Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2859 Where?
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Chapter 2859 Where?

Leonel hadn't been there when Nilrem created the Merlin Trial Sub-Dimensional Zone. He had no idea what the Tablets had been capable of in the past.

But in the time that Leonel had had them in his possession, how could he not put a great deal of effort into studying them?

While he wasn't taking advantage of the most obvious abilities, this wasn't because he was a fool.

To Leonel, the techniques of the Tablets meant less to him after receiving the Godlen's Inheritance.

He had already had a huge issue with consolidating his talents. He couldn't stretch himself so thin by learning so many different kinds of techniques, so he had ignored them for now.

As for the ability to fuse and improve Lineage Factors and Ability Indexes, Leonel had already given his brothers and allies more than enough to chew on for several years. And for himself, he had yet to run into any Ability Indexes or Lineage Factors that moved him, so he likewise didn't feel the need to use it on himself.

For a long while, the most useful abilities of the Silver and Life Tablets to Leonel were their abilities in Challenge Sequences, and also their usefulness in terms of the history they held. Without the former, he would have been screwed over several times over and maybe even lost his life. Without the latter, he'd be flying blind a lot of the time.

As a man born in an Incomplete World, it wasn't exactly easy to learn about the history of so many families and organizations across countless universes.

Even so, once again, that didn't mean that Leonel had stopped analyzing the Tablets, and it was while researching that he noticed something curious.

The Second Dimension was the holder of many important things.

It was where the Regulator resided. It was where worlds like the Dream World or the Shadow World resided. It was where the impetus of life and consciousness resided... the location of where Dream Force bloomed.

What was interesting about this tidbit of information was that the Tablets seemed to be able to exert a great deal of influence on the Second Dimension. Wasn't that precisely why it was so useful during the Challenge Sequences? Wasn't that why it could fuse and change Lineage Factors and Ability Indexes? Wasn't it why it could copy those very same abilities from others, just from the faintest contact?

All of this could be brushed away until Leonel had a flash of inspiration.

What was a Sub-Dimensional Zone, exactly?

Back in the Void Palace, Leonel had entered a Dwarven Race Zone along with Aina. It was then that he realized that quite literally everything within a Zone was forged out of Dream Force.

Back then, he had somewhat thought about what this could do for him. He wondered if he could use Dream Force to copy or create other Forces, but he had ended up abandoning this path.

For one, he couldn't figure it out at the time, and how could he? His Dream Force wasn't even at the Impetus State. What right did he have to mimic a world's usage of Dream Force?

And second, he already had too many abilities. What use was copying others going to do for him other than put more on his plate? It was best if he focused on what he already had.

After that day, Leonel didn't really think about that moment again. And it felt even less necessary to think about after he left the Incomplete Worlds behind. What need was there to think about Zones when he would never come across them again?

And then it all clicked.

When all of these things were linked together...

The influence Tablets could exert over the Second Dimension...

The fact Zones were entirely constructed of Dream Force...

The fact Zones didn't just pop up out of nowhere and had to be constructed based on the existences that already influenced the Incomplete World...

Leonel realized something quite simple.

Why couldn't he use his Life Tablet to change the Zones?

The Life Tablet trembled in Leonel's Ethereal Glabella, and at that moment, so too did the Sub-Dimensional Zones.

He spread his arms wide and the pressure only seemed to increase.

He could feel a great deal of information flooding into his mind, information far more detailed than anything even Anastasia had been able to give him. He could even see a clear path toward exactly how to perfectly clear the Zones.

But he didn't enter either one of them.


Leonel's gaze flashed and the pressure he exerted reached its peak.


On the other side of the Force Arts, the Barbarian Race had already taken off their disguises.

Honestly, they were a bit bored. After realizing they were just facing Mortal Races, there was nothing to even get worked up about.

They had already been dissatisfied with the higher ups making them wait around and hide like scurrying rats. Even if it were Gods on the other side, they would have wanted the chance to battle.

Of course, this would have been a stupid decision had there actually been Gods on the other side. But no one ever accused the Barbarian Race of being intelligent. That was why Talon's existence was such an anomaly for them.

One of the Barbarian Race commanders yawned.

He was known as Ratine and he was probably one of the stronger existences here. He was in Tier 7 of the Seventh Dimension, and though less talented than Talon, he had already acclimated and had gained much of his weight back.

"Fury, are we just going to stand here? They already broke down the barrier. Why not go wipe them out already?"

Fury, a Barbarian Race member with a head of fiery red hair, stood in silence. Suddenly, he frowned.

Where was this feeling coming from?


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