Chapter 1340 Nothing Odd Going On.
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Chapter 1340 Nothing Odd Going On.

?The priest couldn't believe it. He stammered, "But... But... But... But she said that the disease was dead. We also haven't seen anything of it ever since the purge. You're saying it is still out there and that the plague can return?"

ALUINE shrugged. "It could return."

"You shouldn't be so shocked about it. If your Celestial Supreme is so wicked then you shouldn't be surprised that she lied about this. As for us, we are certain that the source of the disease didn't die in this plane and that it left the plane through the planar portal." π’»π“»π˜¦π‘’π“Œπ‘’π“«π“·π‘œπ“‹π˜¦π“΅.π“¬π˜°π“‚

The priest fell on his butt aghast and his mouth opened like a fish struggling for air.

"We don't know why it didn't leave the plane directly to the abyss if it is really a demon. It might be that it wants to use the ancient battlefield to spread to other planes. So we must find it as soon as possible."

Jarkon felt the need to emphasize the importance of their mission. He said, "The Celestial Supreme may have not lied. Maybe she didn't know about the disease being alive. Maybe she wasn't working with it or maybe their cooperation had come to an end so it left. We don't know anything for sure."

"All we know is that the disease left the plane and it is somewhere out there ready to turn another plane into a wasteland like this. And you don't have to worry about your plane, help will surely come."

The high priest didn't like it but he was convinced. He nodded at them and said, "I must inform my god. Farewell."

He left them immediately and went to pray. The battle sage monkeys also stood up from their seats.

"We must go. Let's leave as soon as possible."

"We are running out of time. Hopefully, we can still track the disease to its source."

They left the reception room and left the plane in search of the aura of Soverick that they sensed. Their search was fruitful. They came across the corpses of numerous infected along the way.

All of the dead bodies bore the same symptoms as the zombies they saw. Their bodies were broken up with dark veins of decay all over the bodies. The squad didn't need their ability to track auras to know that the dead bodies were definitely infected.

Their search continued in earnest and they were further rewarded for their determination. They found the next plane that the source of the disease went to. There was nothing odd about the planar portal of this plane. It was open and also protected. There were a lot of people trying to get into it too.

The squad approached the planar portal with their airship. Then they disembarked and asked around for information about the plane.

"What plane is this?" It was the first question they asked.

Someone replied, "This is the Stellaris plane."

------The Great Mother.

The hounds of the lion of justice are not the only ones closing in on Legion. The Great Mother is also about to find him. She has never given up on him and has been searching for him ever since he escaped.

It would have been difficult to find any trace of Legion-7 in the void universe considering that he is smaller than a needle in a haystack. But something good happened to Legion-7 that gave the Great Mother the opportunity to narrow down the search to the realm of high heaven.

Soverick was in a world Fragment battling a strange Viper. He defeated the Viper and used his eyes to rewind the time of the Viper. This made the Viper appear in its nascent form of matter, energy, and supreme law before he was given form by the Serpentine world god.

Soverick swallowed this mass of energy, matter, and Supreme law through his eyes and directly into his consciousness. Legion-7 was waiting for it eagerly in his consciousness since he is in the consciousness of every clone that has united with him.

Legion-7 used his Authority of the soul, his soul fire, and the dragon inner world to suppress the supreme law. It was just a tiny portion of the Supreme law but it was also the part of the body of a world god so it was dangerous. There was no way he could subdue it without the help of his powerful soul and tiny portion of the Supreme law but it was also the part of the body of a world god so it was dangerous. There was no way he cosmic energy.

Their stalemate continued until the Serpentine world god made his Supreme law within Soverick's consciousness to overwrite and shred Soverick to pieces. It was then that Legion-7 attacked it with cosmic energy.

Legion-7 made cosmic energy fuse with the Supreme law. It turned the Supreme law into something like Authority which Legion-7 is capable of eating. Even then, eating it didn't go well with him. The Supreme law wanted to overwrite his existence and it almost succeeded several times in doing so.

Legion-7's existence changed several times but he was always able to recover himself because of his spark of consciousness. He was broken down several times but he was also able to wear down the supreme law with a combination of soul fire and cosmic energy.

The Serpentine world god sensed what happened to his Supreme law but he thought nothing of it because that was what was supposed to happen to a Supreme law that entered a realm. It was supposed to be destroyed by the Will of the realm or the realm lord. It was so its disappearance was not odd.

Legion-7 ultimately succeeded in imbibing the supreme law but he became unconscious during the process. The spiritual matter that made up his soul was overtaken by the supreme law so he couldn't think. Only his spark of consciousness was unscathed.

His fractured consciousness and overwritten existence healed thanks to his spark of consciousness. But while he was unconscious, he dragged Legion-5's inner world with him past the layer of the law matrix and down into the spiritual dimension. After all, technically, he had died again.

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