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Chapter 1201 - 1201 Mythical-Tier—The Only Lord Talent—King Of Undying!
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1201 Mythical-Tier—The Only Lord Talent—King Of Undying!

“You’re saying that Elizariel has already brought the remnants of “His” army into the borders of the Blazing Sun Empire?” “He” asked.

“Can’t we go after them?” Collier asked.

“I’m afraid not, Emperor.”

“Even though they haven’t reached the borders of the Blazing Sun Empire yet, they’re already within the perimeter of the Blazing Sun Empire.”

“The other side has led the remaining troops into the perimeter. Because their military strength is weak and they don’t have many experts, they won’t be able to threaten the Radiant Sun Empire. The Radiant Sun Empire’s garrison won’t be vigilant and do anything because of this.”

“However, if we lead our army close to the perimeter of the Blazing Sun Empire’s territory, the other party has every reason to think that we’re going to wage war against them.”

“Once the other party catches hold of this reason and doesn’t let go, we’ll have provoked a huge enemy for no reason.” The White Silver Behemoths said.

Anger flashed across the Amethyst Behemoth’s face.

However, when “He” thought of the video of the battle between the blazing sun empire and Aus’s scarlet army, “His” anger inexplicably dissipated, and “He” even felt a little afraid.

The Blazing Sun Empire was able to defeat Aus’ scarlet army, so “He” was naturally no match for them.

Not to mention the Behemoth Divine Kingdom.

Even if 10 Behemoth Divine Kingdoms fought the Blazing Sun Kingdom together, victory might not necessarily belong to him.

There was indeed nothing wrong with what the White Silver Behemoths said. It was better not to make such a great enemy for the Behemoth Divine Kingdom for no reason.

“Everyone, what are your thoughts? If you have any, tell me.”

Collier looked at the more than a hundred ministers with the Yellow Gold-Tier Behemoth bloodline and more than 10 ministers with the Amethyst Behemoth bloodline below.

Even though “He” felt that “He” couldn’t defeat Elizariel, “He” was still unwilling to watch Elizariel escape.

As the only possessor of the original elven bloodline of the elven race, Elizariel had extremely high potential. It was even possible for her to grow into a Main God-Tier in the future.

Letting such a formidable enemy escape made “Him” feel uneasy.

The Behemoth ministers were silent for a moment. No one spoke.

Facing a behemoth like the Blazing Sun Empire, they really couldn’t think of a way to eliminate Elizariel.

“His” True God-Tier aura was faintly discernible. He seemed to be a True God-Tier expert who had just broken through to the True God-Tier and had yet to stabilize his realm.

“Please speak, Master Di.” Collier hurriedly said.

This person was the teacher of “His” father. His name was Gurch. “He” still had to treat him with respect even if “He” was the current Behemoth Emperor.

“Your Majesty,” Gu Erqi said, “it is an irreversible fact that we are unable to enter the borders of the Blazing Sun Empire.”

“It’s said that the Common People’s Regal has some friendship with Elizariel to begin with. I think that tomorrow, the Common People’s Regal will most likely accept Elizariel and the remnants of ‘Him’.”

“I think there are two ways to deal with Elizariel.”

Then, “He” told Collier and the ministers his thoughts.

After Collier heard this, he pondered for a while before nodding.


“In this situation, we can only do this.” “He” said.

Then, he thought to himself.

“I hope that Common People’s Regal is willing to give me face.”

The next day, in the Reincarnation Sacred Palace.

Zhou Zhou, who was sitting cross-legged on the divine artifact mat, slowly opened his eyes.

“He” looked at his divine body and felt the Supreme God Realm runes imprinted in it. He nodded slightly.

“I used up all the Lord Talent Crystal Fragments and most of the Lord Talent Spheres and finally raised the Supreme Sacred Body to the True God-Tier Intermediate Grade in one night.”

“However, upgrading a small level at the True God-Tier level consumes so many Lord Talent materials, it is really heart-

wrenching to part with them.”

At the thought of this, Zhou Zhou’s heart ached.

So many Lord Talent Crystal Fragments and Lord Talent Spheres were lost.

How many Lord Talents would “He” awaken if “He” were to use them to awaken the Lord Talent!

However, “His” brows relaxed, and his eyes became firm again.

“The Supreme Sacred Body is related to the creation of the Master God-Tier Lord Talent, the invincible Constitution, the ability to awaken the adaptability of the Lord Talent in a special environment, and various other abilities.”

“Those who don’t plan for eternity are not worthy of a moment. Those who don’t plan for the overall situation are not worthy of a region.”

“I must cultivate this Supreme Sacred Body!”

Zhou Zhou was extremely determined.

Of course, that was not the point.

The main point was the environment that the Bodhi Supreme had mentioned previously.

Even though the Bodhi Supreme did not answer him directly, it was precisely because of this that Zhou Zhou felt very uneasy.

The Bodhi Supreme was unwilling to elaborate.

The level of this secret must be ridiculously high, and it also represented ridiculous danger.

If one day, he really reached a dangerous environment that even the Supreme Will could not control, perhaps this Supreme Sacred Body that could create an adaptable Lord Talent would be “His” only life-saving straw!

Therefore, “He” had to cultivate the Supreme Sacred Body!

In any case, in the current situation, the 30-odd Lord Talents on “He” were enough to deal with it. At the moment, “He” was not lacking any Lord Talents.

Then he would use them all to cultivate the Supreme Sacred Body.

Then, “He” took a look at his newly awakened Lord Talent after a night of cultivation.

This Lord Talent was also a Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talent.

[Lord Talent: Undying King (Mythical-Tier, Unique)]

[Specific Talent Effect One- Indestructible Body: Even if you are reduced towards one drop of blood, you can instantly be reborn in your peak state with this drop of blood.]

[Specific Talent Effect Two- Embrace of Fate: You are protected by the Law of Fate. No curse of fate below the Master God-Tier level can curse your fate.]

[Specific Talent Effect Three—Child of Rebirth: You will automatically obtain a resurrection opportunity once a day.]

[Specific Talent Effect Four – Endless Reincarnation: Your will contains an independent law of reincarnation. When all your resurrection methods seem ineffective, you will obtain a brand new life source and eliminate all traces of reincarnation. You will enter a reincarnation that belongs solely to you and be randomly reborn in the myriad worlds. You can likewise preserve your memories and talents from when you were alive and help the reincarnators grow quickly. Unless the universe is destroyed, you can reincarnate infinitely.]

[Specific Talent Effect Five – Void Will: When your Law of Samsara disappears, you shall lose everything and become an eternal, indestructible, but powerless, Void Will.

Zhou Zhou appeared stunned as he looked at the second effect of Embrace of Fate.

“Could this Lord Talent of the Undying King be derived by the Supreme Sacred Body after I saw the Fate Scarecrow yesterday and appeared afraid of the Fate Scarecrow’s killing effect?”

Zhou Zhou muttered towards himself.

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