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Chapter 40 - Fighting Headon

“Crimson Fire Palm!”

“Snake Steps!”

In the open space, Deng Zhen urged his movement technique, and a series of blazing palm prints with flames attacked Ruan Xiude.

However, they were all dodged by Ruan Xiude time and time again.

After more than ten times, even the Qi Gathering Stage Deng Zhen couldn't help but pant.

However, Ruan Xiude's expression remained the same.

He was even unable to harm Ruan Xiude in the slightest.

The surrounding Outer Sect disciples who were watching were also extremely shocked.

Putting aside other things, Ruan Xiude's movement technique had already surpassed most of the early period of Qi Gathering Stage.

They reckoned that only experts at the middle period of Qi Gathering Stage and above could compare with him.

As for Ruan Xiude, who was only at the Enlightenment Stage, his movement technique was actually able to cross a large realm.

This caused all the disciples to be extremely shocked.

Only then did they clearly realize why the Third Elder had praised Ruan Xiude when he saw him, and had made him the new disciple with the highest potential.

His movement technique had already explained a lot.

At least, his talent had already surpassed everyone present.

Even all the new disciples.

The title of the number one genius of the new disciples was well-deserved.

In the meantime, Deng Zhen and his group of underlings were all extremely shocked. They looked at each other in dismay. They did not know what to do.

This was the battle between Ruan Xiude and Deng Zhen.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone present, they did not dare to interfere.

They could only watch quietly.

Deng Xingyuan, who was in the crowd, had an even more unsightly expression on his face.

The fear in his eyes had also increased.

He did not expect that Ruan Xiude's talent would be so high. This had exceeded his expectations once again.

Three days ago, he was still an early period Enlightenment Stage cultivator. Not only did he kill him, who was a late period Enlightenment Stage cultivator, in an instant.

Now, he had even surpassed a large realm.

His movement speed was comparable to that of Qi Gathering Stage Deng Zhen.

This kind of performance was simply unheard of.

He had been in the martial arts for more than ten years, and he was still a direct descendant of a big clan in the county. He had never heard of such a thing before.

Even if he had seen it now, he still felt a deep disbelief.

After a long time, he finally came back to his senses.

He was sure that what he saw was not an illusion.

The fear in his eyes became even stronger.

At the same time, he could not help but feel a little regretful.

Ruan Xiude's talent was so strong that it had even exceeded his imagination.

Why did he have to provoke such a super genius?

If he was not careful, it might bring him and his family a calamity!

At this moment, even Deng Xingyuan could not help but hesitate. Should he apologize to Ruan Xiude after this bet and beg for his forgiveness?

However, this would damage his reputation.

He was still reluctant.

However, he already had another idea in his mind.

No matter who won this bet, he would not provoke Ruan Xiude again.

Even if Ruan Xiude lost, he would not humiliate Ruan Xiude again.

Because Ruan Xiude was the genius disciple that the Third Elder valued.

At most, he could only make him suffer a bit of physical pain. He really couldn't do anything to Ruan Xiude.

Otherwise, if the Third Elder got angry, he and his family would not be able to bear it.

If Ruan Xiude was fine, what would happen to him and his family?

With Ruan Xiude's terrifying talent, he would become a true expert in a few years.

At that time, Ruan Xiude would want to take revenge.

He and his family would not be able to endure it, and they would even be heavily injured.

So, after thinking about the pros and cons, he decided not to provoke Ruan Xiude again.

On the stage.

Deng Zhen's multiple attacks did not land on Ruan Xiude. His expression was extremely ugly.

He did not expect that his movement technique was inferior to Ruan Xiude, who was only at the beginner level for three days, and was even at the Enlightenment Stage.

He had underestimated Ruan Xiude.

But he could not lose this battle.

Otherwise, he would lose all his face, and his savings would also be emptied.

Immediately, Deng Zhen stood still and stopped attacking. He snorted coldly and said,

“Ruan Xiude, you only know how to dodge. If you have the ability, fight me head on. Let's see who is stronger.

“You started this battle. If you only know how to dodge, then I will leave. It will be a draw.

“You won't be able to get those three substandard spirit stones either!”

Since Ruan Xiude had used a provocation, he would also use a provocation on him.

“If you have the ability, then fight me head on!”

“You only know how to dodge. This is not what a martial artist should do!”

“You only know how to dodge, but it's impossible for you to win!”

Deng Zhen's group of underlings began to provoke him.

The surrounding Outer Sect disciples all sneered.

The difference in their cultivation was too great.

He couldn't face Deng Zhen head on.

Deng Zhen was an expert of Outer Sect. None of them were his match.

Therefore, they could only watch coldly from the sidelines. No one dared to speak.

But soon after, a scene that shocked everyone happened. 𝓯𝑟𝓮ℯ𝘸ℯ𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷ℯ𝓵.𝘤𝑜𝑚


Ruan Xiude replied indifferently.

Everyone on the scene was stunned. They almost thought that they had heard wrongly.

But Ruan Xiude's expression was indifferent.

“Is this the strength of Qi Gathering Stage?”

Ruan Xiude muttered in his heart.

He already had a lot of confidence.

It was time for him to end this.

“That's what you said!”

Deng Zhen's eyes lit up, and his expression was filled with joy.

Ruan Xiude's movement technique could surpass him, which meant that Ruan Xiude's talent in speed was very strong.

But he was a realm higher than Ruan Xiude.

It was impossible for Ruan Xiude to withstand his attack.

Deng Zhen's group of underlings also cheered.

The surrounding disciples all sighed in their hearts.

Ruan Xiude was still too young.

They only hoped that Ruan Xiude would not end up too miserably.

If Ruan Xiude was seriously injured, he would have to recuperate for a few months. Then, he might be surpassed by the other potential disciples.

They did not think that Ruan Xiude could win.

In the entire Drifting Cloud Sect, even among the core disciples, no one could do it.

Not to mention, he was Ruan Xiude, an Outer Sect disciple.

At this moment, no one on the stage thought highly of Ruan Xiude.

However, Ruan Xiude's expression remained indifferent.

With a low shout, Deng Zhen rushed towards Ruan Xiude.

“Crimson Fire Palm!”

He struck out with his palm, accompanied by a blazing fire palm imprint, flying towards Ruan Xiude.

Deng Zhen was worried that something might happen again, so he attacked directly.

He only wanted to defeat Ruan Xiude in one strike.

Ruan Xiude did not dodge, but Deng Zhen was overjoyed.

He increased the strength in his hand by three times.

But in the next moment, Ruan Xiude made his move.

“Wind Palm!”

He also struck out with his palm.

Ruan Xiude's power skyrocketed.

He struck out with his palm, and a gale whistled.

In an instant, he blew away the incoming heat wave.

More than half of Deng Zhen's strength had dissipated.

Deng Zhen felt as if there was an invisible wall in front of him.

Deng Zhen was unable to advance even half a step.

“How is this possible?”

Deng Zhen roared in his heart. He could not believe it.

At this moment, Ruan Xiude moved.

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