if you keep talking nonsense, I ll smack you. Even if I was utterly unscrupulous, 1 wouldn’t dare sell a used car as new to my uncle,” the cousin feigned anger.

Qian Wenlin also scolded Qian Quan, “Watch your words.

“I’m just concerned that my brother might be deceived,” Qian Quan defended himself.

Don’t worry. We collaborate directly with the Automobile Dealerships. I’ll inspect everything before handing over the car.”

Therefore, Qian Quan’s father successfully set up the car purchase with their help.

Once at the dealership, Qian Wenlin repeatedly confirmed that transferring the promotional slot to another person wouldn’t cause his nephew any issues. Only then did he feel at ease signing the contract.

After all the paperwork, insurance, and temporary plates, it was the cousin who took care of everything. Qian Wenlin only needed to sign the documents.

In the end, it cost over 80,000.

You can leave the car at my shop for now,11 the cousin said. “Wait until the holidays are over to get your permanent plates, apply the window film, and install the dash cam.”

Or you could drive it home now and come back later to sort all that out.

“Why can’t we get the permanent plates now?” Qian Quan, who was sitting in the passenger seat, asked.

The Vehicle Registration Office is on vacation,” the cousin replied.

Oh, right,” said Qian Quan.

Well leave the car at your shop then.


The three of them drove back.

The cousin led the way, while Qian Wenlin followed behind in his new car, with his son tagging along.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Qian Quan had an intuition: driving this car would be a breeze for him.

Soon, they reached the cousin s shop. He joked, “Rocky, you see Uncle driving his new car; don’t you want to give it a try?11

Qian Quan chuckled.

Really want to try?”

A bit/’ said Qian Quan.

Alright, you can’t drive Uncle’s new car, but you can take mine for a spin,” the cousin said, showing interest.

No, he’s never driven before,” Qian Wenlin immediately interrupted.

It’s fine, Uncle. I’ll take him to a nearby training ground for a few laps. He has to learn sooner or later.”

Feeling a bit antsy, Qian Quan told his father, “I’ll be careful,” and got into the car with his cousin.

Not long after, they arrived at the training ground. The cousin parked the car and they switched seats.

Driving is actually very easy, easier than operating a tractor or riding a motorcycle. Let me first show you…”

Before the cousin could finish, the car had already started moving.

Huh?” The cousin looked at Qian Quan in astonishment.

Qian Quan skillfully controlled the steering wheel and started driving around the training ground at a moderate pace.

You’re right. Driving does seem pretty easy.

Qian Quan said and then accelerated.

“Hey, slowdown, Rocky…11 The cousin grabbed the armrest, both shocked and nervous.

Relax. I’ve got this,” said Qian Quan.

Seeing that Qian Quan was indeed driving very steadily and skillfully, the cousin relaxed a little and asked.

When did you learn to drive?

I just picked it up while sitting next to my dad on the way here.”

What?” The cousin gripped the armrest again.

Qian Quan laughed and executed an almost perfect reverse parking maneuver. He then parked the car and turned off the ignition, under the watchful eyes of his cousin whose eyes were as big as saucers.

Rocky, what’s going on here?”

I guess all that bumper car riding and video game driving paid off,” said Qian Quan.

“You must have some kind of gift!” The cousin looked at Qian Quan in disbelief, lighting a cigarette with trembling hands. “Hold on, I need a smoke to calm my nerves.”

Lin Xiaohuang crushed the cigarette butt into the ashtray on her nightstand, leaned back against the headboard, and let out a soft sigh as she stared at the ceiling.

People found it exceedingly difficult to resist their deepest physical and emotional desires, be they men or women.

Set the men aside first. For example, a woman wanted to find a new partner after divorce or widowhood. Beyond the need to rebuild a family , there was another reason she’d never dare utter aloud.

So, when individuals reverted to their primal instincts, they all became mere mortals, regardless of how glamorous or successful they might appear to the world.

Her philosophical musings were interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door opening.

A young man, handsome and well-built with an exposed upper body, walked out.

His abs were well-defined, almost as if chiseled by a knife.

Ms. Lin…” The young man spoke softly, revealing a charming smile as he approached the bed.

If you come any closer to this bed, 1’11 cut you where it hurts the most,” Lin Xiaohuang said indifferently.

The expression on the young man’s face changed abruptly. He stopped and took a step back.

Lin Xiaohuang reached into her nightstand and threw a bundled stack of money at him. “Go.”

The young man caught the money and quickly said, “Thank you, Ms. Lin,” before hurrying to put on his clothes and leave.

Once he had left, Lin Xiaohuang scoffed at herself, took out a stylish and slender cigarette, and was about to light it. She suddenly remembered a youn Taoist she had met some time ago.

He had introduced himself as Zhang Xiang er from Wu dang Mountain.

Tin Zhang Xiang’er from Wudang Mountain, a low-profile expert, but in the secular world, I’m the second young master of Nature Company, a rather mundane trust-fund kid.”

His claim of expertise wasn’t unfounded. After all, there were few who could snatch a cigarette from her.

As for being a trust-fund kid, it also seemed likely given that Nature Company was indeed a corporate giant.

None of that mattered, though. The most important was that he had been the first man to advise her to quit smoking.

Over the years, whenever she felt like smoking, the men around her had always offered a light. Only he had snatched her cigarette away, saying, “Smoking is harmful to your health!”

Little did he know, the packaging and printing of those cigarettes were part of her own company’s core business, which also produced two leading smoking-cessation products named “Linger” and “Fragrant and Lovely.”

So whether he was an expert or a rich kid, their fate ended there. She saw no potential between them.

What use did she have for a wealthy playboy skilled in martial arts?

As for love, it had been buried alongside her deceased husband five years ago.

Lost in these thoughts, her phone suddenly rang.

It was a call from Liang Xingchen, her company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Hello, Xingchen,” Lin Xiaohuang put away her distractions and focused on work.

A refined voice came through the phone, “Ms. Lin, I’ve reached an agreement with Wen Zhengxing: 2.6 billion, 39%. But he has a condition.”

What is it?

He insists on signing the contract with you, in person.

So, he wants me to go to Azure Bay, right?


Alright, let’s do it. It’ll give me an excuse to take Qinqin to Disney,” said Lin Xiaohuang.

Sounds good, I’ll let him know.

After hanging up, Lin Xiaohuang got dressed, performed her ablutions, and left the Phoenix Club.

Entering the new energy sector was a strategic move for her company, and they were already late to the game- no time to waste now.

She had to continue expanding the company her husband had left her, without skipping a beat.

She owed it not only to her husband’s trust but also to the title the industry had given her.

The Southwest Phoenix..

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