Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 20 -20-Team Invitation from the Celestial Bureau
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Chapter 20: Chapter20-Team Invitation from the Celestial Bureau

This talent enabled every spell cast by the Fire Abyssal Cerberus to become like a sharpened blade, with its magical power soaring ninefold.

And now, with all its might, it unleashed a spell that made the very earth tremble— Meteor Shower.

Amplified nine times in strength, this magic seemed absolutely dominant.

Each drop of the Meteor Shower rained down as if the heavens were furious and the earth roared, each carrying the force of annihilation.

Yet, facing this overwhelming threat, the swordmaster's expression remained unflinching.

"Deadly Whirlwind!"

With his battle cry, a tempest seemed to swirl around him, howling and spinning.

His Dark Dragon Blade now appeared to be the very heart of this storm, merging seamlessly with it.

This whirling tempest seemed to breed countless razor-sharp blades, which surged fearlessly towards the Fire Abyssal Cerberus.

High in the sky, the scorching Meteor Shower, as if sensing its target, rained down one by one, aiming for the swordmaster's Deadly Whirlwind.

But as each meteor made contact with the Deadly Whirlwind, they were instantly extinguished by its overpowering force.

The Fire Abyssal Cerberus felt an unprecedented sense of peril.

Its three heads roared with deafening fury once again. Before it, intense flames rapidly coalesced into an impregnable shield.

Fire and wind clashed between the shield and the storm, sparks flying everywhere.

But the fiery barrier only lasted a moment before being torn apart by the force of the Deadly Whirlwind.

Immediately after, the Deadly Whirlwind, like a ravenous beast, swallowed the Fire Abyssal Cerberus whole.

In that instant, a mist of crimson blood spread through the air.

In mere moments, the swordmaster delivered hundreds of sword strikes upon the Fire Abyssal Cerberus!

Its anguished whimpers resonated as the Cerberus, now riddled with wounds, saw its life force rapidly drain within the Deadly Whirlwind.

Finally, its vital flame was snuffed out.

It crumbled as if a mighty ancient castle had fallen.

Having unleashed the Deadly Whirlwind, the swordmaster appeared unfazed, looking as if he could take on ten more Fire Abyssal Cerberuses. f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m

The corpse of the Fire Abyssal Cerberus began to disintegrate into elemental flames.

A portal to the outer world appeared at the very spot of the Cerberus's demise.

At this moment, Harrison acquired the experience from the Fire Abyssal Cerberus.

A massive amount of experience. Suddenly, two golden glints shimmered around Harrison. Finally, Level 25!

But just then, a system notification echoed in the ears of all players.

"Leo Black is the first to reach Level 30 and initiate the first class change quest, awarded with +1 Luck!"

"Leo Black is the first to reach Level 30 and initiate the first class change quest, awarded with +1 Luck!"

"Leo Black is the first to reach Level 30 and initiate the first class change quest, awarded with +1 Luck!"


The system's voice echoed in the air three times in succession.

Every corner of the globe

was now shaken by this announcement!

People began buzzing, each curious about who this Leo was and what kind of unique talent he possessed.

Online, the atmosphere was akin to a boiling pot, as posts, comments, and discussions regarding this topic surged like a tidal wave.

The one known as the Magus God, Harrison, seemed to fade in the heat of the discussion, nowhere near as sensational as Leo.

And Harrison, within the mysterious flame cavern,

upon hearing this sudden proclamation, couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, revealing a hint of surprise.


In the memories of his previous life, this name was entirely unfamiliar.

Could it be that due to his presence, the currents of time had slightly twisted, leading to unforeseen changes?

He genuinely wondered about the caliber of talent that Leo had awakened.

Yet judging by his rapid rise, that talent must be beyond SSS-level; otherwise, he couldn't have emerged so prominently.

It seems that in this world, he isn't the only true prodigy.

He pondered deeply, realizing he must accelerate his own cultivation; he couldn't afford to fall behind!


Stepping onto the land,

Harrison gently pulled out his communication device.

He caught a glimpse of the hottest topic in the forum: Leo being the first player to reach level 30.

In this era, most players still linger around levels 10 and 11.

This sudden news was as astonishing as the first time Red Mist descended upon the land.

The challenges of leveling up within the Red Mist game

were only truly felt by those who've been in the trenches, experiencing the depth of its difficulty.

Each confrontation with a monster was fraught with challenges.

Often, a simple Grey Dog required the combined efforts of over a dozen professional players to subdue.

And the talent of those participating in the battle couldn't be too meager; they had to be at least E-level.

Those with F-level talents scarcely had a place on this battlefield.

After all, with experience divided amongst so many, what each player received was like gold in sand: rare and precious.

The days of easily leveling up when first entering the game were long past.

While Harrison was lost in thought, the tranquility was shattered by the ring of his phone.

Glancing at the unfamiliar number displayed on the screen, a hint of curiosity stirred within him. Nevertheless, he answered.

On the other end was an eager female voice, "Hello Magus God, I'm Emma. I apologize for contacting you so abruptly. We haven't become friends in the Red Mist game..."

"Oh, that's alright. Just call me Harrison. I'll add you shortly."

"Thank you, Harrison. My in-game ID is ST241-134."


Soon after, Harrison located Emma in the game and they quickly became friends.

Without much delay, Emma initiated a projection call request. Harrison clicked accept.

An immediate projection of Emma formed before Harrison's eyes, presenting a clear image.

Her business attire gave her a distinct professional aura, with a hint of leadership.

Harrison raised an eyebrow in surprise, "Miss Emma, to what do I owe this honor?"

With a slight hint of nervousness, Emma replied, "Our bureau has a player who's already reached level 30. He needs some assistance with his class change quest."

Harrison was taken aback by this revelation, pondering to himself, 'So, that mysterious Leo is actually a member of the Celestial Bureau.'

Upon this realization, The curiosity that had been brewing inside Harrison could no longer be contained. "What talent did he awaken to level up so swiftly?"

Emma didn't hesitate. "His primary talent is A-level 'Toxin Immunity'. He has an immense resistance to poison damage, and additionally, his constitution growth has an extra point. This led the Chief to recruit him into the Celestial Bureau."

"But his second talent left everyone astonished."

"It's an SSS-level 'Experience Multiplier'."

"For the experience others garner from slaying 100 monsters, he needs only to defeat one."

"As a result, our bureau paired him with Icethorn, our SS-level talent holder, to level up together."

"Icethorn is currently at level 21, yet this fellow is already at level 30!"

"Such a talent truly evokes envy!"

Upon hearing this, Harrison was taken aback.

To think it was a hundred-fold experience multiplier.

Without a doubt, this individual would be the first to reach level 100.

Emma continued, "Even with his hundred-fold experience talent, his combat capabilities are lacking. He can't possibly complete the class change quest on his own."

"Furthermore, being the first to attempt a class change, Red Mist game assigned him an SS-level class change quest, allowing for a transition to the hidden class 'Iron Guard'."

"Now, he's even more stuck."

"Despite Icethorn's assistance, he still couldn't make it."

"That's why the Chief sent me to seek you out. If you have the time, perhaps you could assist him in completing his class change quest."

"Also, the Celestial Bureau has specialized leveling zones. Joining us would undoubtedly expedite your leveling."

At the last remark, Harrison's eyes sparkled.

How had he not thought of it before?

After all, the nation, being the powerful entity it is, naturally possesses the most prime leveling territories.

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