Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3477 - 3477: Flogging
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Chapter 3477: Flogging

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Although her mother was very beautiful, she only had the intelligence of a sixor seven-year-old, which was why she looked so innocent and weak.

However, Feng Wu noticed that her mother had a stern look on her face while she was cultivating.

“Madam said that no one is to disturb her for the time being,” Granny Zhao added.

Feng Wu nodded.


It was a taboo to disturb someone who was cultivating, as they might suffer a qi deviation.

Luckily, Feng Wu had set up a barrier around Fallen Star Yard, so no one could get in now.

“Have you all made some progress?”

Feng Wu glanced at Qiuling, Uncle Qiu, Granny Zhao and Xiaoqi. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw how strong they were.

“Sister, I’m already a Level 1 Spiritual King.”

Feng Xiaoqi was elated. “Even in the War Academy, very few people can beat me.”

Feng Wu rubbed Xiaoqi’s head.

Due to his Ultimate Spiritual Body, Xiaoqi’s cultivation speed was twice as fast. He was already a Level 1 Spiritual King.

Feng Wu had been around the same level before she went to Nest.

“Your progress is so…” Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

Feng Xiaoqi couldn’t hide his excitement. “That’s because of the all-purpose transformation liquid you sent us. We’ve all made some progress! Plus, with brother-in-law’s guidance…”

“Huh?” Feng Wu gave him a dirty look.

Feng Xiaoqi immediately shut up and said obediently, “I know, I know. I won’t mention him.”

While Feng Wu returned home…

In the palace.

“Your Majesty, Princess Bao Er is out of danger.”

The head maid, Qiuxue, came in and told the empress dowager the news.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty. Your wish has finally been fulfilled. Princess Bao Er will be able to visit you in the palace soon.”

Qiuxue was all smiles, and her voice was clear and bright, as if she was waiting for the empress dowager to praise her.

The empress dowager had always been kind to the maids.

Meanwhile, the empress dowager was holding her forehead and sitting in front of the window, looking unwell.

She had a headache.

A real headache. 𝚏𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝚋n𝐨𝘃𝗲l.𝐜𝐨m

Hearing that, the empress dowager looked up. Her eyes were as cold as snow and as sharp as blades!

Qiuxue was startled.

What was going on? Why did Her Majesty look like she was going to eat her alive? But Princess Bao Er was clearly out of danger.

Granny Lan, who served the empress dowager, sighed inwardly.

She knew why the empress dowager was so angry.

She had made a bet that if Feng Wu really could save Bao Er, she would serve Feng Wu tea. What would the empress dowager do now?

“Is Bao Er really awake? Is she really alive?” the empress dowager asked coldly.

“Y- yes, Your Majesty, that’s what Granny Gong said.” Qiuxue remembered that Granny Gui had told her to come in and deliver the message.

Granny Gui had told her to report the news. Did she know that the empress dowager wouldn’t like hearing it?


A cup of tea was thrown at Qiuxue!

She almost screamed when the hot tea splashed on her, but in order not to be punished by the empress dowager, she didn’t let out a groan despite the sweat rolling down her face.

However, the empress dowager said coldly, “How dare you disrespect me? Take her away and flog her a hundred times!”

Qiuxue looked at the empress dowager in shock!

However, before she could shout, Granny Gui had already come up and covered her mouth with a handkerchief. Immediately after that, a strong nanny came up and took Qiuxue away to be punished..

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