Daily life of a cultivation judge

Chapter 803 Month quickly flies by (2)
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Chapter 803 Month quickly flies by (2)

?The lights flowing out of Yang Qing's body were of different colors with each color being a representation of an element. They flowed freely out of his body with a gentleness that soon turned active as they transformed into various creatures. There were birds one of which resembled the green swallow that Feng Xin used to track Peng Zhen and the rest. The swallow chirped with melodies that showed its clear excitement. With how lively it was, one could easily mistake it to be a real live swallow and not a manifestation of Yang Qing's qi and cultivation art.

Other than the green swallow, there were other birds too varying according to species but also their elements. The primary five elements looked to have been represented; water, earth, wind, wood, and fire. Other than them, there were also ones that were made of secondary elements such as lightning, metal, and light elements.

"Is this real?" Ma Ling asked with a dumbfounded expression as she saw a gold-colored doe move over to one of the orchids Ma Yuan had planted and smell it with delight, while a deep brown colored bee joyously buzzed towards one of the flowers that was ripened with nectar or a blue koi fish that started playing around with the aqua butterflies.

A few seconds ago she had just seen them being formed from the radiant light that surrounded Yang Qing. But despite what she saw, those creatures looked real and felt real. They were indivisible from the insects and birds that Ma Yuan had introduced to the place. Had she not seen how they were formed, she would have thought they were real spirit beasts.

"What cultivation art is this?" she muttered unable to even blink from the huge surprise.

Since being admitted to the Order, she had seen her fair share of wonderous arts as she walked around the Medical Valley when she wasn't undergoing medical valley, and what she had seen had upended her perception, and the scene before her had added onto it by a couple of levels.

She wasn't the only one in shock, with Ma Yuan having the same dumbfounded look as his daughter as he looked at the 'new residents' of the abode. One could argue his shock was even greater than hers. She was only in the foundation establishment realm, so it was understandable if her perception was low, but he was a seasoned core formation expert, he may be crippled now, but his senses as a veteran core formation expert were still there as he still had access to his spiritual sense and his body could still perceive certain profundities.

But just like her, he couldn't differentiate the creatures Yang Qing had reproduced from his qi from the ones he had introduced to the abode. He could see a crystal snow moth flying next to the lunar light bees like old comrades who had known each other since they were larvas. The lunar light bee was real, and the crystal snow moth was just made from Yang Qing's qi, but seeing the fly side by side, even with his spiritual sense deployed, he couldn't tell that the moth wasn't any less real than the lunar light bee it had befriended.

It wasn't just the moth, all the other spirit beasts produced were in every essence of the word, real and alive.

Their reaction wasn't all too surprising to Yang Qing. Purple- grade arts, were purple-grade arts for a reason. They were able to do the unimaginable. His universal light resonant of the myriad worlds art worked perfectly with his physique and he was able to do countless things with it. It wasn't the most offensive art, but from the few purple-grade arts he had seen, Yang Qing could biasedly say it was the most versatile.

Anything from wide-range reconnaissance to defensive and offensive moves, to array placing and dismantlement, to talisman refinement, to deciphering the elemental properties of his surroundings, he could do it all with the art, and the deeper his familiarity with the art became, the more Yang Qing was awed by it as he felt like it contained the blueprint and secrets of an entire world within it.

Take for example the creatures he had produced with the moveUniversal light resonant creatures. Each of the creatures produced was no different than the real thing as they had independent thoughts and feelings and were capable of independent actions, each with their specialty courtesy of the universal nature of Yang Qing's qi.

Take the green swallow for example that had taken to nesting in Yang Qing's head. It was composed of the wind element, which made it the best at tracking down things within the shortest timeframe. It was the best at tracking living thins, as it could follow the 'scent' of their qi that they leave in the air.

The crystal snow moth was the best to use for infiltration as it had the best skills in illusion because of the water element it had which was strong in yin qi. It could create and break illusions and was highly sensitive to the changes of its surroundings.

Every creature produced had its skills and since they were all made from Yang Qing, they adopted his judgment, among other things such as enormous qi reserves which was a great boon for them. Those creatures couldn't absorb qi, they could only survive off of what they had.

Yang Qing wasn't the only one who could reproduce almost sentient spells, others could too, and the reason why its usage wasn't as widely spread was because such spells would only last as long as the qi you used to produce them. Because of this, to others, it was a misuse, and they mostly used it for talismans, but to Yang Qing who had enormous reserves of qi, it was one of his favored techniques. With his current reserves, the creatures he had just created could remain in place for three days, and if they were forced to face an opponent at the quasi-palace stage they would last half that, and if they faced one who had just freshly broken through, they may last a few hours, provided their opponent wasn't a skilled palace realm expert and just a regular one with normal foundations.

"Ma Yuan, you can just continue what you were doing, just treat them as you would the rest.." Yang Qing said pulling Ma Yuan out of his dazed state.

Ma Yuan nodded his head, still slightly dazed by what he was seeing. It took him a couple of minutes before he got to the rhythm of things and he was able to ignore the shock that had assaulted him.

Ma Ling on the other hand decided to abandon her father as she gave in to her curiosity and decided to walk over to the gold-colored doe that was nibbling at some orchid leaves. The doe muzzled its nose at her in a friendly manner, which was all it took for Ma Ling's nervous apprehension to break as she cozied herself to the doe.

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