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Chapter 40 - Ranked 11th

Yun Ling had already been known by all the teachers and students of the Old Students Hall. They also knew that Yun Ling had displayed his powerful fighting strength in the Trial Platform.

Even the Junior Martial Apprentice Qu Min had been easily defeated by Yun Ling. They all wanted to know how strong Yun Ling had become.

On the second day, Yun Ling had yet to arrive at the Trial Platform. However, there were already a lot of older students in the Trial Platform. They knew that Yun Ling would definitely come back to the Trial Platform.

Yun Ling would indeed return to the Trial Platform. Before he came to the Old Students Hall, he had already made a small target. That was to get first place in the Old Students Hall's Fierce Wind Ranking.

“Yun Ling is here!”

A wave of exclamations suddenly sounded out in the Trial Platform.

All the older students quickly looked over and saw Yun Ling slowly walking towards them.

Seeing Yun Ling, they felt relieved.

After Yun Ling arrived at the Trial Platform, he directly went up to one of the Trial Platforms. His gaze swept across all the older students below.

“Who wants to fight with me?” His tone was indifferent.

When the older students in the Trial Platform heard Yun Ling's voice, they gritted their teeth. If Yun Ling was a member of their Old Students Hall, they would definitely admire him. However, it was a bit too arrogant for the older students from the Freshman Academy to come to the Old Students Hall.

The older students looked at each other. No one came up to the Trial Platform. They knew that they were no match for Yun Ling.

“It's really funny. Since when did our Old Students Hall become so easily looked down upon by the newcomers?”

Suddenly, a disdainful voice sounded in the ears of the crowd of senior students.

The crowd of senior students quickly looked towards the source of the voice. A student slowly walked over with an unruly expression on his face, as if he looked down on everyone.

“Xi Hao!”

The crowd of senior students was pleasantly surprised.

Xi Hao, one of the geniuses of the old students, was ranked 11th on the Fengyun Ranking. He was a Senior Martial Apprentice with a battle strength of 3020.

At this time, there were also some teachers in the training field. They were also here to see Yun Ling.

Under the attention of the crowd, Xi Hao walked up to the Trial Platform where Yun Ling was. The two of them began to confront each other.

The older students who came today were much stronger than the older students who came yesterday. They were all here to see how Yun Ling would be defeated.

“Yun Ling, my name is Xi Hao, Senior Martial Apprentice.”

Xi Hao looked at Yun Ling contemptuously. He had absolute confidence in his own strength and knew that Yun Ling would not be a match for him.

“Not enough.”

Unexpectedly, Yun Ling, like Qu Min, said the word “less”. f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

Everyone below the Trial Platform was stunned. Xi Hao was a Senior Martial Apprentice. Wasn't that enough?

Didn't he know how terrifying a Senior Martial Apprentice was?

Or was Yun Ling also a Senior Martial Apprentice?

All the older students thought that Yun Ling had defeated Qu Min, who was a Junior Martial Apprentice with a single punch. It was not impossible for him to be a Senior Martial Apprentice.

“Not enough?”

Instead of being angry, Xi Hao sneered, “Since you think it's not enough, then I'll let you know what it means to be enough!”

With that, Xi Hao rushed towards Yun Ling with lightning speed.

The crowd below the Trial Platform widened their eyes when they saw Xi Hao make his move. They were afraid that they would miss out on the exciting part.

Xi Hao had arrived in front of Yun Ling!

He firmly believed that Yun Ling would not be his match.


When Xi Hao was close to Yun Ling, he raised his fist. The fist of a Senior Martial Apprentice interweaved with some Yuan energy as it smashed towards Yun Ling.

In this punch, Xi Hao wanted Yun Ling to know what true… terrifying was!

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