First Demonic Dragon

Chapter 585 The Death of Asgard : Part III
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Chapter 585 The Death of Asgard : Part III

Not long after Abaddon left Tehom, his wives started appearing in the garden one after the other like clockwork.

A few of them were apparently in the shower, as their bodies and hair were still wet and only covered by towels.

But once they saw their daughter and the unconscious Norse goddess, they understandably regretted not coming sooner.

Lisa: "Sif!"

Eris: "Nubby, what happened!?"

Tatiana: "Where is your father!?"

Nubia was a very old and powerful being with very few equals and even fewer superiors, but even she was a bit misty-eyed in front of her mothers.

Evidently, her new capacity for emotional understanding had played a big role in the formation of her new personality.

"I-I just.. D-Dad went..." she sniffed.

No broken sentence could have made the wives panic more.

The fact that they could feel that their husband was far away, and that he wasn't in his right mind was already horrible enough, but Nubia's turbulent emotional state was making their paranoia even worse.

"Nubia... Please don't tell me that your father went to Asgard all by himself... Please tell me that I'm wrong..!" Lailah pleaded.

"He... He didn't have a choice!" Nubia finally broke down crying and spilled the details of everything that she had witnessed while out here with her father.

Needless to say, the wives were more than a little panicked.

However, they did their best to remain composed so that they wouldn't make Nubia even more distraught.

"We're going after him, he won't have his full strength out there." Valerie decided immediately.

"What?! You all are nevi'im too, you will also lose your powers just like father has!"

"Yes we will, but that doesn't matter, pumpkin. We are not going to leave your father in enemy territory all by himself. You know he's helpless without us."

Valerie tried to put on a brave smile despite her anxious heartbeat as she took out her phone.

With every number she dialed, her heartbeat seemed to get more and more out of control as she tried not to imagine the worst possibilities.

The phone played a total of two rings before a familiar olive-skinned goddess answered the phone; for some reason looking more depressed than the group had ever seen her.

"Hey, Val... As much as I appreciate the sentiment, I don't think I'm in the mood for a peepshow right no-"

"Nyx, the mission with Sif went bad, and Abaddon is in Asgard. He must've lost at least 70% of his power, and Odin and Thor know he's there."

As if she were never in a mood, Nyx suddenly sat up and wiped away her despair.

"What do you need from me?"

"We need you to get us to Asgard as fast as possible."

Nyx nodded, but grimaced as she thought about something.

"What?" Valerie asked worriedly.

"It... is nothing..."

"Nyx, please don't hold out on us right now. You have to tell us everything you know." Valerie wouldn't allow this particular matter to be up for debate if it concerned their husband.

Nyx bit her lip uncomfortably for a moment before she confessed a rather embarrassing fact.

"…I have no foothold into Asgard, so getting there will not be a quick trip, even for me… Getting there will take time… maybe longer than it would with Camazotz."

"What?! How is that possible when you're… you!" Seras asked.

"The fact that I am.. 'me' is the problem. The Norse realms are almost sentient in a way as the nine of them are connected to Yggdrasil.

The lump of wood can be a bit bigoted, as it specifically tries hard to keep away certain outsiders by increasing the distance it takes to reach one of the realms.

Camazotz is a small minor god, so the tree wouldn't have made things too difficult for him since he ultimately would not have posed much of a problem.

But I am… 'me' as Seras put it.

Yggdrasil itself will try to keep me away from it's precious branches for as long as it possibly can by continually expanding the distance between us, almost as if it is running from me.

If the tree is in a… pleasant mood, we can be there in a couple of days. But if it's in a state of paranoia… it could take around two weeks for it to allow me near it."

In one synchronized moment , all of the wives looked crestfallen and their hearts broke into two. "W-What..?"

Somehow, Nyx looked just as bad off having given the news instead of receiving it. "We will have to hope that Abaddon can hold out long enough for us to arrive… I am so sorry and I wish that I could do more."

Valerie was wondering if this day could have possibly gotten worse when suddenly Lillian called out for the rest of them.


Turning around, they all stared at the orange-skinned dragonness as she leaned over Sif in concern.

"S-She... She's not getting better. I can't figure out what's wrong with her."


In Asgard, there wasn't a single soul who couldn't see the ominous storm of red lightning raging overhead.

