Global Lord: 100\% Drop Rate

Chapter 1202 - 1202 Meeting Elizariel!
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1202 Meeting Elizariel!

“That’s most likely the case.”

A smile appeared on Zhou Zhou’s face,

It had to be said that even though the cultivation of the Supreme Sacred Body consumed a lot, the effect was also extraordinary.

This was only the beginning of “His” cultivation, but it had already provided “He” with two Mythical-Tier Unique Lord Talents that “He” needed very much.

In reality, even if “He” had the help of the Bodhi Supreme, “He” might not be able to find these two Lord Talents that were extremely suitable for “Him.”

As a Lord who pursues noble development, the Lord Talent effect of this “King of Immortality” suited “His” intentions too well.

However, this wasn’t what excited “Him” the most.

What excited “Him” the most was that the event rewards for the King of Ten Thousand Kings would be given out today.

“According to the past, the rewards should be officially distributed at six o’clock.”

Zhou Zhou muttered to himself.

Then, he looked at the time.

It was only five o’clock, an hour away from six o’clock.

Zhou Zhou was about to head to the Scarlet Broodmother when Zero’s voice suddenly sounded.

[Your Majesty.]

[Elizariel and the remaining elves led by her have arrived at the territory of the Blazing Sun Empire and are applying to meet Your Majesty.]

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows.

She’s actually here at this time?

“How many remnants of the Elven Empire did Elizariel bring? How many God Spirits and True God-Tiers are there?”

Zhou Zhou asked curiously.

[Less than 10,000.]

[Besides the High-Tier Deity-level Elizariel, there were no other God Spirits or True God-Tiers.]

[Currently stationed at an uninhabited plain outside the capital.] Zero said.

Zhou Zhou smacked his lips.

The Miserable Elizariel.

She was a top-notch Empire Lord faction that could fight the Behemoth Divine Kingdom for the throne.

Who would have thought that not only had the Divine Kingdom’s battle for the throne failed, but even their own Lord faction had fallen to such a state in just a few days?

With such strength, it would be difficult to establish a kingdom.

The victor was a noble, and the loser was a bandit!

“Get Elizariel here alone.”

Zhou Zhou said without thinking too much.

[Yes, Your Majesty.] Zero said.

The next second…

Elizariel suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

It was Zero who had used Spatial Teleportation to teleport Elizariel over. Elizariel was stunned when she teleported into the Shrine’s main hall. Then, she saw Zhou Zhou sitting on the throne.

“Elizariel greets… greets Your Excellency Common People’s Regal.”

Elizariel’s heart was filled with complicated emotions, but in the end, she still lowered her once arrogant head and spoke respectfully to Zhou Zhou.

But in the next second, Zhou Zhou raised his hand and made her raise her head that was about to lower.

“You and I have some friendship. There’s no need to be so polite.”

Zhou Zhou smiled.

Elizariel’s heart ached. For some reason, this simple sentence made her feel aggrieved, indignant, terrified, and panicky. It was as if all the negative emotions in her heart were about to erupt at this moment, she almost teared up.

“Thank you, Common People’s Regal.”

Elizariel forcefully suppressed her emotions and bowed slightly to “Him”.

She was very grateful to this Common People’s Regal, grateful that this Common People’s Regal had preserved some of her former dignity for her who was now in dire straits.

“This Emperor already knows about your situation.”

“Tell me, what do you have in mind for me?”

Zhou Zhou went straight to the point.

Elizariel opened her mouth, but no words came out for a moment.

She originally wanted to ask the Common People’s Regal for help and borrow “His” troops to let her lead an army to counterattack the Behemoth Divine Kingdom.

However, at that moment, she found it difficult to voice her thoughts.

Moreover, so what if she really led troops to counterattack the Behemoth Divine Kingdom?

After this failed battle for the throne of the Divine Kingdom, Seagates, the mother of the elves, was severely injured and snatched away by the Ash Elven Empire.

After this battle, Octavel also left her Kingdom and announced that she would have nothing to do with the Elven Divine Kingdom from now on.

