Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2362 - 2362 Zephyr Thunder Palace
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2362 Zephyr Thunder Palace

As a bystander, Su Zimo could naturally tell that the relationship between Yang Ruoxu and Princess Scarlet Rainbow was rising rapidly and had already exceeded that of fellow disciples.

This was not difficult to imagine.

When Yang Ruoxu was seriously injured, he was taken care of by a woman like Princess Scarlet Rainbow. She stayed by his side at all times and he felt both gratitude and affection towards her.

To begin with, Yang Ruoxu was an open and honest person. He was extremely righteous. The more Princess Scarlet Rainbow understood, the more she admired him.

As the two of them spent time together, it was understandable for them to develop feelings for one another.

If the two of them could achieve fruition and become Dao companions, Su Zimo would wish them well and be happy for them.

After this matter was over, Heaven and Earth Academy would regain a period of peace.

Su Zimo returned to his cave abode and prepared to enter seclusion again.

Before entering seclusion, he opened up an open-air courtyard in the depths of the cave abode and planted the Ashoka Tree Trunk he found in Avici.

The Green Lotus True Body could absorb a large amount of dense Heaven and Earth Essence Qi and gather it in this cave abode. While nourishing his body and bloodline, it would also nourish the Ashoka Tree.

It was still unknown if the Ashoka Tree could be revived.

But no matter what, he had to give it a try.

Once everything was ready, Su Zimo closed his cave abode and entered seclusion to cultivate.


After confirming that the Green Lotus True Body had settled down, the Martial Dao Prime Body prepared to leave and return to the Fiend Domain.

This time, he had Ming Zhen with him.

Once they were reunited with Yan Beichen, these three old friends from Tianhuang Mainland would naturally have a good drink together.

The Martial Dao Prime Body summoned the Hell Suppression Tripod and tore through the void, leaving Avici.

The moment he arrived above Asura Monastery, Ming Zhen sensed the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi again and immediately broke through the barrier of the Heavenly Essence realm to become a Heaven Immortal!

He was a Grade 9 Earth Immortal to begin with and had received Emperor Ananda’s inheritance. He had accumulated a lot and only did not break through because he was in Avici.

The Martial Dao Prime Body guarded at the side and raised his head slightly to look at the sky.

Avici formed a world of its own and could even isolate the descent of Heavenly Tribulations!

At that moment, no Heavenly Tribulation descended after the Martial Dao Prime Body appeared.

The existence of the Martial Dao Prime Body was a variable to begin with.

Back in Tianhuang Mainland, the Martial Dao Prime Body had resisted the summoning power of the upper world for Ji Yaoxue and the others. He faked his death using the Divine Punishment and stayed in Tianhuang Mainland for thousands of years.

At this moment, as long as the Martial Dao Prime Body retracted his aura and did not release the spirit consciousness power of the True Martial realm or any divine powers and secret skills, he could still deceive the world and escape the Heavenly Tribulations!

The Martial Dao Prime Body was careful as he slowly released a wisp of True Martial realm spirit consciousness.


Instantly, the skies changed drastically and a violent wind blew. Dark clouds enveloped the skies above Asura Monastery and the world dimmed rapidly with a terrifying might!

The Martial Dao Prime Body hurriedly retracted his aura and spirit consciousness.

The tribulation clouds did not dissipate immediately, as though there were a pair of eyes hidden within, looking down at the living beings in this area.

The Martial Dao Prime Body was like an old monk in meditation, his Martial Spirit silent in his consciousness.

After a long while, when the pair of eyes did not seem to notice anything unusual, the tribulation clouds in the sky gradually dissipated.

To the Martial Dao Prime Body, he was not in a hurry to undergo the Tribulation Transcendence.

Furthermore, Ming Zhen was breaking through beside him.

If he were to undergo the Tribulation Transcendence now, Ming Zhen would be the first to be struck to death by the Heavenly Tribulations!

Before long, Ming Zhen successfully stepped into the Heaven Essence realm and stabilized his cultivation realm. He opened his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief.

The Martial Dao Prime Body brought Ming Zhen to the nearest teleportation formation and prepared to return to Tianhuang Sect.

Fiend Domain, Tianhuang Sect.

