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Chapter 1199 - 1199 Lord Talent Improvement! News Of The Elven Empire
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1199 Lord Talent Improvement! News Of The Elven Empire

In the Shrine, Zhou Zhou and Mu Gu were having a virtual video conference.

“Now that your territory has been upgraded to Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade, tell me about your respective upgrades.”

Zhou Zhou sat on the throne and said to Mu Gu, Zheng Fugui, and Carol Moeli with a smile.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The three of them said in unison.

Then, Mu Gu was the first to speak.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, the Scarlet Broodmother I’m currently in has advanced from Low-Tier Deity Level Advance Grade to Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade.”

“The number of Mist Mothers evolved from the Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade Scarlet Broodmother has increased from 70,000 to 150,000.”

“Every Mist Mother’s Mist Mother World can now nurture 500 million fog monsters.”

“150,000 Mist Mothers can nurture a total of 75 trillion fog monsters.”

“In addition, the quality and efficiency of cultivating high-quality scarlet heirs has also increased.”

“Currently, I can at most nurture a High-Tier Deity-level God-Tier Scarlet God Spirit. This process will take about a day. If I want to nurture a Mid-Tier Deity-level Scarlet Descendant or a Low-Tier Scarlet Descendant, I can nurture 10 Mid-Tier Deity-level Scarlet Descendants and hundreds of Low-Tier Deity-level Scarlet Descendants in a day.”

Zhou Zhou was pleasantly surprised.

Could he actually nurture more than a hundred descendants of the Scarlet God Spirit in a day?

After the territory was upgraded to the Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade, the Scarlet Broodmother actually improved so much?!

“When will you be able to nurture a True God-Tier?”

Zhou Zhou asked curiously.

“It’s very difficult for a Mid-Tier Deity-level Scarlet Broodmother to nurture a Scarlet True God-Tier. I estimate that only a High-Tier Deity-level Scarlet Broodmother can nurture a Scarlet True God-Tier.”

Mu Gu thought for a moment and replied.

“Sure.” Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

His territory was at the Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade, and he was not far from the High-Tier Deity-level.

At that time, “He” would be able to create a True God-Tier!

Then, “He” thought for a moment and said,

“Of the 150,000 Mist Mothers you have, 30,000 are left behind to nurture the Iron-Eating Bear and the Withered Tree.”

“The other 120,000 Mist Mothers, 60,000 will be used to nurture the Violent Storm Demon Spirit, and the other 60,000 will be used to nurture the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier.”

120,000 Mist Mothers could nurture a total of 60 trillion ranch monsters!

With the help of the King of Loots, he could obtain 90 trillion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier recruitment books, 90 trillion Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier Class Change Certificates, 90 trillion Violent Storm Spirit Recruitment books, and 90 trillion Violent Storm Spirit Class Change Certificates tomorrow!

If he converted all these recruitment books and Class Change Certificates into new recruits, it would be a total of 360 trillion soldiers, which was 360 trillion soldiers!

When Zhou Zhou thought of this, the smile on his face was about to overflow.

“He” only had a total of 150 trillion troops.

This time, the number of new recruits summoned was more than twice the total number of “His” troops!

Anyone who heard of “His” recruitment of troops would probably say that “He” was terrifying!

“According to this recruitment speed, I’ll have a quadrillion troops under my command in two days!”

Zhou Zhou felt a sense of pride.

Aus’ 50,000-odd Crimson Kingdoms and millions of Crimson Kingdoms only added up to 8,000 trillion.

Now, even if “His” efficiency in recruiting troops remained unchanged, “He” could still recruit a total of 8,000 trillion troops in less than a month!

“As my strength and faction continue to increase, the effects of the Scarlet Broodmother’s Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent also become stronger and stronger.”

“I even feel that ‘He’ is not inferior to my talent as the King of Loot.”

Zhou Zhou sighed inwardly.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Mu Gu said respectfully after hearing Zhou Zhou’s words.

Then, Zheng Fugui said respectfully,

“Your Majesty, now, the number of Mysterious Merchant has increased from 300 million to one billion after the territory upgraded to the Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade!”

“The number of carriages transporting goods has also increased to one billion!”

“All of us Mysterious Merchant’s force has also increased to the Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade.

“Our treasure-hunting ability has increased again. In the future, when we go out to do business, we should be able to bring back at least 100 treasures each time. Moreover, the standard of each gem is comparable to a God-Tier treasure.”

Zhou Zhou clicked his tongue.

One billion God Spirits!

Only the Mysterious Caravan could produce such a terrifying God Spirit team.

If it were any other Lord faction, even if it was a Divine Kingdom Lord faction, they might probably not be able to produce so many God Spirits.

Perhaps an overlord-level Lord faction would have so many God Spirits under them.

Perhaps an overlord-level Lord faction might have so many God Spirits under them.

Zhou Zhou lamented in his heart countless times.

After Zheng Fugui finished speaking, Carol Moeli smiled and said,

“Your Majesty.”

“Your Majesty, after the territory has been upgraded to the Mid-Tier Deity-level Intermediate Grade, our Life Ark already has five trillion clergymen, five trillion priests, five trillion nuns, and 50 trillion Life Holy Knights.”

“These clergymen are enough to complete the war-healing missions and resurrection missions of quadrillions of troops.”


“Currently, there are 100,000 high-level members of the Life Ark God Spirit!”

“Every one of them has mastered the Resurrection Spells, and they can resurrect the deities of our country alone.”

“As for my strength, I’m still at the True God-Tier Intermediate Grade. My force hasn’t improved yet. I can only revive existences below the Master God-Tier level.”

“It’s already very good.”

Zhou Zhou comforted Carol Moeli.

In any case, “He” didn’t have any Master God-Tier God Spirits under “Him” at the moment, so “He” didn’t need “Him” to revive the Master God-Tier.

Then, Zhou Zhou and company chatted for a while before ending the virtual video conference.

Not long after they left, Wu Tu suddenly requested to see them.

After Zhou Zhou let Wu Tu in, Wu Tu immediately knelt down and stated respectfully,

“Your Majesty, there’s new news from the original Elven Empire.”

“Shoot.” Zhou Zhou said.

“Ever since the collapse of the original Elven Empire, it has been divided into three parts. Currently, the scattered soldiers who only care about escaping have been found and killed by the Behemoth Divine Kingdom’s army.”

“The original Elven Empire soldiers who fled to the other Elven Empires were all taken in by the Ash Elven Empire.”

“The other Elven Empires also wanted a share of the loot, but the Ash Elven Empire mobilized collectively and forcefully snatched the remnants of the original Elven Empire from the other Elven Empires.”

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows. “Ash Elven Empire? The weakest Elven Empire among all the Elven Empires, but once had the only Elven True God-Tier?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Wu Tu stated respectfully.

“Why is the Ash Elven Empire so desperate?”

Zhou Zhou asked.

“According to the intelligence gathered by the Heavenly Map Army, the reason why the Ash Empire is so desperate is because the heavily injured Elven Mother Tree, Seagates, is with these fleeing soldiers of the original Elven Empire.”

“The Ash Empire probably wants to welcome the new True God-Tier of the Elven Mother Tree and become the new True God-Tier of the Ash Elven Empire. That’s why they’re fighting so hard.” Wu Tu stated respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded, not minding one bit because there was only one thing that “He” cared about.

“Did you get Nadia’s relic?” Zhou Zhou asked.

“I’ve already got it. It’s currently on its way back. It should be delivered tomorrow.”

“Also, I’ve found out that Elizariel’s remnant forces are also rushing to us with Nadia’s remains.” Wu Tu said.

Zhou Zhou nodded calmly.

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