Global Lord: 100\% Drop Rate

Chapter 1283 - 1283 Crushing! God Slaying Musket!
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1283 Crushing! God Slaying Musket!


The Giant Tooth Lord did not look at the information of the successful match immediately. Instead, he looked at the humans and Zhou Zhou on the Cerulean Planet from a million kilometers away.

“It’s actually the Lord of the human race.”

A sinister smile appeared on the ugly face of the Giant Tooth Lord.

He knew humans too well.

This was because his initial territory on the High Continent was adjacent to some human Lords.

Later on, they were all wiped out by him with his troops.

Moreover, the difficulty of eliminating it was almost zero.

Those humans seemed to have never experienced a battle. They were extremely flustered when they encountered a battle and only competed in running faster. Not many humans dared to stay behind and fight them head-on.

Occasionally, a few humans would boldly want to fight them head-on, but because they lacked combat experience and no one helped them, they were easily destroyed by the Goblin Warriors under him.

Goblins were weak. If you were strong, they were weak. If you were weak, they were stronger.

In the face of an enemy stronger than the Goblins, the Goblins would act more obedient and timid than slaves.

However, when the Goblins encountered the weak enemies in their eyes, their combat performance was comparable to unparalleled fierce generals!

Therefore, when the humans showed weakness, the Goblin Warriors led by “Him” easily eliminated those Human Lords and occupied their initial territory.

When “He” saw the humans on the azure planet again, the corners of “His” mouth were about to reach his ears.

The first opponent was actually a human?!

It was really the blessing of the ancestor.

As long as this human wasn’t the two freaks, the Lord of The Blazing Sun and the Mortal Lord, Giant Tooth Lord was very confident that he could crush him!

After all, He was a Low-Tier Deity Level Goblin King!

Even among the Lord of All Races, this single-target combat strength was considered the top at this stage.

“Let me see what kind of background this human Lord has.”

Giant Tooth Lord leisurely looked at the matching information in front of him.

Then, his face froze.

“This… This…”

“He” widened his eyes and stared at the name of the Mortal Lord, as well as the ridiculously high number of Hegemony Points and Obscure Lord Shop Points.

“There’s no mistake.”

“Currently, the only Lord from the human race with this number of points would only be this Mortal Lord!”

“My… My first opponent is actually such a freak?!”

Giant Tooth Lord looked flustered, completely losing the calmness and conceit he had when he first saw Zhou Zhou.

At this moment,

He saw 101 streams of light fly over from the blue planet and quickly fly above his head.

The female general looked immortal and heroic. She had the ethereal charm of the Immortal Dao.

“I’m Legion Commander Bai Yunxian of the Mortal Empire!”

“I’m here to destroy you!”

She shouted.

“I… I surrender! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

Giant Tooth Lord broke out in cold sweat as he surrendered loudly.

“Our Mortal Empire doesn’t accept just any opponent!”

Bai Yun sneered.

There were actually many grudges between the Goblins and humans in history.

Coupled with the other party’s personality of bullying the weak and fearing the strong, as well as the other party’s weak strength, Bai Yun did not want to take him in at all.

“Go and destroy them!”

Bai Yun said calmly and commanded the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers and Forbidden Mage behind her.

These 100 Empire-Tier soldier types all had Legendary-Tier strength.

When they heard Bai Yun’s order, they immediately moved out. The Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers were in front, and the Forbidden Mage was behind. They turned into a hundred streams of light of various colors and rushed towards the million Goblin warriors.

“How arrogant!”

Giant Tooth Lord could not help but feel furious when he saw this.

Just 100 soldiers to attack his million-strong army!?

Didn’t these soldiers of the mortal empire know how to write the word ‘death’?

Even if their strength was Legendary-Tier, they were not God Spirits. Didn’t they know that ants could bite an elephant to death?

“Kill them!”

The Giant Tooth Lord immediately ordered.


The million-strong Goblin army roared in unison.

Swish swish swish swish…

At least 100,000 Goblin Warriors immediately soared into the air and flew towards the 100 Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers and Forbidden Mage.

Then, an extremely contrasting scene appeared. The 50 Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers were like tigers entering a flock of sheep, killing fearlessly among the more than 100,000 Goblin warriors.

The Forbidden Mage behind them also began to chant an incantation and cast a forbidden spell.

Legendary-Tier Advance Grade Forbidden Spell—Fiery War!

Legendary-Tier Advance Grade forbidden spell—Ice Aeon!

Legendary-Advance Grade forbidden spell—Super Violent Storm!

Legendary-Tier Advance Grade Forbidden Spell—Flame Explosion!

Large-scale or super powerful single-target offensive forbidden spells were released from the staffs of the 50 Forbidden Mages and swept through the million-plus Goblin army.

It was almost just one round.

More than 200,000 Goblins were either dead or injured.

As for the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers that were charging in front of them and protecting them while killing, they were not injured at all under the precise control of the Forbidden Mage.

If other mages saw this scene, they would definitely think that it was amazing.

That was an incomparably explosive forbidden spell that could be controlled so perfectly after all.

However, this was just an ordinary method for the Forbidden Mages under Zhou Zhou.

Then, the Forbidden Mage fired another two rounds of Forbidden Spells at the same time, destroying most of the Goblin army that the Giant Tooth Lord was proud of.

Giant Tooth Lord was stunned when he saw this scene.

This… was this the strength of the Lord who had reached the top!?

Was it really reasonable to be so strong?

He no longer had any thoughts of continuing the battle and had only had one thought now.

Stay alive even if he had to give up his status as a Lord!

Therefore, while “He” was fighting happily in front, “He” quietly walked to the back of the army and turned into a stream of light as “He” fled into the distance.

“It’s too terrifying!”

“No wonder he could obtain so many Hegemony Points and Obscure Lord Shop Points in three days.”

“Just 100 people are already so strong.”

“If their army were to attack…”

The Giant Tooth Lord could not help but shiver when he thought of this.

“He” felt that even a Divine Kingdom Lord might not be able to defeat such an enemy.

At this moment,

“He” suddenly stopped.

This was because a Forbidden Mage wearing a platinum Forbidden Mage robe was floating in the starry sky and looking at him quietly.

It was as if he had been waiting for a long time.

Giant Tooth Lord was also shocked when he saw the other party.

However, when he sensed the other party’s strength and aura, he expression could not help but turn ferocious.

“A mere Legendary-Tier Advance Grade Mage dares to stop me?!”

“He really doesn’t want to live anymore!”

The Giant Tooth Lord was furious and immediately opened his mouth to bite the other party.

A huge mouth phantom appeared in the starry sky and ate the Forbidden Mage.

The Giant Tooth Lord had used the Law of Devour to become a Low-Level Deity. This move was his initial Law Skill, and also the only Law Skill he had grasped.

He attacked with all his might even though he looked down on the other party.


Legendary-Tier Advance Grade forbidden spell—God Slaying Musket!

A faint voice sounded.

Then, a 10,000-meter-long fire divine spear appeared in the starry sky.

The next second…

It directly transformed into a flaming spear shadow that pierced through the Law of Devour. Then, it paused slightly and pierced through the Giant Tooth Lord again.

The Giant Tooth Lord widened its eyes and gazed at the huge hole in his chest. He could not believe that he possessed died just like that.

Then, the light in his eyes gradually disappeared, until they completely lost its light.

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