Gravity Mage with Level-Up System

Chapter 436 Tony’s Trouble
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From MC's perspective:

To enrich my knowledge about the Tolu country. I walked back to the library again. I can research on the Internet. But the information is strictly blocked.

Other than basic information. There is nothing there. Such laws are made to control regular humans.

Even for lower-level wizards, some information considered is taboo to touch.

By the time, I already reached the library hall. After logging in, I walked to the current affairs section. Books are arranged in rows.

I immediately found the book on politics. From the database, I know. This book is one of the most popular here. Almost everyone has read this book.

I picked up the book and sat on the nearby chair.

After opening the book, I began to read it. The book contains information on nearby countries. Including my favorite meteor country.

Time went by,

I stopped reading the book a few hours later. But when I saw the time, it was almost late evening. Fortunately, I have read all the important information in this book.

But this Tolu country is a bit shady. My expression grew solemn. A country is full of corruption. It's going to be a headache for sure.


A small sigh left my mouth.

I wanted to select a killing mission. But if the government is corrupted, then how am I going to get their support?

I furrowed my eyebrows. After weighing the options, I decided to go for the protection mission. Staying in one place for 3 months is going to be challenging.

But I can figure out something later. After placing the book back in the rack. I left the library and headed back to my dorm room.

The Bloodline Hall,

Tony Burnett is sitting behind the desk. He seems to be in deep thinking. While pondering, he tapped his fingers on the table.

He met with the Gravity Wizard a few hours ago. But unlike the information from the sources, he feels that guy is pretty ordinary.

He didn't know why the assassination had failed.

There are numerous speculations. But without evidence, he doesn't want to believe anything. The higher-ups are disappointed in him.

The high-ranking bloodline wizards don't want the Sub-Taboo Hall to gain another powerhouse. So they are doing everything to kill Vincent Carey before he becomes a Core member.

If Vincent becomes a Core member, then he would enjoy various privileges. His superiors won't be able to touch him that easily.

The latest news is that Lara White from the Taboo Hall has taken a step before Vincent Carey. So everyone next is looking forward to Vincent.

Thinking about it, he clenched his fists. He had missed the golden opportunity. Next time, he doesn't know when Vincent Carey will leave.

That guy rarely takes up a mission. A cold glint flashes in his eyes.


The door opened. One of his followers brought him a secret letter. Seeing that he recovered his expression and picked up the letter.

Right after, when the follower left his room.

Tony opens the secret letter to read. But the content inside is empty. Seeing the blank page, a look of understanding dawned upon him.

He poked his finger with sharp nails. A blood drop with an evil wilderness aura falls on the blank page.

Right after, the changes began to take place.

Suddenly words start to appear on the blank page. Within a few seconds, the whole message appeared.

Seeing that he began to go through the letter. When he finished his reading. The letter turned to ashes the next second.

From the beginning to the end, he didn't show any expression. But his heart was not calm. It's raging.

It was a letter from a high-ranking wizard from the elder house. Tony's finger trembles a little.

In that letter, it's stated that they are disappointed with his efforts. As he had guessed before, they don't want Vincent Carey to become a Level-5 wizard.

So the higher-ups have given him a 2nd chance to kill Vincent Carey. It doesn't matter how. But they don't want to see him.

Tony massaged his temple. The message was no different from earlier. But this time he sees a threat behind the message.

If he fails to complete the task, then they would deal with him. Tony feels something must have happened at a higher-level meeting.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have received the secret letter.

After pondering, he decided to provoke Vincent again. As long as he gets a chance, he will make sure to use it.


The following day,

9 AM,

After getting ready, I left the dorm building and headed to the dining hall. I decided to visit the mission hall after having breakfast.

It's better to leave the Academy before noon.

Shortly after, I walked inside the dining hall. But all of a sudden I feel strong gazes on me. Shaking my head, I walked to the food counter.

These people can't wait to know what happened to me. They must be wondering when I will break through.

