First Day In Game, I Got Ten Billion From Infinite Number Of Check-ins

Chapter 372 - 372 Who Are You Looking Down On?
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372 Who Are You Looking Down On?

After Chen Yun returned to China, a few days passed uneventfully.

When Chen Yun had time, he drank tea under the tree.

He even brought his parents over.

On this day, Chen Mengmeng brought her mother out to play.

Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen walked around the Jade Pavilion. Moreover, because the two of them were very good-looking, they attracted the attention of many people.

“Did you see that? There are two beauties over there. They’re so beautiful!”

There was a lot of traffic in the Jade Pavilion today. People kept looking at the two young women!

One of them was tender and had a refreshing spiritual aura. The other one was not as beautiful as the previous one, but she was gentle and elegant.

When the two of them walked together, they were visually attractive. The number of heads turning was quite high!

However, they did not notice the other people at all. They were completely immersed in their own world!

“Mom, this bracelet is not bad. Eh, that one is not bad either…”

Chen Mengmeng was in a good mood today. She held her mother’s arm and pointed at the jade bracelet one moment, then at a jade necklace the next.

Mother Chen had a good foundation to begin with. After drinking the Heavenly Spirit Water, she maintained her figure well. When she stood beside a beauty like Chen Mengmeng, not only was she not inferior, but she also possessed a calm beauty!

The two of them looked like a pair of beautiful sisters. If not for the fact that they were mother and daughter, no one would have been able to guess their relationship!

When they heard Chen Mengmeng call the other person “Mom”, the people who had been paying attention to Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen trembled. They widened their eyes in disbelief and asked the person beside them, “Oh my god, what’s wrong with this world? Can mothers and daughters be as similar as sisters? Or did I… hear wrongly?”

“I don’t know either…” The people beside him were equally shocked and at a loss.

However, perhaps because the two of them were too beautiful, although many people had ulterior motives, they did not have the guts to strike up a conversation. They could only watch as Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen left arm in arm.

“Mom, I heard that the Armani in the Jade Pavilion is not bad. Let’s go shopping!” Chen Mengmeng suggested.

Women were the most sensitive to places like shopping malls. Although Chen Mengmeng did not pay much attention to this, she was still a woman after all!

Chen Mengmeng had long heard about the new Armani sales counter that had opened at the Jade Pavilion!

“Armani… isn’t too good, right?” Hearing that Chen Mengmeng was about to suggest going to Armani, Mother Chen was a little unwilling to go over. “Armani sounds very expensive…”

The decorations in the Jade Pavilion’s International Area were very luxurious. The shops here were all famous brands internationally, so the expenses here would definitely not be low. Therefore, the other areas were crowded, but there were very few people here.

Armani was a well-known women’s clothing brand internationally. Wasn’t there a saying? If one didn’t know what clothes suited you, they could go to Armani!

“Mom, look at their clothes. They look very good!” Chen Mengmeng pulled Mother Chen to the Armani counter.

“If you like it, we’ll buy it!” Mother Chen was not a petty person. She was used to being thrifty, but since Chen Mengmeng liked it, it did not matter how much money she spent!

“Mom, don’t just show me the clothes. We’re shopping together. You have to buy clothes too!” Chen Mengmeng pouted and even shook her mother’s arm coquettishly.

Mother Chen was helpless against Chen Mengmeng, but she did not refuse.

However, Mother Chen did not plan to buy clothes. For example, the clothes in Armani looked very gorgeous and fashionable. Although they were very good-looking, they did not suit her. She was already an old woman in her fifties or sixties. How could she still have the cheek to wear young people’s clothes?

There were four salespeople in Armani. One of them was accompanying a woman, who looked like a noblewoman holding a Hermès bag, to choose clothes. The other three stood behind the counter in boredom.

When they saw Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen walking in hand in hand with smiles on their faces, they immediately scanned the two of them with burning eyes and lowered their heads in disappointment.

Another two country bumpkins!

The two of them were quite good-looking. In particular, the younger girl was even more beautiful and pure. Nowadays, celebrities on television were probably not as good-looking as her.


The salesperson was looking at the clothes the two of them were wearing. Although the two of them were dressed neatly, those clothes were from unknown brands and were not expensive.

For such people to come here, either they did not know how high the price of Armani was, or they gritted their teeth and prepared to buy something from Armani as a luxury item. However, after choosing, they would only buy the cheapest one!

They were really not interested in such guests!

“Go and receive them.” One of the young salesmen nudged the salesperson beside her.

The salesperson shook her head and rolled her eyes. “If you want to go, go. Even if you argue with such a person, she might not buy it. It’s exhausting and unrewarding!”

“I’m not going either. When they see the price of the clothes later, they’ll probably leave on their own!”

The salespeople did not even look at Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen. They lowered their heads and continued playing with their phones.

Chen Mengmeng and Mother Chen could sense the coldness of the salespeople, but they did not care too much. If the salespeople ignored them, so be it. Anyway, they were here to look at clothes, so there was no problem with looking at the clothes themselves.

“Mom, what do you think of this dress?”

Chen Mengmeng quickly took a fancy to a pink coat in the shop. It was made of pure wool and had a good print. The details were also well designed. Chen Mengmeng felt that it was quite suitable for her mother.

“How… How is this suitable? It’s more suitable for you to wear.” Mother Chen looked at Chen Mengmeng reproachfully.

“Mom, just give it a try!”

Chen Mengmeng acted coquettishly. She really felt that her mother suited this dress very well. Mother Chen looked very young and did not look like someone in her forties or fifties at all. With such good conditions, wouldn’t it be a waste not to dress up properly?

“Alright, let’s give it a try.”

In the end, Mother Chen doted on Chen Mengmeng too much. She could not dissuade Chen Mengmeng and planned to give it a try.

“Alright, Mom. I’ll take it down for you now.” With that, Chen Mengmeng reached out to take off the dress.

“If you can’t afford it, just take a look. I won’t say anything. However, what if you touch it and it gets dirty?” A sharp female voice sounded. The voice was strange and made people feel especially uncomfortable!

When Chen Mengmeng heard the voice, she immediately retracted her hand. The anger in her heart surged!

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