Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2361 - 2361 Settling Grudges
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2361 Settling Grudges

Yang Ruoxu’s Tribulation Transcendence caused a huge commotion and almost all the disciples of the academy were alarmed.

Observing the process of the Tribulation Transcendence could also allow other disciples to gain experience and insights.

Under the bombardment of the sixth Heavenly Tribulation, Yang Ruoxu fell and stood up again and again. His body became increasingly battered while his injuries were aggravated.

At this point of the Tribulation Transcendence, he had already used up all his trump cards.

He relied on the Righteousness Sword in his hand, his personal righteousness, and his fearless Dao Heart!


No one knew if he could survive.

“I wonder how many Heavenly Tribulations Senior Brother Yang can attract?”

“In his current condition, the Six of Nine Heavenly Tribulation is his limit. An additional level will kill him!”

Finally, the Six of Nine Heavenly Tribulation ended. The tribulation clouds retreated and light reappeared.

Yang Ruoxu lay in the huge pit created by the Heavenly Tribulation. His body was filled with electric arcs, and his aura was weak. He was practically half-dead, but he still gripped the Righteousness Sword tightly.

The Righteousness Sword had already transformed into a Six Tribulations Spirit Treasure after experiencing the baptism of the Six of Nine Heavenly Tribulation.

If he had the chance to temper and baptize it in the future, it could still reach the level of a Seven or Eight Tribulations Spirit Treasure.

As for whether it could become a Nine Tribulations Pure Yang Spirit Treasure, that would depend on luck.

“It’s finally over.”

Princess Scarlet Rainbow felt relieved and was the first to charge at Yang Ruoxu.

The four elders landed one after another. The Grand Elder extended his finger and tapped Yang Ruoxu’s body a few times to stabilize his injuries.

Elder Nine took out a few immortal pills and fed them to Yang Ruoxu.

Yang Ruoxu perked up. With Princess Scarlet Rainbow’s help, he tried his best to stand up and bowed. “Thank you, elders.”

The four elders nodded slightly and looked at Yang Ruoxu with satisfaction.

“Choose one of us as your masters.”

The Grand Elder smiled gently and said, “Among the four of us, Elder Five is the strongest in terms of combat strength.”

“Among the nine of us, he’s also the strongest.”

Elder Nine said, “If not, he wouldn’t have been able to control the immortal army of the academy.”

Elder Five looked at Yang Ruoxu and said, “Your aptitude is indeed not bad. It’s just that benevolence does not lead troops. You are not suitable to become my disciple.”

From Elder Five’s point of view, Yang Ruoxu was upright and chivalrous, and it was easy for him to fight for injustice. However, that also meant that he had a benevolent side in his heart.

“Become my disciple.”

The Grand Elder said, “I cultivated the Righteousness Sutra before. Although I gave up in the end, I still gained some insights.”

“Greetings, master!”

Yang Ruoxu did not decline and knelt down.


“There’s now one more cultivator in the academy’s legacy ground!”

The other three elders cupped their fists in joy.

The Grand Elder’s gaze landed on the many inner sect disciples below and he suddenly said, “There seemed to be a conflict here just now?”

Princess Scarlet Rainbow looked indignant and could not help but say, “It’s Chang Qi and the rest. They brought some immortal servants and barged into Ruoxu’s cave abode to snatch the Righteousness Sword. Thankfully, Senior Brother Su stopped them!”


The Grand Elder’s face darkened.

Yang Ruoxu had already joined the legacy ground to become a legacy disciple. As the Grand Elder and Yang Ruoxu’s master, he naturally had to stand up for Yang Ruoxu and deal with things for him!

“Elder Two, you’re in charge of discipline. How should we deal with this matter?”

The Grand Elder asked calmly.

Chang Qi and the others trembled and turned pale.

Elder Two smiled sinisterly and said slowly, “Chang Qi, you violated the sect rules. Although I can spare your life, I will cripple your cultivation and you will be expelled from the academy!”

“The other five inner sect disciples will be demoted to immortal servants and are not allowed to enter the inner sect again!”

“The remaining immortal servants are all expelled from the academy!”

Crippling his cultivation was a severe punishment—it was equivalent to Chang Qi’s many years of cultivation being destroyed overnight.

“I merely erred in the moment, please show mercy, Elder Two! Elders, please give me another chance!”

Chang Qi knelt on the ground and kowtowed, begging for mercy non-stop.

Elder Two was expressionless.

“It was Senior Brother Fang who asked me to…”

Chang Qi suddenly turned around and looked at Fang Qingyun in the crowd, ready to testify against him.

“Chang Qi, how dare you! At this time, you’re still talking nonsense and creating trouble everywhere!”

Fang Qingyun shouted and interrupted Chang Qi.

Elder Two frowned slightly.

He naturally knew what Chang Qi wanted to say.

However, Fang Qingyun was the number one inner sect disciple after all and was most likely to advance to the Perfected One realm next; there was no need to involve him.

This matter had to end with Chang Qi. It was not appropriate to involve too many people!

At that thought, Elder Two waved his robe and a divine light entered Chang Qi’s body, crippling his cultivation.

Chang Qi sat paralyzed on the ground, as if he had aged a hundred thousand years in an instant.

He looked at Fang Qingyun in the crowd and did not dare to make a sound.

He no longer had any cultivation. If he said another word, he might not be able to leave Heaven and Earth Academy alive!

“When your injuries stabilize, go to the legacy ground and choose a cave abode.”

The Grand Elder instructed again before leaving with the three elders.

Many inner sect disciples looked at Yang Ruoxu, Fang Qingyun, Su Zimo and the others with emotional expressions and lamented in their hearts.

Yang Ruoxu and Fang Qingyun had been fighting openly and secretly for many years.

Because Sword Immortal Yue Hua was backing Fang Qingyun, no one thought highly of Yang Ruoxu.

Over the years, many cultivators were unwilling to get too close to Yang Ruoxu.

However, no one expected that Yang Ruoxu would step into the Perfected One realm and become the Grand Elder’s disciple while Chang Qi would end up crippled.

In this competition, Fang Qingyun could be said to have suffered a crushing defeat!

Of course, some inner sect disciples knew that the situation was completely changed only because of the Sect Master’s in-name disciple, Su Zimo!

Although Yang Ruoxu had left the inner sect and entered the legacy ground, everyone knew that the inner sect of the academy was about to change.

On one side was Fang Qingyun, who had been there for many years. On the other side was Su Zimo, who was gaining fame!

Both of them were backed by legacy disciples!

The conflicts within the academy might become even more intense in the future!

“Congratulations, Senior Brother Yang.”

“Senior Brother Yang, I’m Qi Han. We completed a mission together previously.”

“Senior Brother Yang, you’re amazing. Please guide me in the future.”

Many inner sect disciples surrounded Yang Ruoxu and congratulated him.

Yang Ruoxu looked at the smiling faces of his fellow disciples and a trace of mockery flashed across the depths of his eyes. He felt a little nauseous.

Over the years, no one was willing to get too close to him.

A few days ago, his cave abode was still deserted.

Now that he had stepped into the Perfected Immortal realm, he could be said to have experienced a meteoric rise. Immediately, many fellow disciples came to congratulate him while reminding him of their relationship.

Yang Ruoxu held Princess Scarlet Rainbow’s hand and looked at Su Zimo, Liu Ping and his Dao child.

The few of them looked at each other and smiled. Their friendship was indescribable.

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