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Chapter 1200 - 1200 Discussion and Decision! Behemoth Emperor—Collier!
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1200 Discussion and Decision! Behemoth Emperor—Collier!

“Nadia’s remains…”

Elizariel came with Nadia’s remains probably because she wanted him to owe her a favor so that he could help her.

Of course, it was also possible that she just wanted to send it to him.

However, no matter which possibility it was, he would still owe the other party a favor.

As Zhou Zhou thought about it, his eyes gradually became firm.

If that was really the other party’s motive for coming, “He” could owe the other party a favor but “He” would never help the Elven Empire deal with the Behemoth Divine Kingdom.

Zhou Zhou was naturally not afraid of the Behemoth Divine Kingdom as a newly established Beginner Level Divine Kingdom Lord faction. If “He” wanted to destroy it, “He” could almost easily do so.

However, the Blazing Sun Empire had no enmity with the Behemoth Divine Kingdom. In addition, their territories were quite far away, so Zhou Zhou was not interested in attacking the Behemoth Divine Kingdom.

Most importantly, Zhou Zhou did not want to become a sharp blade in the hands of others and help them deal with the other party.

That would make him feel like he was being played by the other party.

No one would like that feeling, including Zhou Zhou.

“If Elizariel comes to see This Emperor with Nadia’s remains, This Emperor can meet ‘Him’.”

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment and said.

Nadia was a good friend of his, so he couldn’t let her remains wander around.

Furthermore, if the other party really suggested that he help the other party deal with the Behemoth Divine Kingdom, he would not agree.

He would compensate Elizariel in other aspects at the very most.

Any more and it would be impossible.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Wu Tu said respectfully.

“How are the people of foreign races around our territory recently? Are there any signs of them wanting to attack us?”

“Your Majesty.”

“However, there are many Alliance Masters who seem to be afraid that we will attack them. Almost all of them have formed an alliance in a hurry in the past few days.”

“However, even if ‘They’ had formed alliances, they didn’t show any signs of attacking us.”

Wu Tu smiled.

“He” felt very proud to see these people of foreign races cowering with a powerful country like the Blazing Sun Empire as his backing. He was proud of the strength of his country and the strength of his Lord!

Zhou Zhou smiled when he heard that.

“He” had the confidence to destroy even a Beginner Level Divine Kingdom Lord with “His” current strength as a Lord. “He” also had the courage to fight head-on with an Intermediate Grade Divine Kingdom Lord. “He” did not plan to provoke an advanced Divine Kingdom Lord.

The most powerful people of foreign races in the surrounding areas of the Blazing Sun Empire were only Empire-Tier Lords. It would be strange if they dared to show their fangs to him.

This was the benefit of being powerful!

They formed an alliance just to protect themselves and had no intention of attacking them.

It wasn’t like the Alliances he met in the past, where most of them had bad intentions towards him.

“This Emperor understands. Continue to pay attention to the news of the surrounding people of foreign races.” Zhou Zhou said.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” Wu Tu said respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded.

Then, Wu Tu left.

Not long after Wu Tu left, Zhou Manage, Zhou Fight, and Zhou Wu arrived.

“Main body, let’s discuss the upcoming new activities.” Zhou Manage said.


Zhou Zhou nodded.

“He” had the same intention.

The four of them then started chatting.

“The new event is called the Lord of the Races. If I’m not wrong, it should be the activity of the Lord of the Races of the Cerulean Planet’s human race, not the entire human race. Otherwise, some weak Lords of All Races would probably not be qualified to participate in this new event.”

Zhou Manage speculated.

The other three nodded.

If a Lord of All Races was backed by a top-notch race faction with a Master God-Tier God Spirit,

such a race naturally would not allow the weak Lords of the myriad races under their command to suddenly become the leaders of their race.

Even if the Lord of All Races was willing, the original leaders of such a top race would not be willing.

Needless to say, many members of a top race often became Lords of All Races.

He couldn’t possibly let so many Lords of all ethnicities suddenly become the leaders of their races because of an event, right?

Then the myriad worlds would be in chaos.

The Supreme Will definitely wouldn’t want to see this either.

“I haven’t been back to the Cerulean Planet in a long time.”

Zhou Manage sighed.

“I want to go back to Earth.”

Zhou Fight said with a faint smile.

“Me too.”

Zhou Martial smiled.

“I want both of them to go back,” Zhou Zhou said with a smile. Then, he said seriously, “Let’s not joke around for now. Let’s get down to business. It will be considered walking out of the High Continent and fighting in the myriad worlds if the new event really returns to the Cerulean Planet.”

“Even though the four of us can barely be considered to have the combat power of four Master God-Tiers, we won’t be in a good situation if we face the sneak attacks of more Master God-Tiers.”

“As for the Master God-Tier that the Ten Holy Protection Lord Talent can invite, I don’t scheme to expose this trump card until the last moment. Therefore, I plan to participate in this event as a mortal lord at the beginning of the new event so that those top bloodline ethnicities who want to handle with us won’t be able to find us for the time being.”

“No problem.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“That’s what I contemplated too.”

Zhou Manage and the other two nodded.

“Then this matter is decided for the time being.”

Zhou Zhou asked.

The others had no objections.

Then, they did not have any intention of chatting.

This was a speculative meeting about the new event, so there was nothing to talk about.

“By the way, there’s one more thing,” Zhou Zhou said. “Send an invitation to the Master God-Tiers of the High Continent and even the myriad worlds. Tell them that we can use a Master God-Tier Divine Artifact as the price to hire them as the Master God-Tier offerings of our Blazing Sun Empire. They only need 100 years to become offerings of the Master God-Tier.”

“As long as you’re willing to come and worship the Master God-

Tier of the Blazing Sun Empire and sign a contract, once the contract is established, we can give the Master God-Tier Divine Artifact to the other party on the spot.”

The new event was about to begin.

No matter how much Zhou Zhou and company desired to avoid fighting enemies at the Master God-Tier level, they could probably eventually encounter enemies at the Master God-Tier level.

In that case, he might as well make preparations in advance.

Using a Master God-Tier Divine Artifact as the price to hire a Master God-level expert to be the worshiper of his empire’s Master God-Tier, he believed that very few Master Gods in the myriad worlds could be able to resist the temptation of “His”.

In any case, “He” wasn’t lacking in Master God-Tier Divine Artifacts anymore.

What “He” lacked was a Master God-Tier Divine Artifact expert who could use a Master God-Tier Divine Artifact and was willing to stand on “His” side.

“Alright!” Zhou Manage nodded. “I’ll handle this.”

Zhou Zhou nodded.

After that, “They” chatted for a while more before Zhou Manage went to do something.

Zhou Fight and Zhou Wu, one went to the Time World to comprehend the Lord’s laws, while the other went to the Time World to find experts from the past to sharpen his combat skills.

Zhou Zhou, on the other hand, was in his cultivation room, improving his Supreme Sacred Body by refining the Lord Talent Crystal Fragment and the Lord Talent Sphere.

At the same time, about ten thousand kilometers away from the Blazing Sun Empire.

A dark purple Amethyst Behemoth battleship that looked like a purple diamond was standing in the interlayer of space, concealing itself.

Inside the battleship, the king of the Behemoth Divine Kingdom, 19:41

Collier, was sitting upright on the Amethyst Throne, listening to the intelligence report of a White Silver Behemoth below.

The king of the Behemoth Divine Kingdom, Collier, who was already more than 10,000 years old and was about the level of a True God-Tier Elementary Grade, was an Amethyst Behemoth.

At this moment, “He” frowned deeply after hearing the intelligence report from the White Silver Behemoths below.

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