Another True God of the people of foreign races, who had originally planned to become the worshiped True God-Tier God Spirit of the Elven Empire, immediately refused to be the worshiped God Spirit of the Divine Kingdom of the original Elven Empire after seeing the original Elven Empire being defeated.

The failed battle for the throne of the Divine Kingdom had caused all of her backers to fall.

More than half of the soldiers of the original Elven Empire had died.

The huge number one Elven Empire was reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye because of her ambitions.

Under such circumstances, was she really going to forcefully retaliate?

Was she still qualified to continue fighting with the name of the original Elven Empire?

The more Elizariel thought about it, the paler her face became, and her body began to tremble.

Perhaps she was in a hurry to escape when she came, so she did not have time to think.

Now that she was resting, all sorts of thoughts surged into her mind, causing Elizariel to instantly sink into extreme self- blame and despair.

Zhou Zhou frowned slightly when he saw her expression.

This Elizariel… Why did she suddenly give off a despairing aura?

At this moment, Elizariel’s aura returned to normal. Then, she took out a Spatial Ring and held it with both hands. “Your Excellency Common People’s Regal.”

“Elizariel knows that you have some friendship with my hero, the Blood Fire Arrow Elf, Nadia.”

“However, this war was too dangerous. I couldn’t protect Nadia. Instead, Nadia died at the hands of the True God-Tier of the Behemoth Divine Kingdom to protect me…”

At this point, Elizariel’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

She still couldn’t forget the scene of Nadia rushing in front of her and helping her block the attack of True God-Tier Behemoth.

“Inside this Spatial Ring are Nadia’s remains and relics. I’m here to deliver them back to His Majesty.”

With that… She stopped talking.

Zhou Zhou waited for a while. He couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows seeing that she really didn’t say anything else.

She actually didn’t say that she desired to ask for help?

“He” could clearly tell that the other party had the intention to say this. Why did she suddenly change her mind?

“He” contemplated for a second or two before raising his right hand. He saw the Spatial Ring in Elizariel’s hand fly into “His” hand.

Zhou Zhou gently stroked the Spatial Ring in his hand and could not help but sigh.

“Nadia told This Emperor a long moment ago that her life was given to her by you. She is also willing to sacrifice her life for you.”

“Even though she has died in battle, she will definitely not regret what she has done for you.” “He” stated lightly.

“Nadia is a true hero, and I am an unqualified and failed Emperor. I don’t deserve a hero like Nadia.” Elizariel lowered her head.

Even though Zhou Zhou had different opinions when he heard this, “He” sensed lonely at the moment and had no intention of saying anything else.

“This Emperor will revive Nadia.” “He” said after a long silence.


A glimmer of light finally appeared in Elizariel’s dim eyes.

“Of course, I’m not joking.” Zhou Zhou nodded.

“Nadia is so lucky to have met an Emperor like you.”

Elizariel stared blankly at Zhou Zhou.

“This Emperor also feels very lucky to have a loyal friend like Nadia.”

Zhou Zhou smiled faintly.

Elizariel was stunned for a moment before smiling.

“Then, my business is over. I’ll take my leave now.”

Zhou Zhou glanced at Elizariel for a while before nodding slowly.

“Have a safe journey.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Elizariel left.

After Elizariel’s figure completely disappeared, Zhou Zhou suddenly said, “Wu Tu.”

“Your Majesty.” Wu Tu’s virtual projection quickly appeared in front of Zhou Zhou.

“Yes, Your Majesty. What can I do for you?”

“Keep an eye on Elizariel. Inform This Emperor immediately once there is any news about her.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Wu Tu stated respectfully.

Zhou Zhou nodded and waved his hand to turn off the projection.

Then, he sat on the throne and began to ponder.

Elizariel’s situation before she left bestowed “Him” a bad feeling…

However, “He” didn’t think too much about it.

His relationship with the other party was not deep to begin with. His deepest camaraderie was during the Faction Quests. She still owed him a mission reward for helping her raise her ranking. Now that the event was over, this mission reward was equivalent to invalidated.

Since that was the case, there was no need for him to care too much.

“He” shook his crown and stopped thinking about it.

However, at this moment…

“His” personal terminal sent another virtual video call.

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