There were thousands of cultivators gathered in the square outside the main hall of Tianhuang Sect. Most of them were Black Immortals and Earth Immortals. They were in an extremely sorry state and were covered in injuries with frightened expressions.

Furthermore, they were not cultivators of Tianhuang Sect.

Heavenly Wolf was in human form and sat in the main hall of the Tianhuang Sect imposingly. On both sides sat eight Heaven Immortal experts.

Apart from Yan Beichen, there were men and women among the other seven. They were all Grade 8 and 9 Heaven Immortals—they were the Seven Emotions Fiend Generals that Heavenly Wolf had recruited over the years!

When Yan Beichen woke up after returning from Avici, his injuries had already healed.

With Emperor Bo Xun’s legacy, the complete Fiend Obsession Buddha Karmic Sutra, and the inheritance of the Ji Du Saber, his cultivation speed was extremely terrifying. He was already a Grade 2 Heaven Immortal.

He was only slightly inferior compared to Heavenly Wolf.

Below the hall stood two Grade 3 Heaven Immortals, a man and a woman.

The man was tall and handsome, but there seemed to be an irreconcilable sadness between his brows.

The woman’s clothes were as white as snow and she was extremely beautiful. Her eyes were like water as she looked at the man with a hint of tenderness and love.

The two of them stood together like an immortal couple.

However, the two of them seemed to have traveled a long way. They looked tired and travel-worn, and they seemed to be injured.

The thousands of cultivators outside the hall were also brought over by the two of them.

“Greetings, Sect Master Heavenly Wolf.”

The melancholic man bowed.

Heavenly Wolf nodded slightly. “Tell me about your backgrounds. Why did you bring thousands of remnant troops to the territory of my Tianhuang Sect? Are you intending to submit to me?”

The man said, “I’m Gu Tongyou, from Zephyr Thunder Palace, an earth-grade sect in the heartland of the Fiend Domain. The thousands of cultivators we brought over are also from Zephyr Thunder Palace.”

Upon hearing the words Zephyr Thunder Palace, the Seven Emotions Fiend Generals and the others did not react.

However, Yan Beichen’s expression changed as he frowned slightly and looked at Gu Tongyou carefully.

Heavenly Wolf chuckled. “The only fiend tree of the Fiend Domain, the Undying Tree, lies in the heartland of the Fiend Domain! There, Heaven and Earth Essence Qi is rich and countless rare treasures are buried underground. Essence Spirit Mines and ancient ruins can be found everywhere.”

“That place is filled with killing every day. Every day, there might be sects and factions that completely disappear.”

“An earth-grade sect is nothing!”

Heavenly Wolf was once the Seven Emotions Fiend King. He followed Emperor Bo Xun to unify the entire Fiend Domain so he naturally knew every region of the Fiend Domain like the back of his hand.

Although Tianhuang Sect was a black-grade sect, it was located in a corner of the Fiend Domain where resources were scarce. Therefore, it had never faced much threats.

Gu Tongyou said, “Sect Master Heavenly Wolf, you’re right. Some time ago, Zephyr Thunder Palace was targeted by various factions. Experts appeared and joined forces with 18 other earth-grade sects to form the 18 Fiend Armies to attack Zephyr Thunder Palace!”

Heavenly Wolf raised his brow. “Seems like Zephyr Thunder Palace is rather capable to be able to alarm 18 sects and factions of the same level to join forces.”

“However, to be able to summon experts from 18 earth-grade sects, they must be even more powerful and have an impressive background!”

Gu Tongyou nodded. “The person in the lead is the Supreme Perfected Fiend of the current era, Yan Zui.”

Supreme Perfected Fiend!

Upon hearing these words, the Seven Emotions Fiend Generals trembled and fear flashed through their eyes.

Only the number one on the Perfected Fiend Ranking was qualified to become a Supreme Perfected Fiend!

Among the Perfected Fiends, no one was above him!

He was invincible among Perfected Fiends!

A Fiend General sneered, “Since the Supreme Perfected Fiend is there, is there a need to ally with other sects and factions? He alone is enough to destroy Zephyr Thunder Palace!”

“He’s not enough.”

Gu Tongyou shook his head slightly. “He fought against our Palace Lord but there was no clear victor.”

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