After receiving the food plate, I started to eat the mana meat.


While I'm eating the food, my communication watches lit up with a notification.

Seeing that, I stopped eating and began to read the message. But when I saw the contact name on the watch.

My eyes flickered with a slight glint.

"Mentor Lion," I said in my heart.

The next schedule for the special program class was not announced. Maybe the message is related to this.

Then I opened the message to read it.

A few minutes later,

My eyes gleamed with a twinkle. The message is about the annual competition between the three big academies.

I remember others talking about this. But I didn't expect the academy to make a move. Because there is still time for the end of the year.

The academy wants to prepare us for this competition. And the participants are already decided.

One of the reasons the Special Class was created was to select qualified wizards for the completion.

Mentor Lion wants a name list for special training. I'm not joining the practice. Because I'm already a level-5 wizard.

Probably, I will be busy doing the mission. They are saying the annual competition. But the date was not announced.

Shaking my head, I closed the message. Then I continued to eat.

10 minutes later,

I walked out of the dining hall and headed toward the mission hall.

On the way, I met people with different gazes. I feel something bad. Don't tell me the new bloodline guy has made a move against me.

He told me that he would wait for me to reach level-5. But what happened now?

Ignoring them, I continued to walk to the mission hall. But when I reached the mission hall. I spotted something strange.

Amongst the wizards who are lining up in the queue. Most of them are bloodline wizards. Seeing that I stopped my movement and began to observe them.

This can't be a coincidence. If this is Tony's work, then I have to be careful.

I don't want to select the mission right now. If I do that, then the same events will be repeated.

It had taken me a great deal to escape from the Aten City plots. There I had met with dark league wizards and the lunatic old man in the Weden City.

Since I want to stay low-key during the Tolu Country Mission. I can't let these people know.

Seeing that no one troubled me. I decided to check my status.

"System, show me the status panel," I said to the system.

[Ding! The Host's command is recognized.]

[Ding! Level-Up System, 1.1 is ready.]

[Status Panel]

[Host's Name – Vincent Carey]

[Magic Power– Gravity]

[Mage Level – Level 5 Limiter]

[Mental Method- Gravity Ark (Running)]

>>Grade- Earth

>> Running Mode – Automatic

>> Rate of absorption – 82%

[Gravity Core status- lvl.5 (42%) (Progressing)]

>> Sacred Core – Gravity core

[Mana Power - 700]

>> Mana Capacity - 700

[Talent – Top Bottom (Upgradeable)]

[Colour – Pale Orange]

[Strength –445]

[Speed –445]

[Stamina –433]

[Vitality – 437]

[Intelligence – lvl.5 (34)]

[Soul Power – lvl.5 (33)]

[Mental Power - lvl.5 (35)]

[Constitution – lvl.5 (34)]

>> Sacred Gravity Physique (lvl.3 (97%))

>>Passive Gravity Pressure (5%)

[Spell Models – 6]

>> 1. Gravity Field (lvl.5)

>>2. Gravity Push (lvl.5)

>>3. Gravity Pull (lvl.5)

>>4. Gravity Blast (lvl.5)

>>5. Repulsive Force (lvl.5)

>>6. Zero Gravity (lvl.5)

[Spell Slots Available - 9]

[Title: Lord of the Gregor Mansion.]

[Storage space items: Earth Golem Puppet, Black Star Pendant, Magic Cloak, The Gregor Mansion, Magic artifact, herbs, potions, mana stones and spell books...etc..,]

The status panel appeared. My gaze immediately fell on the spells. All the spells are related to my awakened magic.

If I have a utility artifact, it would help me with my mission. Last time, the lunatic old man had accurately spotted my whereabouts.

He had even dispatched subordinates around the area at that time. But if I had spotted them earlier, things would have gone differently.

I didn't have to expose myself like that. After pushing down these thoughts, I turned my attention back to the bloodline wizards.

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