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Chapter 1282 - 1282: Base Camp Defense Battle And Base Camp Offensive Battle!
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Chapter 1282: Base Camp Defense Battle And Base Camp Offensive Battle!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

They were right.

The second stage of the Lord of the Races activity this time would probably beat the brains out of the Lords just for this Venus.


“I’m going to redeem it today!” Zhou Zhou muttered to himself.

“He” had more than 1.5 million Obscure Lord Shop Points now. It shouldn’t be a problem to spend another day earning two million points.

At this moment, the ministers were almost done discussing. The scene gradually quietened down. When it was completely silent, Bai Yun was the first to stand up.

“Your Majesty, with our current strength, it’s almost easy for us to sweep through all the Lords and factions of the myriad races!”

“Only the indigenous Lord factions and cosmic organizations in the active universe need us to be more careful.”

“However, with our strength, there’s actually no need to worry too much.”

“In addition, we now have the mortal empire as an alias.”

“Therefore, I suggest that we directly conquer the Lord of All Races in the active universe and increase our ranking on the Lord of All Races Contest!”

“Even if we attract a lot of attention or even use hidden methods, we’ll just deal with it when the time comes.”

“1 believe that no force can stop us!”

Bai Yun said loudly, her tone was extremely confident.

Wu Xin, who was fighting alongside her, could not help but smile in relief when he saw Bai Yun’s confident, steady, and bold appearance.

This student of his was already much more outstanding than him.

When the other generals heard this, some fell into deep thought, some nodded, and some remained silent.

However, almost all the generals did not show any fear.

Following that, the Shepherds God Race’s Yuan Cong also stood out and said,

“I also think Legion Commander Bai makes sense.”

“Even though this move is a little ostentatious and eye-catching.”

“However, this is what we should do with our strength.”

“Furthermore, what we’re facing now is an event personally set up by the Supreme Will. If we keep being timid for the sake of caution and cause us to lose what we should have been able to obtain with our strength, we’ll regret it when the time comes.”

As soon as these words were spoken, many generals agreed.

Then, the Chaos Humans—Ying Ning, the Human True God—Xu An, the Human True God—Luo Sheng, the Divine Lord of Behemoth—Collier, the Shadow Clan True God—Tarotcol, and the Rakshasa True God—Xue Chen ail stood up and said that they wanted to attack with all their might. As a mortal empire, they wanted to welcome the second stage of the Lord of the Race.

Seeing that everyone had the same opinion, Zhou Zhou smiled and nodded.

Well, with “His” current strength and faction, there was indeed no need to be too cautious.

This was also because “He” didn’t want to waste the Mythical-Tier only Lord Talent, Twin Body.

Otherwise, “He” would have wanted to compete for first place on the Hegemony Rankings as a true Lord.

Then, Zhou Zhou did not waste any time. He immediately got the generals to prepare and immediately returned to the Cerulean Planet.

Zhou Zhou had just returned to the Cerulean Planet when a text notification appeared in front of “Him”.

[The Lord of the Race Second Stage Activity Notification One: At eight in the morning sharp in Cerulean Planet, you will welcome a base camp defense battle and a base camp offensive battle. You can arrange the time of these two battles at any time on that day. Please prepare for the battle in time!]

[The Lord of the Race Second Stage Activity Notification Two: When you obtain a consecutive win in the base camp defense battle or the base camp offensive battle, you will be matched with stronger opponents the next day!]

[The Lord of the Race Second Stage Activity Notification Three: When you don’t complete the day’s headquarters defense battle and the headquarters offensive battle, you will automatically be considered to have given up your status as a Lord!]

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows.

He was trying to force a match again!

But then, “His” brows relaxed.

“He” was no longer the Lord of The Blazing Sun from the Lord Arena.

The current “He” wouldn’t be afraid of any enemy.

“We’ll start the base camp defense battle now.”

The current “Him” wouldn’t be afraid of any enemy.

Just as he said that, a new text notification appeared in front of “Him”.

[Match in progress…]

In less than a second, the words [Match successful!] appeared.

[Your Majesty.]

[An unfamiliar planet suddenly appeared out of thin air 99.36563 kilometers in front of our planet!]

Zero’s voice appeared beside Zhou Zhou’s ear. At the same time, a virtual screen appeared in front of “Him”.

It was a verdant planet. Green was the main color of this planet, and there was not even much blue that represented the sea.

At this moment, the virtual screen was pulled to a plain on the surface of this planet.

There was a stone city gathered on the surface of this plain.

This stone city was primitive and desolate, and there were more than a million Goblins gathered inside.

In the center of the stone city, there was a yellow stone platform. On the yellow stone platform was a yellow stone throne. On the throne sat a strong and sharp-eyed Goblin King in black armor and holding a mace.

“He” was looking up at the blue planet a million kilometers away.

Zhou Zhou also looked at him.

Then, a sinister smile appeared on both sides.

[Match successful!]

[Your opponent is the Green Planet Goblin Race—Lord Giant Tooth!]

[This Lord has 525,000 Hegemony Points!]

[This Lord has Obscure Lord Shop Points: 11,300!]

[The number of consecutive wins of this Lord: 0!]

[From now on, you will defend against the enemy’s attack until the end of this day or the other party is destroyed. You will obtain victory. Otherwise, you will fail!]

[The base camp defense battle has officially begun!]

Zhou Zhou smiled faintly.

This opponent was not bad.

Judging from the other party’s Hegemony Points and Obscure Lord Shop Points, the other party should have completed the first stage of the Lord of the Race’s activity early and immediately went out to fight. That was why he obtained so many points.

If this continued, he might be able to enter the rankings in the end and successfully participate in the third stage of the Lord of the Race’s event.

Unfortunately, he met him.

“Bai Yun.”

“Lead a team of soldiers to deal with the other party.”

Zhou Zhou ordered.

Who said that the defending side could not directly attack?

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Bai Yun said respectfully.

Now that she was already at True God-Tier Intermediate Grade, she naturally did not feel any pressure when facing a Lord faction of the myriad races that was at most a Low-Tier Deity Level.

Soon, “He” led a team of 100 people and rushed towards the other party’s Green Plains Planet.

At the same time, the Giant Tooth Lord also saw the match notification that appeared in front of him.

[Match successful!]

[Your opponent is the Mortal Lord of Earth!]

[This Lord has 20,615,652,000 Hegemony Points!]

[This Lord has Obscure Lord Shop Points: 1,589,700 Obscure Lord Shop Points!]

[The number of consecutive wins of this Lord: 0!]

[From now on, you will attack the enemy’s base camp as the offensive party until the end of today and successfully occupy the enemy’s base camp. Otherwise, you will be judged to have failed!!]

[If your offensive fails, you will automatically lose your status as the Lord of All Races!]

[The main camp’s offensive battle has officially begun!]

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