Dafeng's Night Squad

Chapter 1162 - 1162: Murder case (3)
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Chapter 1162: Murder case (3)

Translator: 549690339

“Chai Xian himself is a level five neutral jing, and he has the help of four iron corpses. If the patrol team were to encounter him, they would definitely die. So what?” someone said.

Chai Xing ‘er turned her head to look at Jingxin, who was sitting upright with her Buddha beads in her hand.

“The chai family is fortunate enough to invite a Buddhist monk to help us in this demon-slaying meet.”

The heroes present immediately looked at Jingxin and the others.

The monks clasped their hands together in a reserved manner and chanted the name of Buddha.

One of the gang leaders said, ‘

“An eminent monk of the Buddhist sect? I’ve lived in Xiang Zhou for more than half of my life, but this is the first time I’ve seen a Buddhist. How do you intend to help?”

Faced with everyone’s doubtful gazes, Jingxin took off the Buddha beads around his neck and said,

“This string of Buddhist beads has accompanied me for more than ten years. It has been baptized by the Scriptures and has become sentient over time. The search team can take one. When you meet Chai Xian, pour your Qi into the bead and I’ll know.” f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

Everyone’s eyes lit up, but they soon turned to doubt. The magistrate laughed and said, ‘

“You eminent monks have come from far away. I wonder what your cultivation is like. If you don’t mind, can you show it to everyone?”

Chai Xing ‘er looked at Jingxin and didn’t say anything.

Although with her recommendation, this group of people would not be rude, but if they wanted to convince people, the Buddhist monks could not just rely on their words.

Jingxin looked at his Junior Brother, Jingyuan. The latter nodded and stepped out of the ranks indifferently. He looked at the heroes.

“Who can make me take a step back?”

He spoke in a calm tone, as if he was stating a fact.

All the martial artists present raised their eyebrows at the same time. To a martial artist, this was simply a naked provocation.

After Jingyuan finished speaking, he put his palms together and a golden paint spot lit up between his brows. It quickly swam through his entire body. After a while, he seemed to have become a shining golden man.

“This, this is …’

A well-dressed gang leader examined him for a moment and said uncertainly,

“Could it be the Vajra power of the Buddhist sect?”

“It’s said that even in Buddhism, there are very few people who can cultivate the Vajra power.”

“This monk has some skills

The sound of discussion instantly rang out, and the buzzing sound of whispering could be heard everyvvhere.

“If I could master the Vajra power, I would be the number one master in Zhang province,” Wang Jun muttered.

“Rumor has it that Xu yinluo also knows the Vajra power,” Feng Xiu said as she thought of something else.

The two of them came back to their senses. Wang Jun looked around and asked in surprise, “‘Where’s senior?”

Only then did Feng Xiu realize that the senior from the ruined temple on the barren mountain had long disappeared.

Somewhere high in the sky far away from the demon-slaying meet, a huge Pagoda was suspended in the air. Xu Qi ‘an stood by the window and looked down.

The Xiang River was winding like a silver belt, the fields were irregularly distributed, and the mountains were like raised mounds.

He held the fragment of the book of the nether world and drove the Stupa to patrol the area within a radius of dozens of miles, but he did not see the Golden Dragon.

Time passed by, and it was almost noon. Xu Qi ‘an finally gave up. He put away the pagoda in a hidden place and returned to the demon slaying meet with the little mare.

The gathering had just ended. The big shots left in their carriages, and the Wanderers who came on foot also dispersed.


Xu Qi ‘an met Feng Xiu and Wang Jun again. From them, he learned that the eminent monks of the Buddhist League were in the limelight at the meeting.

The senior monk who had mastered the Vajra power stood on the stage for fifteen minutes. More than a dozen people went on stage one after another, but no one could move him.

“What a powerful Vajra Arts. With such an eminent monk participating, why worry about Chai Xian not being eliminated? The Buddhist sect is really powerful.”

Wang Jun said excitedly.

“I’m just afraid that Chai Xian will escape,” Feng Xiu shook his head.

Back at the inn, Xu Qi ‘an held a teacup and stood by the window, looking out.

“Maybe he didn’t receive your note.”

Mu nanzhi analyzed. after all, he’s already left. Maybe he’ll only go back once in a few days? ”

“It’s possible! However, with Chai Xian’s personality, he would not give up such a good opportunity to control the undead to confront Chai Xing ‘er. To him, the loss of one undead is insignificant.”

Xu Qi ‘an frowned. hasn’t he always wanted to prove his innocence? what is he worried about? ”

Since Chai Xian did not appear, Xu Qi ‘an’s plan to extract the Dragon Qi had failed. He felt a little uneasy and said, ‘

“I’m going out for a bit.”

He rode the little mare out of the city and flew all the way. The little mare passed through the official roads, fields, small roads, and finally arrived at the small village.

Under the curious gazes of the villagers, Xu Qi ‘an came to the entrance of the small courtyard.

The courtyard door was tightly shut.

He smelled a trace of blood.

Clang! Clang!

Xu Qi ‘an kicked the door open and rushed into the house. He saw three bodies.

They were lying in a pool of blood. The man’s body was beside the table. The young mother held her daughter tightly in her arms. The blood under the mother and daughter was dry and sticky. The two bodies were beside the bed.

The corpse was cold and stiff, and had been dead for a long time.

Based on the distribution of the bodies, it could be inferred that the man was killed first, and the woman subconsciously hugged her daughter in fear, trying to protect her, and then she was also killed.

The veins on Xu Qi ‘an’s forehead bulged..

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