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Chapter 219 - 219: Ninth Imperial Aunt

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yu Yunxi frowned slightly and said seriously to Gao Shixuan, “You’re injured. Traveling with us now will only aggravate your injuries.”

“That’s right, Shixuan. Once you recover, we’ll go to the capital together. Eldest Senior Brother has already ordered Jiang Chuan and the others to stay behind and protect us. It’ll be fine,” Liu Xiaolan also gently persuaded Gao Shixuan.

Gao Shixuan shook her head and said firmly, “Second Senior Brother, I’ve missed Zixiu for so many years. I just want to… see him as soon as I can…” As Gao Shixuan spoke, she began to tear up.

Seeing her like this, Liu Xiaolan felt extremely distressed. “I know you’re anxious, but your injuries…”

“I’m fine. When I was wandering alone, I often traveled even when I was injured,” Gao Shixuan said, shaking her head. She clutched her chest and walked toward before she pleaded softly, “County Princess, I’m really fine. Please let me follow you.”

Yu Yunxi frowned again. Her expression was grave. She turned to look at Feng Yili with a questioning gaze.

“I’ll leave this matter to you,” Feng Yili said.

With this, Yu Yunxi compromised. She nodded and said, “Come with us then.”

After that, Yu Yunxi reminded Qian Qing, “Find more blankets and put them in the carriage.”

“Yes, County Princess.”

Gao Shixuan said gratefully, “Thank you, County Princess.”

“Since you want me to address you as Shixuan, you don’t have to be so reserved with me. Just call me Yunxi,” Yu Yunxi said with a smile.

Luo Xiuran could not help but raise his eyebrows when he saw this scene. He did not expect Yu Yunxi to get along so well with Gao Shixuan. However, he also knew it was because Gao Shixuan had blocked the dart for Yu Yunxi and the little bun. However, when he thought about this matter, he looked at Gao Shixuan with a probing gaze. Based on his recent observations, it really seemed as though Gao Shixuan had changed into a different person. Was it really possible that she had turned over a new leaf?

“Alright, everyone. Get ready. We’ll set off for the capital in a while,” Feng Yili said.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

At this time, many commoners had already gathered at the entrance of the capital. When they saw the carriages coming in. they began to discuss among themselves.

“I heard that Xinan’s troops not only drove away Nanyue’s troops, but they also captured their Crown Prince. They came to the capital to send the Crown Prince here for negotiations.”

“I heard about this matter as well. The Second Prince of Nanyue has already arrived in the capital. I heard he’s going to cede a city to redeem the Crown Prince.”

“In my opinion, the King of Xinan’s Residence is really powerful…”

“Hush! You actually dared to praise the King of Xinan’s Residence in the capital? Do you want to die?”

“Hey, what are you afraid of? Now that the King of Xinan’s Residence has made such a great contribution, the Emperor is overjoyed. It seems like he doesn’t care about the past anymore. Didn’t you see the announcement? The Emperor personally drafted an edict, saying that he would no longer interfere with Xinan’s troops and that Xinan is exempted from various taxes…”

“That’s right. I heard about this too. It’s not just that. I heard that the Prince Regent personally went to Xinan as well. It’s said that he has reconciled with the County Princess of Xinan.”

“In this case, doesn’t it mean that the Prince Regent’s Residence will have a female master again?”

Meanwhile, Yu Yunxi, who was sitting in the carriage, felt her head ache when she heard the discussions in the surroundings.

Seeing the expression on Yu Yunxi’s face, the little bun quickly reached out and said, “Mother, I’ll give you a massage.”

“Junjin, now that we’ve returned to the capital, your identity will be exposed soon. With this, you’ll likely face a lot of danger. You…” Yu Yunxi said solemnly. She began to wonder if her action was a little selfish. After all, now that they had returned to the capital, the little bun would no longer be as carefree as ordinary children.

Upon hearing these words, the little bun’s expression turned solemn as he said, “Mother, what I want the most is to be with you. As for the danger, I won’t be free from danger even if I stay in Xinan. Let’s just face everything together.” “Alright,” Yu Yunxi said gently with a nod.

‘How many blessings did I accumulate in my last life to have such an obedient and sensible son in this life?’

“Oh, right. Mother and Father will have to escort Nanxun into the palace later. Why don’t you follow Aunt Qian Qing and the others to the Revival Hall?” Yu Yunxi asked. She could not help but worry when she was not by his side.

“Alright, Mother. Don’t worry. I’ll stay with Aunt Qian Qing and the others,” the little bun said seriously with a nod.

At this moment…

“I came on Imperial Father’s order to welcome your triumphant return..

Feng Weizhou’s voice rang from outside.

Yu Yunxi lifted the curtain and said to Qian Jiao, “Bring Junjin to the Revival


“Yes, County Princess.”

After that, Yu Yunxi alighted from the carriage. She was slightly absent-minded as she looked at the scorching sun in the sky above the capital. She did not expect to return to the capital again.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, County Princess,” Feng Weizhou called out politely.

“You should change your form of address. She’s your Ninth Imperial Aunt, ” Feng Yili said in a deep voice. Although his voice was not loud, everyone heard it clearly.

Jiang Ying and the others were overjoyed now that Feng Yili was going to acknowledge Yu Yunxi in front of everyone. However, their expressions were slightly nervous as they looked at Yu Yunxi to see if she was resistant to this. When they saw that she did not object to it, they finally sighed in relief. The Prince Regent’s Residence was finally going to have a female master.

Feng Weizhou’s eyes flashed when he heard Feng Yili’s words. He did not expect the trip to Xinan would improve Feng Yili and Yu Yunxi’s relationship.

‘Does this mean that Fifth Imperial Brother will now also receive the support of the King of Xinan’s Residence?’

Feng Weizhou quickly suppressed the anger in his heart and slowly raised his head. He smiled and said, “Congratulations, Ninth Imperial Uncle and Ninth

Imperial Aunt, on getting back together. You’ve worked hard on this journey. Please hand Crown Prince Nan to me, and I’ll escort him into the palace to see Imperial Father.”

“No need. Your Imperial Aunt and I will personally escort him into the palace,” Feng Yili flatly refused Feng Weizhou.

Feng Weizhou was slightly annoyed, but he could only grit his teeth and acquiesce. “Alright then.”

Feng Weizhou was seething with anger as he watched Feng Yili lead a large group of people toward the palace. Although Feng Yili was the Prince Regent, he was the Crown Prince. In front of so many people, Feng Yili did not consider him at all

At this time, Feng Weichen, the Fifth Prince, said slowly, sounding very smug, “Ninth Imperial Uncle has made great contributions again… His relationship with the King of Xinan’s Residence has also improved..”

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