A chilling feeling washed over the normally peaceful realm of the Aesir and Vanir- making everyone present want to remain inside where it was safe.

...Or at least safer.

Within the angel camp, the white-winged pigeons had a better view of the mayhem than most.

From here, they could vividly see a familiar bolt of blue lightning striking a mountaintop before the entire thing began to collapse in on itself like a house of cards.

"...Brother and sister stopped responding to my summons a few moments ago." Zadkiel grimaced.

Beside her, Gabriel sprouted his wings and started to take to the sky. "That's it, I'm going to figure out what in god's name has happened to them."

"Don't bother, my son."

A familiar voice drew the attention of not one, but all of the angels in the camp like some kind of homing call.

Asherah hovered over the refugee camp like a living miracle, and held out her arms in a beckoning gesture.

"It is time for you all to return to you father and I, children. For if you do not, I fear that I cannot protect your lives from the darkness that is to come to these lands."


Abaddon crawled out of a mountain of snow and rubble like a demon from the lowest hell.

Once he was standing on top of the snow and rock and was no longer trapped underneath it, he started to call his weapons towards him but dismissed the thought at the last moment.

Because in front of him, there was a rather sizable trail of blood leading into the distance.

Unsurprisingly, Abaddon decided to follow it without much thought.

Currently, he was functioning with only machine-like drive and had disregarded anything that could be considered unhelpful in the moment.

He held no anger or no feelings of unfairness for the situation he had found himself in, nor did he worry about useless things like how much worse things could get.

He simply could not take his mind off of Sif and Camazotz.

At every instance that he blinked, he could see their limp bodies lying on the ground as they bled out; utterly helpless and innocent.

It was funny… no one had likely ever seen gods as something so feeble before.

*Cough, cough!*

Finally, Abaddon found the prey hat he was tracking huddled behind a large boulder; but he didn't recognize them.

Because it wasn't Odin, Thor, or even the angels.

Upon closer inspection, he used his wealth of internal knowledge to deduce the person's identity.

But even if he hadn't, Zheng would have told him.

'Master, that is Sif's son, Ullr. He is the one who told Odin of our presence here.'

Abaddon's sclera temporarily turned black.

With his ruined jaw slowly healing, but still hanging open, the Norse god looked incredibly worse for wear.

Ullr looked up at the shadow that had come over him.

He scoffed a bit when he realized that he had somehow ended up in closest proximity to his greatest enemy and started to rise to his feet as if he were expecting a conflict to ensue.

He had already been humiliated once today, and he more than anyone else was in need of a way to relieve his pent up frustrations, and there was no better way to do that than through combat.

However, the moment that he lifted a single knee off the ground, his eyes suddenly widened as his body froze in place.

His hands twitched repeatedly as he tried to save himself from this torture, but his strength was already beginning to leave him.

In one swift motion, Abaddon had created another black spear and impaled Ullr from his mouth that was hanging open to his ass.

The blade of the spear was buried very firmly into the ground and turned the Norse god into a horrendously unsettling piece of modern art.

Inside of Abaddon's shadow, Zheng's mouth was hanging open underneath his mask.

Zheng may not have interacted much with Abaddon personally, but that didn't mean he didn't know what the man was like.

Eris and Lusamine were two of his best friends, and through their constant storytelling he was able to get a complete picture of the one whom he served.

And Abaddon would never kill the family of a friend of his due to his understanding of bonds and respect.

But for some reason, he had just rushed to kill Ullr without sparing the thought so much as a blink in contemplation.

Perhaps for the first time, Zheng understood just how enraged Abaddon truly was.

"You have something you would like to say…?"

That cold, demonic voice of his made Zheng and all of the other wraiths tremble as they lowered their heads without understanding why.

"N-No sir."

"I was hoping not."

Abaddon watched as Ullr's body broke down into golden dust chunk by chunk.

Eventually, all that remained behind was his soul, but eventually even that was broken apart and it's remains were absorbed into the spear.

A screaming face appeared within the handle before it eventually disappeared; swallowed up by the amount of different voices inside.

Abaddon didn't care if he had to do everything himself, as he was beyond the point of no return.

To avenge his injured friend and the cherished mother of his child, Asgard, and everyone in it, would return to nothingness.

"Now… who's next?"

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