Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5782: One Dao
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Chapter 5782: One Dao

None knew of his origin. Some believed that he came from Celestial Court; others claimed he was a human hiding his true background.

He had twelve wills despite the limitations during the previous epoch - one of the few with this achievement.

He stood at the apex but was rarely seen in battle. The great wars couldn’t pull him in either, hence his neutral reputation. For the most part, he didn’t pick a side, unlike Crimson or World Emperor.

As time passed, many emperors believed he had an agreement with the founder and three immortals of Celestial Court. Perhaps he was even part of the dao branch.

Some even claimed he was one of the five behemoths - Dao Ancestor.

“Profound Emperor.” World stared at him and said: “Looks like you have improved.”

“I owe it to you for pursuing me all this time, I became enlightened and saw the path.” Profound said.

He raised his hand, summoning a curtain. The world changed color upon its appearance.

The cloth’s age made its original color indiscernible. It also resembled a burial shroud, seemingly wrapping the myriad dao that have passed away.

It had nine tassels of different colors - azure, earth, yellow... Each seemed to be the physical manifestation of a supreme grand dao.

Their movements caused fluctuations across the realms, capable of shrouding the nine heavens and ten earths.

“Nine-heaven Shroud, refined from the nine heavenly dao.” Profound introduced the treasure.

“From the nine scriptures.” World had a serious expression.

“Indeed, it originates from Dao Ancestor who wishes to turn it into a paragon artifact.” Profound continued.

“That is not possible.” World said: “Dao Ancestor and Imperial Progenitor haven’t had the chance to create a grand-completion paragon artifact.”

“It’s coming.” Profound smiled: “And although it is incomplete, it should be able to suppress your Moon Embrace.”

“Then we’ll see who is the better creator between Stonesplitter Patriarch and Dao Ancestor.” World said.

This no longer became a competition between World and Profound Emperor since it involved two overlords of Celestial Court as well.

The shroud created by Dao Ancestor and left in the mortal world was found by Profound Emperor. As for Moon Embrace, it was one of the five armaments created early on by Stonesplitter Patriarch - his best and most successful works.

Outsiders didn’t know that the five overlords always competed with each other through various means. This was one of them.

Lord of Derivation was obsessed with life creation, eventually morphing into something despised by heaven and earth.

Imperial Progenitor of Myriad Realms founded the cultivation system for Trinity Epoch.

Dao Ancestor collected merit laws belonging to the nine heavenly scriptures. His effort was rewarded and he gained insight into all nine. Some believed that he had the highest attainment on this path.

Stonesplitter Patriarch might not be as far on the dao road as the others. However, his blacksmithing ability exceeded theirs.

In the distant past, the others wanted to ask him to create a paragon artifact for them since they couldn’t do so themselves. This was Stonesplitter Patriarch’s ultimate goal - refining a true artifact at grand completion.

The five armaments were prototypes - the pinnacle of Trinity Epoch’s blacksmithing system started by Stonesplitter Patriarch.

“Shall we?” Profound waved his shroud. Darkness enveloped the world.

“One Dao!” He did not hold back and turned into an inscrutable dao, unleashing the shroud’s full power. This was akin to nine heavens crashing down in unison.

Emperors felt like they were mere flies, unable to withstand the pressure.

“Bring it.” World Emperor’s battle spirit erupted dazzlingly, causing him to look like the sole lord of this world.

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