Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment

Chapter 430 - 430 A Unique Female Professor
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430 A Unique Female Professor

Chen Qiushan and Kong Xianghui could only call him a pervert when they saw this scene.

“Brother Ye, did you practice golf before?”

Kong Xianghui looked at him with his last bit of hope.

“No, this is my first time playing too.”

Ye Feng had a strong point. He did not lie.

He immediately told the truth.

“You can get a hole-in-one on your first try? Are you kidding me?”

Chen Qiushan’s face was also twitching.

He had never heard of such a perverted learning ability.

Ye Feng scratched his head and asked, “This… is it very difficult?”

“This is no different from the glass balls we used to play with when we were young. As long as you controlled your strength and accuracy, there will be no problem.”

His body had been modified by the system.

After that, he learned the orthodox Wing Chun Fist.

After that, his cultivation increased by ten years.

His control over his strength had already reached the level of doing as he pleased.

His eyesight was even more shocking.

In his eyes, the small hole that was dozens of meters away was no different from being close at hand.

Therefore, after experiencing the feeling of the first swing…

He immediately figured out the required force and angle.

A hole-in-one was within expectations.

In his opinion, this was a very normal thing.

However, he had overlooked one point.

Others did not have such an experience.

And Ye Feng managed to do it on his first try.

This was simply appalling.

“Old Chen, let’s go. Don’t play with this pervert.” 𝐟𝐫eewe𝗯𝐧𝚘ve𝐥.c𝚘𝚖

Kong Xianghui quickly pulled Chen Qiushan to the side. He stared at Ye Feng with deep resentment.

Chen Qiushan also kept shaking his head and sighing.

After being with this guy for a long time, it was easy to be defeated.

Fortunately, his and Kong Xianghui’s mental endurance was relatively strong.

If it were anyone else, they would have long felt inferior and could not live on.

This guy’s learning ability could only be described as abnormal.

Was this the difference between an ordinary person and a genius?

It was too much of a blow.

Lin Qianqian ran over excitedly. “It looks so easy. I want to learn too. Teach me.”


Ye Feng passed the rod to her.

Then, he hugged her from behind, grabbed her hand, and began to guide her on her swing.

Chen Qiushan and Kong Xianghui looked at each other.

There was a bitter smile on their faces.

This was the first time this guy was playing golf, and he was actually acting as a coach.

One dared to teach and the other dared to learn.

After a while, the experts that Chen Qiushan had invited finally arrived.

“It’s not fun at all. I’m not playing anymore.”

Lin Qianqian could not take the blow anymore and gave up on her studies.

When she saw Ye Feng score a hole-in-one as soon as he started playing, she thought that golf was easy.

But after playing for a while, she realized that when Ye Feng grabbed her hand, she played very well, but when he let go, she could not even hit the golf ball.

Obviously, it was not easy to play golf.

But for a freak like Ye Feng, it was very easy.

For her, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens.

It was too much of a blow.

Moreover, when Ye Feng gave her pointers, he would hug her from behind.

She didn’t think much of it at first.

However, she gradually realized that this position was a little ambiguous.

Especially when their bodies touched, she felt even more awkward.

Once her attention was distracted, the fight became even worse.

Fortunately, the arrival of these experts gave her an excuse to escape.

Ye Feng was not in the mood to play golf with her.

He immediately welcomed the experts.

Chen Qiushan immediately introduced them to each other.

The ancestors of these experts were either carpenters or experts in the restoration of cultural relics.

The one who caught his attention the most was a female expert in her thirties, Cao Xinrui.

She was actually an associate professor in the Archeology Department at Zhonghai University.

She could be considered Ye Feng’s teacher.

But because they were from different faculties, and Ye Feng rarely went to school, they had never met.

This woman was very beautiful.

Even though she was not as powerful as Chen Xuan and Lin Qianqian, among the female professors, she was definitely an existence with heaven-defying looks.

Especially when she wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses, she naturally exuded a scholarly aura.

It had a different flavor.

Of course, these were not Ye Feng’s main focus.

He listened to Chen Qiushan’s introduction.

This Teacher Cao Xinrui actually had a deep understanding of ancient mechanisms.

Previously, she had followed the expedition team down to a few large tombs.

Many of the traps were broken by her.

It reduced many unnecessary casualties for the expedition team.

“Mr. Chen, let’s take a look first,” Cao Xinrui interrupted impatiently before Chen Qiushan could finish his introduction.

Obviously, she felt that studying the mechanism box was more important than socializing.

Chen Qiushan hurriedly smiled bitterly and took out the mechanism box.

A few experts immediately came over to check.

However, the other experts studied it for a while and then retreated helplessly.

Obviously, they couldn’t find any clues.

Only Teacher Cao Xinrui was still deep in thought.

After a moment, she suddenly looked up at Ye Feng. “Where did you get this mechanism box?”

There was a hint of dignity in her eyes.

Her tone sounded more like she was interrogating a criminal.

Ye Feng felt a little uncomfortable, but he still answered honestly: “I bought it from an old farmer.”

“Really?” Cao Xinrui didn’t believe him.

Ye Feng finally could not hold back his anger and retorted, “Is this something you should be concerned about? I just asked you to help me open it. If you can open it, please do it. I have my own thanks. If you can’t open it, please leave.”

Chen Qiushan saw that the two of them were a little angry and hurriedly came out to be the peacemaker.

“Teacher Cao, Ye Feng really bought this by accident. He did not get it through any illegal means, don’t worry.”

Cao Xinrui seemed to trust Chen Qiushan.

Without saying anything else, she lowered her head and began to knock on the wooden box.

Then, she continued to knock on the other side.

Ye Feng was a little dissatisfied, “Be careful, don’t break it.”

Before he could finish speaking, Cao Xinrui fiddled with it for some reason.

Pa da!

The wooden box that had troubled him for a long time was actually opened.

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