Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 6 -6-Awakening Talent! Lord of Element!
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Chapter 6: Chapter6-Awakening Talent! Lord of Element!

After parting ways with David, Harrison ambled through the desolate streets, seeking a place to rest.

His gaze finally settled upon an antiquated-looking inn.

Approaching the front desk, he was met with an enveloping silence, indicating its abandonment.

Left with no other choice, he forcefully broke the door's lock and ventured inside.

His sole aspiration now was to swiftly reach Level 10, for that would mean unlocking his first talent.

Armed with it, the perilous and enigmatic world would merely pose a minor challenge to him.

During this serene waiting period, Harrison continuously perused the game's interface, leveraging its trading system to scout for precious skill books.

He employed equipment garnered from various chests as his trading currency.

While skill books were a rarity within the game, the vast number of players in this world meant treasures were continually emerging.

With some effort, Harrison managed to procure three invaluable skill books: 'Summon Goblin', 'Stone Shield', and 'Water Healing'.

[Summon Goblin (Grade F)]: Calls forth a goblin soldier to fight by your side.

[Stone Shield (Grade F)]: Harnesses the earth element to form a triad of rotating rock shields around the user.

[Water Healing (Grade F)]: Utilizes the water element to mildly restore a target's health, also granting a wisdom boost for 30 seconds.

Harrison's eyes shone with a brilliant gleam as he leafed through the three skill books, for they were precisely what he had hoped for.

These books signified that, should he choose the path of the magus, he would master their powers in their entirety.

Despite this, he did not cease from posting requests for skill books within the trading system.

At present, these precious tomes were primarily acquired from enigmatic chests, making them relatively scarce.

However, Harrison understood that with the emergence of monsters, the production of skill books would rise.

The night deepened, and under the sky veiled by Red Mist, it marked the seventh day since its descent.

Harrison glanced at the temporal device in his hand, watching the familiar digits slide ever closer to midnight—12:00 AM.

His heartbeat quickened, and taking a profound breath, determination and anticipation lit his features.

This moment would herald the start of his profound metamorphosis!

Finally, the hands of time stopped precisely at 12:00 AM.

A system notification seemed to chime in his ear, "Congratulations on reaching Level 10!"

"Congratulations, you've unlocked your first talent 'Lord of Element'!"

"You have reached Level 10 and can now choose a class!"

"Game's newbie protection period has ended!"

"Chest retrieval in progress!"

"Red Mist will soon dissipate!"

"Mutant flora and fauna have emerged!"

"Access to Enchanted Realm, Underground Cave, and Dimensional Fissure is now available!"

"To all human players, strive to survive!"


Lord of Element!

As the unlocking process began, Harrison felt subtle changes coursing through him, as though a mysterious force was reshaping him.

When the "Lord of Element" talent was activated, it was as if Harrison's senses were infused with new life.

The world through his eyes became distinct, awash with vibrant colors, and countless elements seemed to dance before him in a breathtaking ballet.

They appeared so vivid, so agile, affirming Harrison's belief that he had become the true sovereign of these elements, capable of controlling them at will.

Without hesitation, Harrison swiftly opted for a class change.

The Red Mist game, in its initial class transition phase, did not offer a plethora of extravagant options, merely presenting the three fundamental classes: warrior, magus, and priest.

These three pillars laid the foundation for the entire class system of the game.

With each ascent in level, players would encounter numerous class change opportunities.

For instance, upon reaching level 30, they would be presented the chance to transition into one of ten distinct classes.

At level 50, yet another set of ten classes would be available for selection, and by level 70, even more advanced class change opportunities would emerge, and so on.

By that time, the cumulative number of class variations would undoubtedly number in the thousands.

Many of these classes would specialize in both magic and physical skills.

This was due to some players initially developing as magus talents, only to later acquire potent warrior or priest auxiliary talents.

Hence, the vast array of class branches came into being, including battle magus, fire assassin, ice warrior, and the like.

Harrison subsequently chose the path of the magus.

Immediately, the system's voice resonated in his ears, "Congratulations, you've changed your class to magus!" f𝗿e𝗲𝘄𝗲bn𝐨𝚟𝚎

"Congratulations, your attribute growth has been altered!"

"With each level up, an additional point will be added to your wisdom!"

"Congratulations, you've acquired the rank-less spell 'Meditation'!" "Congratulations, you've obtained the F-grade spell 'fire ball'!"

[Meditation (Rank-less)]: By consistently practicing meditation for ten minutes each day, one can achieve a slight wisdom boost! This Meditation spell is fundamental to all magi. Over time, the accrued wisdom it provides is truly astounding.

[fire ball (F-grade)]: Concentrate flame and hurl it forward to inflict minor fire damage! Fire ball is a staple spell for all magi. Its power might not be overwhelming, but possessing the fire ball is what truly distinguishes one as a genuine magus.

Without hesitation, Harrison immediately produced the four skill books: Scorching Beam, Summon Goblin, Stone Shield, and Water Healing.

With a mere thought, he opted to use them.

The four skill books transformed into a burst of white light, merging directly into Harrison's mind.

Suddenly, a flood of magical knowledge surged forth, and only then did Harrison truly grasp the four skills. He then accessed his character panel.

[talent]: Lord of Element (Unlocked), Supreme Summoning (Locked), Reality Shift (Locked), Restriction Release (Locked), Infinite Range (Locked), Miraculous Fortune (Locked), Infinite Range (Locked), Supreme Chest (Locked), Reality Shift (Locked), Godslayer Plunder (Locked)!

[Skills]: Meditation (Level 1), fire ball (Level 1), Scorching Beam (Level 1), Summon Goblin (Level 1), Stone Shield (Level 1), Water Healing (Level 1)!

Gazing upon his panel, Harrison felt immense satisfaction.


This skills panel was more impressive than what he had at level 30 in his previous life.

After all, skills were a rare commodity back then.

Aside from the initial class change and subsequent promotions, where one could receive one or two skills for free, acquiring skills from other sources was exceedingly challenging.

Even after slaying a hundred BOSS-level monsters, there wasn't a guarantee of obtaining a single skill book.

Harrison closed his eyes and began his meditation.

Ten minutes later, as he observed the 0.2 point increase in wisdom, a profound sense of gratification welled up within him.

It might seem insignificant, but over 365 days, that amounted to 73 points of wisdom.

Over a decade, that would be a staggering 730 points of wisdom!

However, this was a task of perseverance; consistent dedication was imperative.

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